• I need help now defeating the big spider. I can not beat him no matter how many times I try so can somebody help me.
  • ok, here's my advice. First of all. jump...a lot!. Try and position yourself so that you can jump on top of him, and waylay into that fat belly of his. Also, remember that devil trigger. You can blast some sizeable holes in him with that as well. Good luck.
  • Ok the trick is to keep jumping like Goku said. He has two attacks that you should dodge. He has fireballs and lava that spews out 6 times in twos. The fireballs are easy to dodge, just stay behind the pillars. The lava flows out in twos so keep jumping. Air Raid works wonders here. Keep jump slicing at the back of him to hurt him in the back.
  • Well the spider takes a lil work, and you have to fight him a total of 3 times just like every other boss in the game.
  • hey hey lemme throw my 2 cents in as well. u should have acquired the shotgun by now. simple. jump alot and get in close and blast him with the shotgun till ur trigger gauge is full then go into devil trigger mode beat the crap
  • Well, Phantom isn't as tough as he look he's a bit slow and he's easy do defeat... first try to see how he attacks and moves then it's time to get some action
  • yup you need to watch his movements believe it or not using holy waters effect you devil hunter rank.So if at all possible I would not anything unless need be.Hope it helps you or someone else. :2devilish:

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  • To beat him easy, equip Alastor and the shotgun (which you'll probably have on anyways) and then shoot him with your shotgun till your Devil Trigger is full and then Air Raid him. If he starts firing his giant meteors, just get behind the pillars. Roll and jump a lot to dodge his attacks. Try to get on his back and then just slice and dice!
  • To defeat the sinister fiery arachnid you should equip Ebony&Ivory (hand guns) because when you jump in the air you get a fair amount of shots in on hes back which is rather effective. Keep on doing this untill your devil metre goes up and jump on hes back and plaster him with slashes from Alastor (electric sword). Keep up this technique untill the spider eventually dies.
  • Or you could just get someone else to do it for you!! LOL!

    Seriously, the jumping on Phantom's back is a really good move and very effective too, esp. in DT mode but often when he throws Dante off, he manages to inflict him with some heavy damage (well it happened to me a lot!!) so I found it useful for Dante to run around as far away as possible from him, thus increasing his health until there was sufficient for another go!

    Another technique I found useful though it takes some quick reflexes, was to stand underneath Phantom when he jumps up (so he can pounce) - lam into him with 'The Guys'! You can get quite a few shots off before he makes his rapid descent - this is where you need to be quick to get out of his way coz squashed Dante isn't too nice!

    Hope that helps!
  • Yeah it works mum but only if your skilled enough to get in there and then get out again without getting squashed(or if your a raving looney and wish to be squashed into yellow goo).
  • Ok theres really enough tips here for you to kill the spider. Like alot of people here i attacked his head and his back in Devil mode. I prefered getting stuck in Devil mode directly at his head !!
  • oops I just realized I double posted on this topic!Very sorry.