Final Fantasy X Quiz
  • Well, I've seen quizzes for every other FF, so why not one for X?
  • I'll start it off... what and how many of which item teaches an Aeon ultima?
  • That one is easy.. it is..

    Supreme Gem and it is need 60 of them to learn Ultima to a Aeon...
  • Wow, things are already getting started. Yeah, you're right. It's yours now Massaki. Keep the ball (sphere?) rolling.
  • Hmmmm Name all sixty four Mixes that rikku can do...

    A lot of wrting to be done....
  • (Geez Massaki, how did I not see that one coming. I haven't seen even half of those, so I'm in the dark. Maybe catstepz11 knows...)
  • LOL.... I know it's difficult... but it's just to test the member....
  • So does that mean you're going to skip it? (heh heh... ;)
  • No i'll leave it until somebody gets it right...
  • :blink: :blink: How could anyone know that? Geez, wheres kevin when ya need him? Im gonna borrow my friends guide for this. Its got a big foldout mix map.

    P.S. do you have to put what you mix and what they equal,? Or just the 64 things you can make. Hi potion,Mega eliker etc?
  • Since No One Tried to answer... Here it is the answer...

    Grenade - Frag Grenade - Pineapple
    Potato Masher - Cluster Bomb - Tallboy
    Blaster Mine - Hazardous Shell - Calamity Bomb
    Heat Blaster - Firestorm - Burning Soul
    Brimstone - Abadon Flame - Snow Flurry
    Icefall - Winter Storm - Black Ice
    Krysta - Thunderbolt - Rolling Thunder
    Lighting Bolt - Electroshock - Thunderblast
    Waterfall - Flash Flood - Tidal Wave
    Aqua Toxin - Dark Rain - Nega Burst
    Black Hole - Supernova - Ultra Potion
    Panacea - Ultra Cure - Mega Phoenix
    Final Phoenix - Elixir - Mega Elixir
    Super Elixir - Final Elixir - NulAll
    Mega NulAll - Hyper NulAll - Ultra NulAll
    Mighty Wall - Mighty G - Super Mighty G
    Hyper Mighty G - Vitality - Mega Vitality
    Hyper Vitality - Mana - Mega Mana
    Hyper Mana - Freedom - Freedom X
    Quartet of 9 - Trio of 9999 - Hero Drink
    Miracle Drink - Hot Spurs - Eccentric

    Here's the answer...Somebody make the question....
  • Does that mean someone else can pick the next question? Ok! Here's one for ya.

    What are the hp's of the first ten bosses of FFX?
  • I can't remember.... I already forgot that part...
  • Ok, these quizes that are for the FFs are becoming more of a search and post rather than any type of quiz. Please make the questions more along the lines of trivia than a FF Search and post. I will still give you the numbers for this but please go back to a quiz style in future questions or the quiz threads will be closed.

    1. Sinspawn Ammes - 2400
    2. Geosaganeo - 32,767(90 to escape)
    3. Klikk - 1500
    4. Tros - 2200
    5. Kimahri - 750
    6. Sin - 2000 : Sinscales - 200
    7. Sinspawn Echuilles - 2000
    Optional. Lord Ochu - 4649
    8. Sinspawn Geneaux - body:2000 | tentacles:450
    9. Oblitzerator - 6000
    10. Chocobo Eater - 10,000

    This is an easy one. What boss must you fight twice in the game to get one of the Aeons. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Geosgaeno? you need to fight him and escape at the start, then return and defeat him to reach the Fayth of Anima.
  • Good job Juggle. You've got a quick finger there. It was Geosaganeo.....also mentioned in the answer to the last question. You're next up...make it a good one. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • okay, here's one-

    On how many pilgrimages has Lulu worked as a guardian, including Yuna's? Extra credit for naming the summoner/s she was guarding.
  • She was on 3, Lady Yocum's (the one with the person that died in the cave of the stolen fayth), Yuna's, and the guy who quit when they reached the calm lands (when you reach the calm lands he is the dude who tells you that the temple is looking for you).
  • you got the number right, but the names of the summoners were Zuke (became a priest at Bevelle temple) and Lady Ginnem (died in the Cave of the Stolen Fayth). Yocun is one of the successful (dead) summoners, the statue of her in the temples is the one holding a sword.

    congratulations SpeedDemon, your turn to ask a question.
  • Oops got messed up on names. Ok, name the blitzball player who has the highest salary and also state how much his salary is.
  • ....Well that one I don't know since the salary is always raising... from what I saw only Tidus received 1000 Gil.. the other players receive at begining 1 Gil, 10 Gil... Only Tidus recived 1000 Gil. (I hope i'm correct)
  • Sorry but you are not correct.
  • Well at least I tried... now thinking of it.... is it Brother???
  • I guess the highest payed blitz player would be the leader of the goers. (cant member his namre)Just a complete guess there
  • Nope, any more takers.
  • My last try.. Wakka??????
  • I don't know his name, and I think he's a guado. His salary is 2000 gil a game or something like that.
  • Ok the answer is Basik Ronso with a salary of 3,500 gil per game.

    Well I guess its my turn again so lets see, What are the coordinates of the hidden hidden location called Sanubia Sands?
  • It's...

    X coordinate -- 12-16

    Y coordinate -- 41-45
  • Sorry about the delay, but yes that is correct Massaki.
  • Okay here it goes....

    These abilities "Break Damage Limit" and "Ribbon" have something in common what is it??
  • Totally random guess, but didn't Break Damage Limit and Ribbon only appear on the PAL/intenational version of the game, and not on the Jap. ans US. versions?
  • How do I know that? :blink: I just asked but since someone may know...
  • I have no idea, but break damage limit is in the U.S. version of the game. I dont remember seeing limit though.
  • Does anyone want to try??
  • Well here is a guess, they are both things you can add on to a weapon or armor. :blink: :blink:
  • what they have in common is you need Dark Matter to customize both the abilities. 60 for Break Damage on a weapon, and 99 for Ribbon on some armor, i think.
  • Well, it seems that juggleknot got it right...

    The floor is yours to command.... lol
  • okay, here's as trivial a trivia question as i can come up with...

    what are the names of the two sports announcers in Luca, when the Blitzball teams are first arriving on the ships?
  • wow i got some play ing to do before i can answer that 1 nice 1 juggle knot got me stumped. :unsure:
  • I know one of their names is Bobba, I just cant remember the other one.
  • if nobody gets the second name by the 27th, i'll give SpeedDemon the floor. Bobba is correct for the first name.
  • Lets see.....

    The first one is Bobba and the 2nd is Jimma... I think that is the 2nd one..
  • we have a winner! i hope you enjoy your prize - the floor! that question was kinda hard, wasn't it?
  • it wasn't too hard... I remembered the names cuz I started a new game recently... Here is the question...

    Name the Secret Dark Aeon that appears after defeating all the Dark Aeons...

    It's easy...
  • The dark aeons that belgemine has? if so, the magus sisters is my guess.
  • DId you hit youe head on wall or something??????? Belgemine has no Dark Aeons.. The Dark Aeons.. are a sidequest but it is only avaiable in the PAL version of the game... I'll tell the locations of the dark Aeons...

    Dark Valefor - Besaid Village
    Dark Ifrit - Bikanel Island (near the blown up Home)
    Dark Ixion - Thunder plains
    Dark Shiva - Macalania Temple
    Dark Bahamut - Zanarkand Ruins (Where you fought Yunalesca)
    Dark Anima - Mt. Gagazet
    Dark Yojimbo - Cave of the stolen fayth
    Dark Magus Sisters - Mushroom Rock Road

    The aeons do Massive damage and some of them can make 100% Stone, Sleep, Death, Zombie, etc.
    Some of them have more than 1 million of HP!!

    My question is Which Secret Dark Aeon appear after defeating the others...
  • Oh sorry, i live in the US so i have that version. then i wouldnt know.
  • The answer to the question is Penance.
    And a little side info. The HPs of the Dark Aeons are:
    Dark Valefor - 800,000
    Dark Ifrit - 1,400,000
    Dark Ixion - 1,200,000
    Dark Shiva - 1,100,000
    Dark Bahamut - 4,000,000
    Dark Yojimbo - 1,600,000
    Dark Anima -8,000,000
    Dark Magus Sisters -
    Dark Cindy-3,000,000
    Dark Sandy-2,500,000
    Dark Mindy-2,000,000
    (All above HP info i borrowed, if you want the link to the site with this info and info on how to kill each Dark Aeon, PM me)
  • penance he comes up on the airship location list!!!
    if i could have seen this q defore u i cud of won waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! :( :( :(
  • Just something that i have noticed since i have seen the last few questions regarding the Dark Aeons from the PAL version of FFX. We're going to need to refrain from questions on those to allow the other U/C gamers to have a chance at answering your questions. Not everyone has access to the info that you do. Thank you for the compliance and please go on with the questioning. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Okay so the Questions about Dark Aeons are pulled out... So Theve1tch, has the floor, now..
  • Well thans for the other, but i don't want the floor. ;) The next question goes to who ever post's it.
  • Okay.. here I go (again)...

    Name all... the aeons Overdrives...(Incluiding Braska's Final Aeon, not including Penace cuz almost nobody knows... but has a curiosity his overdrive is Judgement Day from what I know..)

    It is pretty easy...
  • Easy enough:
    Valefor - a:Energy Ray
    b:Energy Blast

    Ifrit - Hellfire

    Ixion - Thor's Hammer

    Shiva - Diamond Dust

    Bahamut - Mega Flare

    Yojimbo - a:Daigoro

    Anima - Oblivion

    The Magus Sisters - Delta Attack

    Sin's Head - Giga Gravi

    Braska's Final Aeon(Jecht) - Ultimate Jecht Shot

    That looks about right but i could be off on Jecht's Overdrive(he never got that far when i fought him). My question is which Aeon's have one hit kills(meaning atuo and not regular attacks)? Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I believe that yojimbo is the only instant killer. Zanmato kills everything. I could be wrong.
  • Bit of bad form there Mad, asking before confirmation. Tut tut tut, slap your wrists. :lol:

    Now for the answer:
    Yojimbo:Zanmato and i belive that Anima's pain cuases death aswell. :unsure:
  • Very right there Theve.....Yeah, i wasn't sure when i'd get back and i had a question in my head so i just went on. I was pretty sure that i was right but was prepared for it. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • One thing mad.. isn't Jechts overdrive... Jecht Bomber??
  • I knew that there was a possibility of me getting that one wrong because i never got to the point where he used his overdrive. I know that Ultimate Jecht Shot was one of his attacks and looking this up that's the best that i could find for that so i mentioned that. You very easily could be right and if you are then at least i know what the real answer is. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • That Ultimate Jecht Shot... he never used against me... like Seymour Flux didn't use Total Anihilation... Maybe I kill them too quick..... So... who has the floor???
  • Theve does. He correctly answered my question. So go right ahead Theve. Well, i hope that you all enjoy postingh and have fun gaming.
  • I believe i got Mads question right, so that houror would be mine. BUT as im such a nice person i'll give the floor away again, the next question goes to who ever post's it
  • Theve you gotta ask a question from time to time kay? Here it goes...

    The Celestial Weapons have 2 abilities in common... Whcih abilities are?
  • Would i be right in saying Break damage limit and Double Ap.
  • Well Theve... 1 right and 1 down.. Care to try again??
  • Easy enough. It's Break Damage Limit and Triple Overdrive.
  • Well, Mad got it right... The floor is yours Mad...
  • This is very easy to answer if you're this far in the game. How many crystals must you get before being transported to the area to battle Jecht? Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well , you need 10 crystal to fight Jecht...
  • Oh, you were looked very sure with yourself........and that's good because you're very right. Well, the floor is yours for the *slip* I didn't mean to use as a water slide.....heh, heh.
  • Very funny... The question is...

    Name the bosses with the largest amount of HP...
  • Overdrive Sin has 140k. He was so easy to beat that i beat him before his mouth even opened once.....Well, hopefully that's right because that's the highest that i remember as Seymour Omnis was 80k and Jecht was only 120k in his second from but if you count altogether then let me know.
  • Hopefully I didn't count the ones from the Arena so You got it right Mad...
  • There is one AL Behd Primer in the Omega Ruins. Name which one this is and what letter it converts in the AL Behd language.....ouch, ok the second part is only for show so if you don't get it then i'll tell you it. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • It learns the letter Z but I don't remember which letter it translates... Only chance is to say all the alphabet and see which one is the coorect but It's crazy...
  • Ok, that isn't the part of the question you need to get right. The part that you do need to is which AL Behd Primer is located X.
  • Oh!! You mean the number of the Al Bhed Primer... I think it's XXVI...
  • You're very correct there Massaki-san. The floor is your's once again.
  • And again, and again, and again... Well, the question is...

    How many passwords can you input in the Sphere Oscillo-Finder...

    Massaki-san?? That's Japanese am I right??
  • Sphere Oscillo-whata? I think it's three right?
  • That would be three. GODHAND, VICTORIOUS, and MURASAME. Each password taking you to where you can get those items. The first two for Rikku and the latter for Auron. Yes, san is a sign of respect in Japan. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I don't think I deserve that kind of respect....

    Well Zell, numbered to the passwords, but Mad said the passwords.. so (tough decision..) The floor goes to... Mad....
  • Well... I didn't know you wanted them, and I didn't know what the thing was called. But I bow down to the Master Madhtr. The floor is yours sir. (nyuk nyuk)
  • This is easy enough. What character(s) are on the front of the game case? If it's different than the U/C version then i'll give you the benefit of the doubt but you will need to name the country(ie. Portugal for Massaki).....Everyone deserves that type of respect Massaki.
  • I live in the U.S., so I don't have the International version. I don't know who's on your guys' case, but all mine shows is Tidus smiling with some spirits floating and he's holding the Brotherhood. Not much, but...
    (I could scan it for you guys... but...)
  • Okay, Okay... About the question.. I don't have a clue... cuz... The front of the game case only shows Final Fantasy X and the Symbol like eery Final Fantasy here in Europe and Portugal...

    Well in my case on the back it appears Yuna making a sending...
  • So... what does that mean?
  • Ok, i'm going to cut this question. Zell, the U/C version has what you said but if you look at the title then you'll see Yuna. The PAL versions i think have a white background? Well, that's what the International box looked like unless they changed it. Ok, the question will be how much gil do you get from a Mime in the Omega Ruins?
  • I didn't know you meant the title too. Oh well... I think it's around 100k (if you also count the lizard enemy with it too)
  • You get 50000 Gil, and with the Gillionaire ability you get 100000 Gil!!!!!
  • (Oops, stupid me. I always had the Gillionare ability on. Heh.)
  • You are very correct Massaki-san. You're stepping up to bat once again tonight. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, I think I broke my record here... 44 posts in one day..

    The question is...

    Which abilities must your weapons have to gain a lot of AP??
  • Hmm... I know that there are a few weapons that have Triple Ap, but I only had weapons with Triple Overdrive (cause I use my level up thing). Is Ascalon, The Rookie, The Nameless, Cactuar King, and Nimbus part of the Triple Ap or Overdrive?
  • Well, you're going to want Triple Overdrive, Overdrive->AP, and Triple AP.
  • Are you talking about my level up trick? Cause I'd like my overdrives when I fight bosses ;)
  • Well, get into a battle with a Magic Pot, set your overdrives to......whichever one is whenever you gain Overdrive with each turn. This is how you get alot of AP....correct?
  • Well Mad, as usual the answer is correct... The floor is yours Madhtr-san...
  • Imagine that. Yojimbo easily defeats many monsters. What level Zanmato is required to defeat Seymour(any of them)? If this is too tough to answer then let me know. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • (There is a pool that you would like to see in the GTA3 Forum titled "WHICH ONE" , madhtr)

    What level..?? I ain't gettin that question.... Is it... To kill Seymour with Zanmato Yojimbo will need to be in Overdrive mode...
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