• Hi i need some help. I have a problem with the power. It goes on but however after about 30 minutes, for no reason. I dont think its something wrong with the power supply because i got a new one and does the same thing as the old one.. Please help :)
  • and my ps2 is a slim
  • Where is your PS2 located? It is sounding to me to be a heating issue. The system may be overheating due to not enough air flow around the system.
  • It is located in my room with it on my bed (with a book under it) and window is on other side of room and window is closed and curtains are shut. How can i get more air flow around the system? Are you sure its that problem because if i like touch the power cable lightly, the ps2 power goes off?
  • On a bed is definitely not the best, even with a book underneath. Best location is on an open table. The bit you mention about the cable does point to a possible loose connection on the power supply, however. Perhaps, while playing it sitting on the bed, your movement is enough to move the cable enough if there is a loose connection.

    Hard to diagnose this sort of thing without being able to go hands-on with it. For now, try having the system sit elsewhere while playing like on a small table where it won't have a chance to move and see what happens.
  • well for the last couple of nights i have tried it on a table and top of a bookcase but still go off. the plug for ps2 is connected to power supply which has 4 slots, 1 for tv, 1 for sky box, 1 for ps2 and the other for dvd player and then that cable connects round the back of the tv and cupboard which is very hard to get to. I have been looking to find a new one or to try to fix it. Plus because my ps2 has trouble with discs, wont load it sometimes or will stop during game (and i have checked if theres any marks or dust or anything on the discs. Also it has trouble playing purple discs, it will load but it sometimes stops the disc and i have to take it out and put it back in and sometimes it will not play after that :(
  • I think you are talking about the video input and not the power supply there but anyhoo, that extra bit of information has me thinking you may want to soon look into a new system. When they start having issues playing certain types of discs it usually means the drive itself is starting to die. Would you be able to try having the PS2's power cable plugged into a separate outlet?
  • nope its the power suply, it still costs alot unless i can find a ps3 that i can buy that can play ps3's. The problems started last summer but then it was fine - started working fine again, but this summer the problems come back. And i cant in my room and in the summer i had it downstairs and it does the same as what happens upstairs
  • Then the issue is definitely in the system itself. I would contact Sony regarding repairs.