• hi !!!!
    i really need help, i'm stuck in the casper game on ps1 i have most morphs but i don't know how to get to the uncles where they are playing baseball to get the megacasper morph and the last part of the lazarus !!!:( plz help !!!!
  • Use the screwdriver morph to go through the vent in the uncles' bedroom- use the silver key of you want to get to the food as well. return to the basement and go through the right door and then south. get in the middle of their ball playing to get the megamorph and use it to scare your uncles to get that last piece.
  • In Casper on Ps1 their is a Cheat where you are in the foyer you go up the left
    staircase an then you turn around at the top of the stairs an face the over head beam if you drift over this if you do it right you should fined a secreet room. But try as I might so far I cannot get this right, can you show me where I`m going wrong?.