Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
  • is there a halfpipe or similar on the airport level of thps3 on the ps2? i cant get the sick score, any suggestions anyone? any help would be really appreciated.
  • Here is a little tip...

    At the begining go to the right and jump over the table and go through the black flappy things. Keep grinding all the way untill you get the the escalator. Keep doing combos with grinds and manuals back and forth on the rails and you will get Sick score in one move....
  • Ok, here's what i did to easily get the sick score.
    Feel free to go down the baggage thingy, it might be faster, i'm not sure. In fact, to make it easier for me to direct you, go down the baggage thingy. Forget doing all the tricks on it though, just go straight through to the other 'door'.
    Now you should find yourself coming down some escalators. At this point, pause the game. Go to the Edit Tricks menu and then Specials. Go to an unassigned slot (or a trick you don't want/need) and change the trick to 'The Human Dart' (it'll be with all the other grinds). Assign it to an easy combination, i use down, up, triangle because (for me) it's easy to remember and easy to do.
    Once you've done that, go back to the game. Once you get down the excalator you'll see one of those thingy's where you collect your bags, i beleive you need to grind around it once as an objective. First of all, get your special up by grinding the rails around the baggage claim. Once you have full special, go to the security gate (you know, the one's you have to walk through) and turn to face the side of the baggage claim. Now just grind the baggage claim using 'The Human Dart'.
    IMPORTANT: focus totally on the balance meter, he aint goin anywhere so you've got nothing to worry about (except your balance). I suggest that before you do the trick, you edit your stat points so that you have full rail balance.
    Keep going around for as long as you can, if you think your gonna stack, jump off (it's quite easy to lose over 400,000 points by staying too long. I know from experience). When you jump off, try to jump to and grind one of the side rails for a little extra points.

    Hope that helps!
  • I normally do it like this.
    Go through the black flappy things to your right but instead of goin down the escalators turn around and you should see a bowl.Just start doing grab tricks on it.You should get enough air to do a 900.
  • The master cheat is BACKDOOR
  • I just use my manuels and grinds and combos like that to get the sick score. Its not that hard to do. Dont use codes. I beat the hole game the other day. Very cool cheats and tons of movies! I mean tons!
  • Originally posted by waxycow@Dec 31 2001, 04:01 PM
    is there a halfpipe or similar on the airport level of thps3 on the ps2? i cant get the sick score, any suggestions anyone? any help would be really appreciated.


    I have only one thing to say. Go and look at the following address; and look under "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3".
    You will find the answer right there.
    And don't worry. I managed to make over 800.000 points in one go (NO KIDDING). And when I managed, you'll do just fine.

  • There is sort of a half pipe, go down the esclator turn, and go up the ramp, if you jump, you'll smash through a thing and come back down, there should be another ramp right acoss it. This might help. Im not positive. Listen to the other people that posted but if ur desperate, try my way.
  • You should find a halfpipe if you go down all the flights of escalators and walkways until you get to the very bottom (but not where thet store the luggage) There should be a security guard guarding the bottom of the escalators trying to stop you. To his left are two quater pipes,which have to serve as as a halfpipe. Jeep reverting and doing quick special moves, like slamma jamma, and The Jackass. Try to get two in one go before you hit the ground and revert.

    Hope that helps...! ;)
  • You go into the the underground floor. And if you really want a very sick score. You need to
    keep on grindindg the railing and the stairs, if you fall just to a manual and get back on grinding
    you should get a very sick score!!