• Okay, in your opinion, who would win in a battle of it all out, Snake or Raiden? Disect it, and explain why you tihnk.

    I think, Snake would kick his ass. Just.. He is way strogner, form years and years of activity, he has more real world battle experience, psychology, a weirded out MF'er, and just a plain bad ass. :happy1:
  • Yes I have to agree with you there, but I feel that Raiden has gotten a bad rap. I think that Raiden has alot of potential, he took on this massive mission with very little experience, in my eyes that takes alot of umm... courage. Snake would give Raiden a serious a$$-whoopin' but with a little more experience Raiden would give Snake a run for his money.
  • I agree Rex, don't forget Raiden was a "Kid Soldier" which would cause a person to be pretty ruthless.
  • I like snake the most but i think Raiden would kick his ass because Raiden has been involved in combat since the age of 8 (i think), i know he was a kid soldier.

    So Raiden Vs Snake would end up Raiden winning, it would be a long bl00dy battle but Snake would come off worse.
  • Raiden may have been a kid soldier, but Snake still has more experience. A lot of snake
  • I'm not sure Snake could handle a longer fight since he's more likely to get winded more quickly then Raiden due to the years of smoking that Snake has. I will say that Snake is still very good, ever try aiming your gun at him while he's sleeping? Well, he has very keen senses so it may be tough to get any good shots in on him at the beginning of a fight but after the battle has worn on, Snake would get tired. I think that it's too tough to call exactly but i think in a very close fight it would be Raiden. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I would have to say that Snake would win because he knows all the tricks in the book and Raiden doesn't have the extensive field experience that Snake has.
  • I agree stonewall. Raiden keeps going on about his VR Training, but this ain't a game! ;)
  • F**K VR training, real battle experience is wot counts, raiden woz all wimped about i killed a person, snake all da way
  • I think that Raiden would win because he was the leader of the kid killing squad or whatever that was and you dont really play with snake as the character only in the beggining
  • :unsure: You didn't really specify which kind of a fight it would be. A manly one on one in a ring or something like that Raiden would win, he has superior agility to Snake and could use acrobatics to dodge snake. On the other hand if it was in a large arena such as a minuture big shell (mini shell) Snake has his years of experience with stealth and weapons expertise and could easily take down Raiden! :wacko:

    How about that for a complicated answer?
  • I think Snake would win anyway because he's not just a human, he was in that "Les enfants terrible" experiment, and for as far as I know, Raiden is just a normal human...

  • The fact of the matter is that Snake is the man. In a Snake vs. Raiden rummble Snake would wipe the floor with Raiden all day. Let us examine the facts: Snake is a hardened worrier with well over a decade of well bleed experience. Second, Snakes style is more rudamentry from his rolls (a basic summer salt) to the way he throws himself over railings (a basic pull your self up) some may say this is his weakness, but there lies his strength. Raiden, not to say he's a bad guy, and I'm sure he would be the perfect companion to take to the GAP for an afternoon of shopping, but the guy is a fairy. The facts: The way he does everything is comletely exaggerated, he seeks attention from his years of lack there of. The way he rolls ( a cart wheel ) opens him up as an easy target and coming over a railing after hanging is just to much ( a hand stand to flip ). The last thing is the way that the two deal with women. Raiden is completly in secure and lets Rosemary distract him the whole way through the mission. Now Snake on the other hand keeps everthing a-sexual and keeps the misson priority one and this isn't to say snake has no sexual urges because you can be sure that as soon as Merril and Snake where out of sight on that snowmobile that they were jumping eachothers bones. In conclusion snake is a real worrier and man. :D
  • I agree, Snake would demolish Raiden. Sure he's faster than Snake and more acrobatic than him too but Snake is a whole lot stronger and he pays more attention to battle than Raiden does. Snake all the way! B)
  • Snake would destroy him! Raiden has low field experience and whines when he kills people. Snake goes for anything, kills whoever gets in his way, and has more experience. He handles guns better and knows how to shield himself from fire. If you noticed, the part where you are in that big room with people ambushing the two, snake was quick and precise. He hardly missed ands moved quickly. He took them out right when they landed. The only way Raiden could have any chance of beating him was if it was a one on one sword or fist fight. Snake himself said he wasn't a blade person and if they were fist fighting, snake would tire faster because of years of smoking. If it was a good old gun fight with plenty of places to shield yourself. Snake would easily destroy him. In conclusion, snake would win with ease.