Backup and restore on different PS3?
  • I was wondering if it would be possible to backup my 80gb system on a usb drive and restore it on my 160gb slim?

    I bought a used 80gb PS3 a few weeks ago and it's starting to show signs of the r/ylod. It takes a couple of tries to turn it on sometimes. Anyway, I ended up buying a new slim and plan to send the 80gb back. I tried to back up my saved games on a usb and put them on my new system, but that didn't work (and my PS3 doesn't have access to the internet at this time). So, that leads to my original question: can I back up the 80gb system on a flash drive and restore it on my slim? The only game saves I have so far are Batman Arkham Asylum/City and Dragon's Dogma. I would really hate to have to start Dogma over again, so I hope this works.

    And sorry if this specific question has been asked before. I searched around and everywhere I looked this topic related to people not being able to turn their original system on. Both of mine still work.
  • As long as the game saves are not copy protected you should be able to copy the saves to the USB drive and transfer to the new one once you have your username set up there again. Afraid you will need to sit through the re-installs of the games again, though, as well as any updates (no avoiding those). You would not be able to back up the entire hard drive. If the saves won't copy it could be a compatability issue with the flash drive you tried or the hard drive is too far gone to do the copy.

    If your PS3 had internet access and you were a Plus subscriber (which is a great deal overall) those saves could be saved via the cloud storage and would have no worries about this as well.
  • Thanks for the reply. The saves copy for both of the batman games and Dragon's Dogma, but it tells me I can't use saves from another user, or something along those lines. That's why I'm trying to backup and restore. I'm hoping that restoring on my 160gb will restore the name on my 80gb console so that I can use the saves.

    Also, my PS3 isn't registered with psn yet. I'm trying to find other options to play my saved games on my new PS3 before I pay for a subscription. PSN+ may be a good deal, but I don't have a steady internet connection on my PS3 to get my money's worth from it for now.
  • Odd the game saves will not work if you have the user on both systems the same. Still, I did remember one other possible solution if your old PS3 can stay on long enough. Check out this article from PlayStations own support knowledge base about setting up and transferring disc contents from one PS3 to another.
  • So it seems like it won't be possible to do that without psn after all. I tried it without connecting either ps3 to the internet, and it won't let me play the game saves. Still says can't play another user's game even though the same user was transferred over. Well, that sucks. What happened to the old memory card days lol...