Pop-culture trivia
  • With all the different trivia threads going, I got to thinking about one that many here may get a kick out of. It works like this:

    Give a line or two from a commercial/tv show or series from the days-gone-by, and try to guess what the show, series, or commercial was or was selling. For example:

    "Where's the Beef!"

    The answer would be:
    Wendy's hamburgers (or the little-old lady from the Wendy's commercial)


    [b]"Where people come to see
  • Dammit Lu, now you've gone & got the George Of The Jungle
    theme song stuck in my head.
  • Dammit Lu, now you've gone & got the George Of The Jungle
    theme song stuck in my head.[/b]

    LMAO!! Don't you HATE it when that happens! At least you have George of the Jungle stuck in your head......that d@mned Punk Buddy got the "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song stuck in my head from the link he gave a few days ago!
  • Thank you soooooo much Lucifer now i got that peanut butter song stuck in my head! just what i need first it's nelly, then ludacris, and now "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time"! this day is gonna be so fun! lol.
  • Okay, everyone should know this one, if you don't, I'll be very
    The clue is simply "Ecky Thump".
  • I never heard of the peanut butter and jelly song- wait oh shoot. Now I remember, damn!
  • The TV show your reffering to would that be

    " The Goodies Goody Goody Yum Yum????"
  • Fat Jiffy, you are correct.
    The floor is yours, take it away
  • Thankz Knowze,

    New at this but we will give it a go.
    The clue is "Robin Masters" whats the TV show.

    I hope thats not too easy :D
  • Magnum PI ?
  • Very Good Lucifer, maybe I will try harder next time.

    The floor is yours
  • Alrighty then:

    This classic TV show, seen throught the world, in many languages, has the destinction (among other things) of containing the longest live-audience laugh.

    What is the TV show AND episode name?

    Good luck!!
  • I think the show was I Love Lucy??

    Not sure of the episode title though I think it was called

    Breaking Eggs
  • [quote]I think the show was I Love Lucy??

    Not sure of the episode title though I think it was called

    Breaking Eggs
  • "Lucy Does the Tango", 65 second laugh.
  • Well, there you go Fat Jiffy........wb is giving you the floor:
  • Thanks wb,

    Sorry for the dleay only have the web at work. Ok here it goes.

    The clue is " The Evans Family "

    That is probably to easy but anyway we will see
  • Who were the main characters in "Good Times?"

    (Jeopardy style) :D
  • Who were the main characters in "Good Times?" [/QUOTE]

    Very good Wb, extra points for the jeopardy style answer, I'll have to try and make the next one harder
  • What classic cartoon character "will not fail!" and hung out with a walrus named Chumley?
  • Tenessee Tuxedo?
  • Hell yes, Tennessee Tuxedo!
  • Message for fart:

    Give T Dog time to reply to his, will ya'?
  • This is easy:)

    What bird species was cartoon characters Heckyl and Jeckyl based on?
  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Ducks.
  • I think they were Crows.........
  • Although they did look like crows, I believe they are actually Magpies.
  • Although they did look like crows, I believe they are actually Magpies.[/b]

    Correct thou art, o' Dark one!

    The floor is thy domain!
  • I don't think we are supposed to be in order with this but.... how about Underdog... ( There's know need to fear...Unnnnnderdog is here ) and his girlfriend Polly piour bread.. ( sorry I couldn't spell it right ) :tired:
  • Yes Worf, I think Underdog was another character besides Tenessee Tuxedo using vocal talents of actor Don? Adams? - the guy from tv show 'Get Smart'

    I think he was the voice of Inspector Gadget too, but I'm uncertain.
  • Don Adams was the voice of both Tennessee Tuxedo and Inspector Gadget, but Wally Cox was the voice of Underdog.
  • Whoops....this one slipped away. Ok, here we go again:

    In the classic Hanna Barberra cartoon the Flintstones, what kind of dinosaur was Dino?

    Good luck!
  • He weren't no lickalottapuss.
  • [quote]He weren't no lickalottapuss.
  • Dino was a Snorkasaurus.
  • Dino was a Snorkasaurus.[/b]

    hip, hip HORRAY!

    Correct you are gr8whiteshark!
  • *EDITED*

    Sorry folks.
  • OK, Let's stay with the Flintstones.

    What is the movie playing in the opening credits as Fred drives by the theater, and how many nights is it playing for?
  • Now Playing

    "The Monster"

    One night only

  • Better than close WB.
  • I'll stay with the Flintstones stuff, and here's an easy one:

    What's Wilma's maiden name?

    You're welcome......
  • Originally Wilma's maiden name was Pebble; but it was later changed to Slaghoople.

    Yabba Dabba Doo!!
  • This painting of a well-known food container was done by this well-known icon of pop-culture.

    What was the "food container" and who was the person?

    Good Luck!
  • Are you perhaps referring to Andy Warhol's famous soup-can paintings?*
  • Ba-ZING.........THAT one sure didn't last long!

    Way to go wb :thumbsup:, the floor is all yours:
  • My wife made me go to the Andy Warhol exhibit at MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art) in NYC a few (8? 10?) years back.
  • Don't trip, Gr8white.
  • John Wayne's Ethan Edwards in The Searchers. He said the line "That'll Be the Day" a number of times in the film.

    As for the new question:

    In the 60's many sitcoms had at least one "rock and roll" episode in which the cast would dress in hippie garb and play mock-rock as if they were a British Invasion band. In the Bewitched "rock and roll" episode, what was the name of the song Samantha(or was it Serena?) sang?

    Good Luck!
  • I think this is a little easier than the last wb

    Boyce and Hart were the group and I think she was Serena (Damm those look a like Evil twins) Now the song thats a bit tougher but I think it was

    " I'm gonna blow a kiss in the wind " or something like that

  • Attaboy, Fat Jiffy!!! Nicely played. You are correct, and the floor is yours.....
  • Thankx wb,

    Hopefully this will be a bit tougher than my last attempt.

    Tommy Lee Jones featured in the pilot of which classic 70's TV show???

    Good Luck :D
  • Wild guess, All in the family.
  • I remember seeing him on Charlie's Angels.
  • gjc300,

    Good going the floor is yours :D
  • In the 4 years before Charlie's Angels one of the original Angels played a cops wife on another series. Who was it and what was her name on the series? B)
  • If i am correct Kate Jackson acted in the series The Rookies as Jill Danko.
  • Good job GK. The next dance is yours.
  • Im not good at making pop-culture question and my brain overloaded trying to think of all the charlies angels ive seen, so ill let someone else do the next question.
  • Which 70's TV series was loosely based on the antics of the 60's pop group The Cowsills?
  • I can only think of one family that was musical.

    Is it The Partridge Family ;)

    You know Come on by Happy :D
  • Of course you're right Fat Jiffy, but who mentioned a musical family? Regardless, it's your turn......
  • Thanks wb, after my a friend explained who the Cowsills were I made an educated guess.

    What was the name of Elly May's chimp?

    Probably a little easy. ;)
  • Well I say Cousin Bessie :ph34r:
  • Take it away Yoshimitsu the floor is yours :D
  • Allright lets see............... In Knight rider, what do the letters in KITT stand for? Not too hard I think...
  • Ah.........Good old 80's telly!

    Off the top of my head, i'm pretty sure it was:

    KITT - Knight Industries Two Thousand

  • Damn that one lasted 13 minutes... Well go ahead Gid!
  • Ok then - keeping it with Knight Rider:

    1) The original prototype of KITT was KARR, what did KARR stand for?

    2) What was Michael Knight's real name before he became MK?

    3) Which organisation did Michael work for?

    4) Who was hotter - Bonnie or April? (he he)

  • 1.) Knight Automated Roving Robot

    2.) Michael Arthur Long

    3.) Foundation for Law and Government

    4.) Bonnie all the way. ;)
  • All present and correct gjc :)

    I'm not saying that April wasn't hot, but Bonnie was defintely sexier!

    The floor is all yours B)
  • I'll stay with Knight Rider.

    2 questions:

    1.) What was K.I.T.T.'s serial number

    2.) What was K.A.R.R's major flaw in programming.
  • 1)KNIGHT

    2)his major flaw was the lac of the programming to protect human life.
  • Half right. # 2 is correct but not # 1.
  • i thought you ment the plate... allright this is the serail... Alpha Delta 227529 :ph34r:
  • You got it. Start your dance......
  • Allright... In Miami Vice, what was the name of sonny's pet alligator?
  • Wasn't it the mascot for the Florida Gators. ELVIS was it's name.
  • Jup, Elvis is right. Go ahead gjc. :)
  • Okay, let's try "Happy Days" -

    1.) What was Fonzie's full name?

    2.) "Happy Days" was originated from another 70's show. What was that show?

  • 1) Arthur Fonzarelli

    2)the Cunningham family
  • 1.) two thirds right (need middle name)

    2.) wrong - this series had nothing to do with "Happy Days", it was a series of shorts, and one of the shorts got "Happy Days" started.

    I will be away from API until Monday (July 1). I will check the answers then.
  • Sorry about the double post but it doesn't look like anyone is going to get this. I will leave it for a few more hours today then give the answer.

  • 1.) I don't know Fonzie's middle name

    2.) Happy Days spun-off from Love, American Style. :D
  • That was what I was looking for WB. Herbert was his middle name.

    Go for it WB.
  • Sorry that I'm late, it seems I let my meat-loaf.......


    On The Andy Griffith Show, Aunt Bea was a regular. However, Aunt Bea was a replacement character. Who(m?) did she replace? :D
  • Was it the character "Clara" ?Edwards?... ?? (I think aka: Bertha) ??
  • Swing and a miss!, Nope, Nuh-uh, and no.
  • Wasn't she a replacement for Opies mother?

    The correct spelling is B-E-E by the way. The spelling can be seen on a couple of episodes, color ones. When she had the Chinese Restaurant ("Aunt Bee's Restaurant" episode #209) and when she ran for council ("Politics Begin at Home" episode #200). The spelling can also be seen on the closing credits of almost every episode of TAGS.
    Sure, Bee is short for Beatrice but she still spelled her name B-E-E. I guess if you can get Bill from the name William or Jim from James, you can get Bee from Beatrice.
  • I sit corrected on the spelling, but she was not a replacement for Opie's mother. She replaced someone else who had replaced Opie's mother (methinks), and it's the someone else I'm looking for in the answer.
  • The correct answer I was looking for was Rose. She up and got married, so Andy called Aunt Bee to help raise his boy.

    As for the next question:

    What actor played Rowdy Yates?
  • Why it was our own Clint (oooooooh baby) Eastwood, of course! :D

    (from the show "Rawhide", was it not??)
  • Ride 'em in, move 'em out, cut 'em in, cut 'em out, Ride 'em in Rawwwwhiiiide, Rawhide!

    Si, Senora. Tu esta correctamundo, you-a turn-o. :lol: :D :lol:
  • Mind you, this is a guess......but,

    Welcome Back, Kotter?

    It ran in the late '70s-early '80s
  • Another guess:

    Head of the Class

    A comedy series starring the dude from WKRP (what's his name?) which ran in the mid/late 80's

    Welcome Back kotter? Dude, I loved that show!
  • "Head of the Class" (1986-1991)

    Candid Camera in 1961, had preceded it.

  • I believe it looks as though T Dog has got it!! (he did get there first)..... It was "Head of the Class".....

    Candid Camera was there, but I don't believe it was considered a

    Take it way T!!!!! :D
  • Thanx Speedie!!

    Same subject ;)

    What is the first American movie to be filmed in Moscow, and what year was it released?
  • Could it be "Red Heat" in 1988? It was the first to be filmed in Red Square. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi.

    There may be an earlier one, but this is the first I can think of.
  • (Gee you think the red text gave away the answer?)

    Red Heat and 1988 are both correct gjc.

    Bring on the next question!

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