Arc The Lad The Collection
  • This Collection Of Arc the Lad Is really good, the first disc though, could use some improvements graphic wise, but the story lines are great and i love the way the story continues throught the entire 3 discs... Has anyone tried the Arena Disk and liked it? :rolleyes:
  • I dont have the arc the lad collection, and frankly I have never herd of it until they came out with the hole collection. So is it worth buying? What is in the hole package that you get? And can you give me a brief summary of what its about? Also isnt it like $70? <_<
  • The package includes Arc the Lad trilogy, the monster arena CD, and a "making of Cd"

    Also included is a leather-bound instruction manual, thumb button covers, a memory card holder, and 'character mini standees"

    The game retails for $70, but during the 16 bit console days this price was common for a single game! (Some people paid $100 for Phantasy Star 4, but I was not among them).

    Is it worth buying?

    I have not had the time to really play the game lately, but if you like strategy RPGs you will probably like ATL too.

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