Monitor resolution and speakers question
  • Hello,

    after many years I found PS2 in one of my panels and I decided to dust it off and play a bit from my old collection.

    But most of games are pretty old and I am used to the current graphics, so I decided to try and take the best out of it.

    As a complete greenhorn I've done some research and read that the best quality is done using the component cable together with some high quality VGA box.

    So I bought XCM 1080p Mega-Cool VGA Box and Component AV cable compatible with the PS2. And I think these should do the trick.

    However I am really not sure which kind of monitor I should pick. I read that the LCD is the best bet but I am pretty lost regarding resolution. I have the PAL PS2 version and I read that it's usual ratio is 4:3 and the resolution 640x480 (correct me if I am wrong) . Such monitor seems to be impossible to find and it's also pretty small. I would love the games to look naturally - I don't want any blurs, stretches, visible pixels or black borders around. I also read that some of the games support wide screen (16:9) , but there are not that many of them (??? - again I am not sure, completely clueless).

    tl;dr I would love some help with picking the best possible monitor to attain the high quality native image without any black borders around.

    Also I thought about some nice speakers. I found the Bose Companion 20, which seem to be pretty decent.

    Would I be able to connect these to the PS2 directly or through the VGA box or somehow else?

    Thanks beforehand for the advices.
  • Your best resolution would be with just the component cables - the vga box is unnecessary. You would not be able to plug the speakers directly to the PS2, better to run the audio cable portion of the component to a stereo system.
  • Thanks a lot for the fast reply!

    I've done some more research and found out that the older CRT televisions are even better than the LCD monitors in terms of resolution and graphics for the older consoles, so do you think it would be better to connect the console into the CRT directly using just component?

    Sadly the box is on it's way from Taiwan already, but I am sure I'll find some use for it.

    Which accessories would you recommend for getting the best sound possible?

    Thanks beforehand.