Star Ocean Quest 2
  • just wondering if yall have heard of this game. and if anyone of u have beat it. right now i have everyone above lvl 100. one char is lvl 180. another is 126 the other two main ones are 101. and still i fall to the master. Wat lvl were u when u beat it? has anyone every beat the battle arean (50 battle thing?) i have its a funny thing to see happen after all the battles.
  • which characters do you use
  • I just started playing it, and I'm only as far as the Tournament of Arms part.
  • I beat the game, and both versions of the final boss. I had a hard time at level 239, but then again, he had like 1,500,000 hit points. At this level, I was obviously able to win the 50 battles in the arena, with the blue-haired dude, but I do not remember what item was awarded upon completion of this sidequest.
  • There is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY no way to beat Dias Flac no matter what level you are at. You get the fortune ring for completing the survival battle.