Final Fantasy Failure
  • Is it me, or ever since Electronic Arts purchased Squaresoft did they start making mediocre RPGS?
  • Final fantasy isnt mediocre I mean they make the best games ask anyone in this topic area!
  • Well, not anyone.
  • Ehrgiez isn't even an rpg.
  • Punk Buddy- you're right that "Square EA" as they are now known, refers to a joint affiliation moreso than a takeover. I apologize for the mistake. EA also "affiliated" with Origin and Ultima 8 Pagan, released shortly therafter, was the worst game in the entire series!

    Coincidence, probably. But Squares best games were made when they were a purebred, prior to any of the recent PS titles you mentioned. Call me Old School, I guess I am partial to these titles. They defined the RPG genre, and each new title broadened the gaming landscape. They were not, by any means, "empty".

    Heres some history and trivia:

    I have been an avid Square fan since their very first NES game- Rad Racer. This was released back around 1987 (under the Nintendo label). The first NES game with a Square label was King's Knight- a crappy vertical scrolling shooter. Final Fantasy was released under the Nintendo label.

    The SNES Squaresoft USA titles are FF2, FF Mystic Quest, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana, FF3, and Chronotrigger, and Super Mario RPG (released under Nintendo label). All of these games, with exception of FF Mystic Quest, are excellent, and better than what the competition offered at the time (Brainlord, 7th saga, Lufia, (Lufia 2 was pretty good though) Arcana, even Breath of Fire 2(capcom game)). It is interesting to note that part of the Chronotrigger development team consisted of staff from Enix's Dragonquest series.

    FF7, Xenogears, and FF tactics were all released prior to the EA "purchase" in addition to Einhander, Brave Fencer Mushashi, and what's that fighting game called? Budokhan Blade or something? (BEFORE Erghiz). Well, I have not played these three games, and therefore cannot comment on them.

    I know there are a lot of people that love newer Square PS RPG's like FF8 . I am not trying to say that all Square Games
  • I see the problem!
  • Well, I tend to agree that it's important to remain objective when making a critical viewpoint. There are many gamers out there who are content with prettier versions of the classics, yet it seems that the integrity and character of the product is gradually lost from this very process. That is why no 2 Final Final fantasy games are alike (in most respects). Perhaps this is even why Square decided to go back to a fantasy-type setting in FF9, since many old-time gamers (like me) simply hated FF8. I also think that this title in particular had more than just, "one negative". As far as some of the other titles mentioned in my previous post, I was merely conveying the sentiments of peer reviewers from various literature. I also think it's important not to compare games of different categories, like FF Tactics, a strategy game. I would use this game as a benchmark for other games of this type, since it is (easily) the best in this genre I have played so far. I usually do not play a FF Title (or Chronotrigger) more than once, but if I were stuck on a desert island with only one PS title, it would probably be FF Tactics.


    I do not believe my attitude toward Square is due to some lack of nostalgic bliss. But, many of you have expressed some opinions with (and without) objective validity. So, is it "me" or is EA's involvement with Square responsible for their recent lapse in mediocrity? I guess it's me then. Negative criticism directed towards Square is likely to erupt fighting words on this forum. I like that. Because if Square does decide to get lazy, someone here is likely to give them an earfull of criticism in return.


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  • My my, did you read my post twice?
  • Well, unfortunately, ALL my playstation games are on the shelf collecting dust. I purchased FF9 the first day it was released. Ironically, the last game I purchased for PS was Saga Frontier 2. I am busy with Gran Turismo 3 right now.

    Before I purchase any videogame, I always check to see what the mags have to say about it . I read from several different reviewers that Chronotrigger was better than ChronoCross- but after playing ChronoCross, I felt the same way you did. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I don't feel one is predominately better than the other, and comparisons between the two are almost impossible.
  • ok first of all i have to say that im impressed with the way that yu both guys know som much.
  • Thanks for your input, Ifgmx. It will be interesting to see if Square will follow-up with a sequel to FF Tactics.

    Did you know that the character class system used in FF Tactics was based on FF 5? FF Tactics is also not the first strategy RPG offered by Square. The first was a Super NES Title (can't remember the name) which was released only in Japan. If you can read Japanese text, you can download this title from many ROM sites available on the internet. There is also an excellent RPG called Terranigma which was released by Enix in Europe (english text), but never made it to the States. It can be easily downloaded as well.

    It is legal to download any ROM you do not have a cartridge for as long as it is an obsolete title. For example, it's a copyright violation to download roms for gameboy games, PS2, etc. I cannot provide you a link on this forum to these sites, but they are easy to find.

    Unfortunately, I cannot think of any other strategy RPG that comes close to this title, except Front Mission 3.

    PB might be able to provide other examples, since I have not played Vandal Hearts 2, Kartia, or that title by Working Designs. I have not seen him in a while though...
  • Kartia was an okay game, but I wouldn't go out of my way to play it.
  • ok ive got great ideas for fft's imagine if for ps2 they madew one and when you equiped a weapon in battle you could actually see the real shape of that weapon including aromr helmets that would be the best also everyone wiith different faces and different screams
  • Thanks for your recommendations, IFGMX, but I have played all the titles you mentioned. If you like FF Tactics so much, I suggest you try Front Mission 3.
  • I was never one to really question the Final Fantasy games, I mean I love them, my favorite all time series of games. But They can be empty, I have a friend his names Hoopz, he posts on here, and he absolutely hated ff9 which i love, he said the only reason he didnt like it was because Zidane had a Tail!!! but anyways, I dont think they've done anything wrong with RPG's :punk: