looking for an ps2 game
  • i'm looking for a game, that has to do with war, a young man, that is packed with a dragon you go through the game fighting on the ground with the guy, and you can also call the dragon to fight on his back, not sure when it came out or any of the name, just looking for it again because it's a great game,
  • I could find only 2 PS2 games that sound somewhat like you describe, Dragon Rage and Savage Skies.
  • Hmmm...not much to go on. Is it an import?
  • Think I remembered the game you mean. The title is Drakengard. Came out back in 2004, published by Square Enix. There was also a sequel in 2006 published by Ubisoft. here's a pic of the cover for Drakengard: