• hi all....i was wondering what is the deal with the auctions.
  • Not all items are worth getting like the mini cid, but most are. You can get the items cheaper if you dont bid til the people sitting in the room are almost done(when they bid then the auctioneer says going once, twice.......) then as soon as the guy says once bid and you should get the item for a lot cheaper. If you start biding from the beggining of the auction the other buyers will take the price much higher than you could get it for.
  • Somewhere along the line the people in the town of Treno will purchase most of the items you get. And best of all you can buy them again and again. The auctions are there as a purpose to get some key items. One key itme lats you play some ff music in Black Mage village if you have a certain key item. Ill find it out later or if madhtr knows it. Its just good to have these things.:thumbsup:
  • the auction is really important get a item called dark matter then you get odin back:happy1: :D
  • You can also throw the dark matter using Armarants move to do an attack which hurts the enemy
  • This is how you get the music.

    when you first get back from terra and you're now in gaia go to
    treno's auction.
  • Hi everyone!!!!
    I was just wondering, how can I get the finger thing in the auction to get excalibur?!?!?!...I've been to the auctions and the items repeat time after time!!!!!!..they're always the same!!!!!
    thanx...be good u all!!!!! :)
  • [b]catstepz you need to get the item's In Treno's Auction:)you have to get these 4 Key Items from the Auction House. The Une
  • Ok only buy the main attractions and then there will be new items. You can get the dark matter which gives you odin and you can get the magic finger which lets u get excaliber.