Battle On Airship
  • i am up to the battle on the airship against avrae. i am finidng it really hard. what weapons should i have equiped and wat HP should my party be up to around about?
    Can anyone give me some helpful tips about how to beat this boss easily, ive heard its really hard!!!
    im enjoying the game a lot and dont want to put it down, but i keep dying with this boss!!!
    HELP ME! :(
  • By this fight i had Tidus fairly high in level, with ups of 7k HP but that was just me. I would recommend Wakka and Rikku in this battle with Tidus as well. Swap out Rikku for your strongest bench hitter if you have to attack from close range but stay away as often as possible and use the missles from'll need them all. Rikku really helps by using the Al Behd Potions.....Just keep at it(took me a couple tries as well) but you will get it. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • how does Cid launch the missiles?
    all i have seen is that if u have Tidus/Rikku you can say move back or move forward.
    Does the missiles hurt the boss a great deal or not?
  • Cid launches the missiles when its his turn if youre far away from the boss.The missiles do about 2000 damage.
  • Well, i ran around training forever and i had tidus lean hastega and lulu the aga spells. (Firaga,blizzaga,etc.) I may have just been slow and i was already supposed to have them. When did ewveryone else get those abilities?Any way, keep trying and try real hard not to get hit by his big poison thingie. I think everyone has trouble w/ this guy, hes really hard.
  • Strategy 1 - if you have two Lunar Curtains or two Light Curtains, fill Rikku's overdrive before the fight, then set her overdrive mode to Comrade and use her overdrive first. Mix the curtains to cast Super Mighty G, it casts Haste, Protect, Shell, and Regen on the three characters. it's best to have the three characters you'll be using most often. Wakka is good for blinding Evrae, and if you have his Attack Reels overdrive, save it to finish Evrae. Auron's break abilities are helpful, but he's a little slow to have in the main party. Evrae takes half damage from all elements, so Lulu isn't much help. Kimahri is good if you built his strength instead of magic. i suggest Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku.
    most of Evrae's more powerful attacks can be reduced in damage with Shell, have Rikku Use Lunar Curtains to cast Shell. Al Bhed Potions can heal 1,000 HP and cure Break and Poison status.
    Wakka's Dark Attack and Dark Buster work on Evrae, but Smoke Bombs are better. there's another battle later in the game where you might want to have missiles left, so don't use all three of Cid's attacks if you can help it.
    Evrae has a pattern. he attacks twice, then inhales to prepare his breath attack. if you're careful you can use Pull Back right before he uses the breath attack. don't worry about healing, the only healing item you should ever need is Phoenix Down. Al Bhed Potions should be used to cure status ailments, not just to heal. if anyone gets KO'd use a Phoenix Down immediately.
    when Evrae's HP get low, the attack pattern changes. don't use Pull Back, just finish him off as quickly as possible.

    strategy 2 - if you have a Dark Matter and a Bomb Core, fill Rikku's and Tidus' overdrive meters before the fight. have Rikku, Tidus, and anyone else in the main party, Mix the Dark Matter and Bomb Core to cast Trio of 9999, use Slice and Dice and i think the battle will be over. i haven't tried it this way.