The Crests And Sigils..
  • Well as I know... I got in the demo an item called moon crest... when I got the game... I went that place and I began getrting more of those.. I now found a Sigil and I need to get the rest of them... Where are they?
  • I'll explain them to you including the name of the weapon and character for those who want to know but haven't played yet.....or for whatever other reason.

    Tidus: Caladbolg

    Sun Crest - Zanarkand Dome, same place as Yunalesca's on the far side.....the side that you face.

    Sun Sigil - Race the chocobo Trainer in the Calm Lands and finish with a time of 0:0.0(it is possible but pretty hard).

    Yuna: Nirvana

    Moon Crest - Besaid Isle/ Beach.

    Moon Sigil - Defeat every Aeon in Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands.

    Wakka: World Champion

    Jupiter Crest - Luca, inside locker in Auroch's room.

    Jupiter Sigil - Offered as prize in Blitzball but only after you get all of his overdrives(which are also prizes).

    Lulu: Onion Knight

    Venus Crest - The farplane in Guadosalam.

    Venus Sigil - You must dodge 200 consecutive lightning strikes. Open the chest in front of the agency to get your prize....This is no small feat either.

    Auron: Masamune

    Mars Crest - Mi'ihen Highroad - Oldroad, South.

    Mars Sigil - Capture 10 monsters of 10 species in 10 different regions(take it as you think it reads).

    Rikku: Godhand

    Mercury Crest - In a sand whirlpool in the Sanubia Desert.

    Mercury Sigil - Complete the Village of the Cactuars mini-gam and open the treasure chest in the area that wasn't navigateable before.

    Kimahri: Spirit Lance

    Saturn Crest - Mt Gagazet, behind a column after Seymour battle.

    Saturn Sigil - Capture all the butterflies without touching any red ones in Macalania Forest.

    Ok, well that's all of that. If you have anymore questions then feel free to ask and I or one of the other great members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanks Mad, but I think i'm in trouble I didn't get the Sun Crest and one day I went back there and I found Dark Bahamut.. and to get the Sun Sigil I only got the time 0:9.1 and I can't get any lower and for the Saturn Sigil I'm already tired of trying cuz I only find 6 blue butterflys always...

    So can ya help me out Madhtr?
  • I didn't know that you lived in a PAL region Massaki....Anyway, the Sun Sigil is very hard to get. It took me at least 30 tries before i got the time right...The Saturn Sigil....I gave up quite some time ago as it's just so frustrating...especially since i did it once and then i accidentally went off the screen before the game finished. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • So that means that in America Dark Bahamut appears in a different place???
  • In the NTSC U/C version there are no Dark Aeons at all. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well i'm getting pissed off I can't cathc the sigil for Kimahri and Tidus... For how much I try I just can't..
  • It was pretty frustrating for me too Massaki but some how I did it. I just kept trying and sooner or later I got it. Probably just by luck. Keep trying, it'll pay off.
  • I found the tidus one pretty medium in difficulty. The balloon pattern changes each time so if you try enough it will be in your favor. focus more on the birds than the balloons. As for kimari, i didnt try cuz i didnt care. i NEVER USE HIM SO I JUST SAID SCEW IT! I GOT TIDUS'S, yUNA'S, oops. caps loc sorry. Anyway i got tidus's, yuna's, and i think thats it. i didnt really try for each of the others cuz i didnt feel like it, i started over as soon as i beat it so it didnt matter.
  • I got the Sun Sigil Yesterday.. At the end I almost got hit by a bird (I got the Sun Sigil, when I tried a 3rd time) And today I got the Saturn Sigil And now i'm triying to get the Venus Sigil... And I need some tips to Dodge consecutive bolts..
  • Make sure that there isn't anything that can disturb you while you're doing it.....I got up to 88 one time when i got called to dinner.....I looked away for a second and Tidus was fried.....That's the only advice that i can think of. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Bolt dodging is 'easy' if you have a weapon with no encounters, and play the game at night, with the light off. Just before a bolt comes down, the screen flashes.Its easier to see in the darkm hit the X button when it flashes and you will dodge.Incase you didn't know, you CANNOT SAVE BETWEEN BOLTS, you must do all 200 in one go, and if you are hit you have to start from 1 again.
  • Well, I should have the Venus Sigil by tomorrow, making all the celectial Weapons powered up!!! :D :rolleyes: