I'm Faced With A Problem
  • A couple of weeks ago I did work experience in a games shop.
    Rather than getting off my lazy a$$ and applying myself, my dad talked to the owner (they've been friends for a while) and got me the work experience position.
    Now, after work experience I mentioned to my dad that I wouldn't mind working there - I found it to be quite enjoyable. A couple of days ago, my dad (who had obviously been talking to the owner) said that he (the owner) would be willing to give me a weekend job there.

    Here's the problem. I don't know whether my dad asked the guy if I could get a job there, or if the guy (hearing how much i enjoyed it) told my dad he'd be willing to give me a job. If my dad asked him, I don't really want to take the job as I feel he'd only be employing me because he's friends with my dad. But if he told my dad I could get a job there, I would be willing to take it.

    So what do I do? Do I take it or do I leave it?
  • By all means Killa take the job, even if your Pa did help things along abit, you can show all parties involved that you deserve the job.

    opportunity is knockin' amigo, answer the door. ;)
  • i say take the job cose then you can get you some games and have some money saved up for a car at a title pawn
  • I would say bio means take the job its something you like t do..games ;)
  • Finding a job you enjoy is difficult enough without connections. If you've found one you enjoy, stay with it.
  • Yeah, if it's something that you enjoy and you have the job then there's no point in finding out how you got it but rather just being happy that you have the job would be all that you should need. It'll be more experience for you in the long run and could eventually help you get the job you want later on in life. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well i've been inspired to take the job (actually, I just remembered the fine I racked up for not having a tram ticket - I had no change :( ). I'll inquire about it tonight and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for the support, I can't make these sort of decisions by myself :)
  • I know what your saying, I know what you going through, you don't wether you got the job cos you were good at it or cos your dad told him to give you one. I think you got the job cos of your ability even if you dad ask for you! I think this cos no one is going to employ a liabilty are they!?! So stick at it, and you will have job (full-time) when you leave school!! Plus you get to play all those great games first, when they come out, well its lucky for some!!

    Spike out :ph34r:
  • i would take it if i were you killa!

    even though your dads friends with the owner(or manager)
    he wont be able to fire you (pardon the expression) without your dad and him breaking up their friendship!
  • Since you decided to take the job, i'm going to close this thread. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and havefun gaming.
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