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  • im going to uess a random number.11?
  • Ok, maybe a bit too hard then. It was Level 4 Zanmato for all Seymour battles. Ok, the Monster Arena owner asks for help getting back his monsters. If you do help him and get back his monsters, besides the chest what else does he give you for helping?
  • D@mn I forgot... I know the chest has Nirvana... but I can't remember the item!!!!
  • Nirvana and lv.4 key sphere?
  • Yes, the chest is the Nirvana, Yuna's Legendary weapon but no on the Lv. 4 sphere. Keep on guessing and i'll give you the answer tomomorrow afternoon or maybe even tonight if there's still trouble. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Is it Shining Gem 40x ???
  • Is it 60 Farplane Wind Mad?
  • .... Theve got it right.... as soon as I saw his answer I knew he was right....
    how do I say sudden remember....
  • That is exactly right Theve. Next question please. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • As i'm logging off and know no question i post will last more then 5 min, i leave the floor open (prob massaki will take it. lol). have fun while im gone, but be warned, i will return. mwhahahaha
  • Originally posted by Theve1tch@Aug 1 2002, 07:49 AM
    As i'm logging off and know no question i post will last more then 5 min, i leave the floor open (prob massaki will take it. lol). have fun while im gone, but be warned, i will return. mwhahahaha

    How did you know?? .... Well better make a question than to leave this "Laying on the sand"....

    The question is...

    Name the auto-abilities that the Aeons have...
  • I think Attack, Special Attack, boost, defend, dismiss. an then some have black and white magics.
  • The only Auto-abilities that i know of for the Aeons when they first start are the Break Damage Limit ability that Bahamut, Anima, and the Magus Sisters have when you get them. Other than this i'm not sure what abilities you want unless you mean like their attacks.....but i don't know why you'd be asking for that as it isn't an ability. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well Break Damage Limit, is one of them but there are more....

    I'll give the answer later tonight if nobidy gets it right....
  • Break damage limit(aswell as healing),break hp limit, Break mp limit and i think thats it tell me if there's more this should open thinkin 4 some of u oh and theres a ff8 and ff9 Quiz to that there only seems to be me and 2 others answering don't forget them!!! :D :ph34r: :blink: ohh yeah theres also elements on the special attacks of most aeons also some absorb there own element (is that an auto ability) pain Anima's pain has the death ability on it shiva's heavenly strike knocks back enimies time bar and ixions s.attack removes helpfull statusefects from enemies and so on do these count?
  • No, no I only asked the ones that are common in all Aeons... you got 3 right but there's more...
  • They can use magic from the start??? thats an ability that they automatialy have from when u get them? :huh: ;) <_<
  • they all have every -proof ability except for Curseproof. Slowproof, Zombieproof, Deathproof, Confuseproof, Berserkproof, Silenceproof, Sleepproof, Poisonproof...can't think of any more.

    is that what you mean?
  • Well, every ability has been said minus 1... there's still one more auto ability to say...
  • Ok, the Aeons have these auto-abilities: Sensor, Piercing, Break HP and MP Barrier. Well, ii hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, (I'm getting confused here!!! :blink: <_< )... Lets get this straight...<br />
    Tidus_2002: Said the first 3 abilities: Break Damage limit, Hp and MP...
    juggleknot: Said the immunities that they have: Slowproof, Zombieproof, Confuseproof, Berserkproof, Silenceproof, Sleepproof and Poisonproof...
    madhtr: Said the last 2 abilities I was looking for: Sensor and Piercing...

    Since you 3 said some of them and their already complete... anyone can sweap away the floor...
  • I got tired of trying to figure it out and looked in the official Strat. guide and those last ones are straight from that. I will ask though which Aeons can you not add abilities for?
  • Could you explain that question a bit?? :huh:
  • The Summoner's Soul gives you the ability to add abilities to Aeons but not all of them. Which Aeon's can you not use the Summoner' Soul to add abilities to?
  • Oh now I get it....

    It's that greedy b@stard Yojimbo (I paid him 3.5 million Gil on Grand Summon [Overdrive] and he didn't do Zanmato against Dark Anima)... And it's Cindy, Sandy and Mindy or Magus Sisters... because they already have attacks and one of them is a specialist with a certain kind of Magic... As example.. Mindy is for Dark Magic, Cindy Healing Magic and Dark Magic (She used Ultima only once...) and Sandy has Support Magic...
  • Yep, that's two of them......Anymore that you can think of?
  • Originally posted by Massaki@Aug 4 2002, 06:48 AM
    Oh now I get it....

    It's that greedy b@stard [b]Yojimbo
    (I paid him 3.5 million Gil on Grand Summon [Overdrive] and he didn't do Zanmato against Dark Anima)... And it's Cindy, Sandy and Mindy or Magus Sisters... because they already have attacks and one of them is a specialist with a certain kind of Magic... As example.. Mindy is for Dark Magic, Cindy Healing Magic and Dark Magic (She used Ultima only once...) and Sandy has Support Magic...[/b]

    The answers are in Black (Big)...
  • So i saw....and my last post still is in effect....there is still more.
  • M-m-mo-more???!!! I can't see the other aeon... can it be Anima??
  • oooops, you were actually right the first time....I need to pay better attention to you don't I? Heh, heh...Well the floor is all your's....
  • Well then I had the answer correct all the time... Well everybody comites mistakes...

    The question is...

    Name the Magics that are based in gravity (not including Sin's Overdrive..)
  • Demi and Ultima are the only ones i can think of off the top of my head....are there more?
  • There are 2 more to go....
  • Hmmmm, i'm going to say Flare and Holy.....I didn't think of Holy before and not sure about Flare....I know that the Magus Sisters Delta attack and Anima's Oblivion both overdrive's are also gravity based attacks.
  • ....I'll have to accept that too...but you're missing 2 magics... that are also based on gravity...
  • What were the other two? Death is the only other one that even looks like it'd be Gravity based....but i'm probably wrong....Anyway.... Who killed Seymour's father?
  • The magics you failed were Gravija and Mega-Graviton...

    Who killed Lord Jyscal... Seymour himself did it with his own hands...
  • You're very right....hmmm, so you didn't mean just the magic that we use then? And if those are available for our use then why don't i know about them? heh, heh....Anyway the floor is your's yet again.
  • ...Okay...

    The question is...

    What is the name of the story teller that appears at certain point at the game (When you arrive at that point...)...
  • The only ones i can think of is Tidus at the beginning and Wakka later on. Oh, and the entire game is just a flashback which is how the narration is explained(which sorta tells you something about the fate of Tidus). I don't think there were any other narrators....
  • No.. I'm not talking about about Tidus.. I'm talking about a old man... that appears at some you advance in the game...
  • Hmmmm, do you mean when Auron...or maybe it was Jecht or maybe both....were narrating during the on the Sphere's? Hmmmm, for the life of me i can't recall this one at all......can you mention what area you're in when this happens?
  • Neither of them are.... Okay the Locations are:

    - Mi'ihen Highroad
    - Rin's Travel Agency
    - Moonflow
    - Guadosalam
    - Calm Lands
    - And Mt. Gagazet

    Well does this give any clue??
  • Oh, oh!!! i know exactly who ur talking about...but i didnt know he had a name! grrrrr. hes an old man that always tells u about the places u are!

    Edit: aha! i found his name(good goin rollerz!) his name is Maechen.
  • I know what you're talking about but barring me giving away anything oh hell *SPOILER* Tidus is not dead and as far as i know he's supposed to be telling the story to his children....Then again, what do i know? heh, heh. */SPOILER* That's my story and i'm sticking to it. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    Dah.....Of course.....I was even reading about that in an interview with the voice producer and i still missed it? Sheesh....What do i know? heh, heh.....
  • Yeah rollerangel got it right... The soapy floor is yours....
  • Sorry about the wait. I didnt mean to keep u guys waiting. And, after forgetting my question (i knew i should've written it down!) I've finally got it!(and i had to come up with a whole new one!) I think my old one was better...but since i forget...(this may be a little easy)

    How many dead people (that haven't been sent) are there in the game? Also name them!

  • 5

    Lord Jyscal
    Maester Mika
    Maester Seymor
    Lulu's first summoner in the cavern of the stolyn faith(forgot her name)
  • tough question. i think there were 10.

    Lady Ginnem
    Tidus' mother (did she have a name? hmm)
    that old guy you meet when you reach the Dome in Zanarkand. i'm not sure you're counting him since i think he had no name.
    Lady Yunalesca
    Lady Yocun
    Lord Gandof
    Lord Oholland
    Lord Braska
    there are a few summoners' graves on Mt. Gagazet, Lulu says they died alone, no one to perform the sending.

    Lord Jyscal was sent but came back, wasn't he? i'll have to check that.

    do the fayth count as unsent? i mean, technically they weren't sent. Auron even says "The dead should be allowed to rest." when he's describing a fayth to Tidus.

    i'm missing someone...?
  • Juggleknot braska is sent i think and so is tidus's mother u see her at the farplane remember (how u do i don't know coz she's still a dream she never touched sin)and so are some of the others on ur list if ur thinking about the end cut sean when u see braska thats wrong and if ur on about the pyre flies in the zanerkand dome when they keep appearing then ur kinda wrong there too i dont mean to be a no it all but others would of commented about it soon enough. :ph34r: :unsure:
  • Okay, Juggleknot, most of ur people were right. but u have some extra people. Tidus's mom was in the farplane, that old guy(whoever ur talking about) isnt one and lord gandof is from Lord of the Rings. And i have no clue who lord oholland and lady ginnem are. So the correct answer is 6. Auron, Belgemine, Lady Yunalesca, Lady Yucon, Maester Mika, and Maester Seymour. The floor is open though...anybody can have the next question.
  • Lady Ginnem is Lulu's first summoner and she was also uncent.
  • I thought that was Lady Yucon...
  • Originally posted by juggleknot@Jul 17 2002, 01:27 PM
    Yocun is one of the successful (dead) summoners, the statue of her in the temples is the one holding a sword.

    Nope it was Lady Ginnem, dont worry I mixed them up too. ;)
  • Okay i got an easey question then what is the health of the the first zu u fight with just Tidus then Auron and Lulu come in bikinahl island when u first arrive then how much health do the normal zu's have good luck! :D
  • It's 12000 health i beleive. Am i right?
  • The first fight is 18k HP and TLSS is correct, normal Zu battles are 12k. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • hello all anyway that part when you fight Geosageno(something like that) he was easy for me because my Tidus can take off 99,999 with a single hit and thats all I had to do to kill it but I wanted to finish it a bit more dramatically so I used Blitz Ace on it then when I went into the Bajj Temple it turned out that I only had 4 of the treasures from the Cloister of Trials can someone please tell me how to get the last two? :unsure:
    ps:I have got the one from the Zanarkand Dome.
  • OK so who does the next question?
  • LSS only gave 1 of the answers i asked 4 but if mad dunt wont the floor then then LSS can have it :D
  • Let me do the next question ummmmmmmm ok this is an easy one who said "You'll think of...................something?" :)
  • With all due respect Karn ITS NOT YOUR GO, SO DON'T ASK A QUESTION!! Even if it was, this question would be better suited to the quote quiz then in here!! Yes it is annoying waiting for people to post questions, but if everyone just butted in when there was a gap, this sort of thing wouldn't work. :angry:
  • OK FINE WELL WHO THE HELL'S TURN IS IT THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  • besides Theve1tch you spelled my name wrong! :angry:
  • Oh boo hoo, Evil Ve1tchy, didn't spell poor little Kharn right, oh shame.
    If you bothered to look through the last few post, you would relise that TheLegendarySolidSnake has got the floor.
    Also when you open a tag you need to close it after. Otherwise, your writing does not change.
    And as im on a roll (your nearly as fun as Tidus). You double posted again and writing a full post in caps is considered shouting,something else that is also look down upon unless you have a reason to, which to be honest, you didn't.
  • If you dont know thats how he abriviates his name, like people call me SD and Speed.
  • Ok, i think i'll ask a question since it seems that we have IMPATIENT member here.....In Bevelle Temple you can get two items at the end if you do things right....What are those two items?
  • And i abriviate it like that because it is my surname, but that dont really matter.
    The answer to the question Mad, if i remember correctly was a HP shere, and a weapon for Kimahri, Knight lance weren't it?
  • Very correct there Mr. Ve1tch. The floor is yours....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Thanks Mad, so its my floor again?
    Ok, then lets try this: what are the 3 creatures you need to breed Juggernaut at the monster areana, and what item do you get for doing so?
  • i know i'm right so u dont need to tell me u need 5duel horn 5 valaha and 5 grendel and u get 99 light curtains :D heres my question:
    what is the hp of the any three of the dark aons this is easy enjoy :lol:
  • Yo numb nuts Tidus my i direct you to page 4 of this thread. There you will find.
    Just something that i have noticed since i have seen the last few questions regarding the Dark Aeons from the PAL version of FFX. We're going to need to refrain from questions on those to allow the other U/C gamers to have a chance at answering your questions. Not everyone has access to the info that you do. Thank you for the compliance and please go on with the questioning.[/b]
    posted by Madhtr, and
    Dark Valefor - 800,000
    Dark Ifrit - 1,400,000
    Dark Ixion - 1,200,000
    Dark Shiva - 1,100,000
    Dark Bahamut - 4,000,000
    Dark Yojimbo - 1,600,000
    Dark Anima -8,000,000
    Dark Magus Sisters -
    Dark Cindy-3,000,000
    Dark Sandy-2,500,000
    Dark Mindy-2,000,000[/b]
    posted by me. I think that might answer your question.

    i know i'm right so u dont need to tell me [/b]

    and you were so near to writting a good sentance. Oh no, i forgot that would mean all correct spelling, punctution (.,!?;:" '), and start with a CAPITAL letter.
  • Theve is the floor urs or is it still mine??? (there i used capitals :angry:
  • The floor is still your's Tidus because you need to ask a question that isn't about the Dark Aeons. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well bugger me sideways, you seem to be getting there Titdus, now if only we could get you to work on your spelling.

    As you put so much effort in to putting in a capital letter, i'll let you keep the floor. Post away on FFx topic you like except Dark aeons.
  • ...Sesshh!!... I've seen that nobody missed me... but still I got some time today and i'm going away (again) tomorrow...

    So... Hurry up Tidus_2002... And make the question already...
  • The floor has been empty for 4 days, if there is no question posted by Tidus by tomorrow i'll take the floor? Unless anyone has any problems with that?
  • Tsk, tsk Theve.....Trying to break the rules again are we? heh, heh....Yeah, if Tidus doesn't post then you can ask a question....or i will when i get back from work. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • sorry guys msn was getting addictive k what are the items u get from visiting the temples a second time after u got the air ship ?
  • Besaid - Rod of Wisdom
    Kilika - Red Armlet
    Djose - Magic Sphere
    Macalania - Luck Sphere
    Bevelle - Hp Sphere and Knight Lance(not sure which is needed for Anima)
    Zanarkand - Magistrol Rod

    Actually you can get all of those the first time through except for the Zanarkand item.
  • no sorry mad but ur wrong read the question again more carefully :D
  • geez, this is a trivia question?

    Valefor- Evasion Sphere, 4 chests containing Potion x2, Elixir, Wht Mag Sphere, Hi-Potion

    Ifrit- Luck Sphere, 3 chests containing Accuracy Sphere, Defense Sphere, Agility Sphere

    Ixion- Luck Sphere, 2 chests containing Agility Sphere, Mag Def Sphere

    Shiva- Magic Sphere, 2 chests containing Accuracy Sphere, Mag Def Sphere

    Yojimbo- Strength Sphere

    Anima- nothing

    Magus Sisters- Defense Sphere
  • wud u belive me if i said u wer wrong well if i wer u i wunt the floors all urs so get scrubbing juggleknot :D
  • Which status attack are all the characters immune to? Hint: use Scan to find out.
  • Well, my Kimahri says he's only immune to one and that's Threaten so i'll use that as my answer. That's the only thing that all of them say they're all immune to so i'm sure that this is the answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • right you are, madhtr! take it away...
  • Easy enough....What are the weapons called(the first part of it of course) when you have +5% Str, +10% Str, and +20% Str? By the first part i mean without giving the weapon for each chracter...It'll make it easier on your typing. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • with all 3 of those abilities on one weapon, the names are

    Tidus- Knight Sword
    Auron- Ogre Blade
    Wakka- Power Play
    Lulu- Power Mog
    Yuna- Monk Staff
    Kimahri- Knight Lance
    Rikku- Iron Claw
  • I must say that you're one lucky guesser there Juggle.....I guess it's once again your floor so shoot away. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • here's another easy one. i CAN think of hard ones, but i like to give everyone an equal chance. if you guys think i should make these harder just say so.

    What order do you get to control the 7 playable characters (not counting Aeons), and where do you first use them? I'll give you the first one- Tidus, running on the walkway in Zanarkand.
  • Alright here is my stab at it:

    Tidus: running on the walkway in Zanarkand
    Wakka: After the FMV where tidus kicks the blitzball in besaid
    Lulu: After you go through the temple in besaid
    Yuna: After you go through the temple in besaid
    Kimahri:On the path in besaid when you are walking to the boat to go to kilika
    Auron: After the blitzball game in Luca
    Rikku: After the ride on the shoopuf
  • The Blitzball game that you're referring to is the one in Zanarkand after Sin puts the "city" in ruins. And i think you control Rikku before the Shoopuf on that path before.....but i could be wrong. I think you control Kimahri right after your bout with him on the path from Besaid? But i think the others are right. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well you dont really gain full control of him after Zanarkand. You only get to use him for a short period of time. I listed the one in Luca because after that you get you use him for the rest of the game. I am pretty sure that you get to use Kimahri right after you beat him. Oh and after you ride the shoopuf and you beat the al bhed and you get off the shoopuf Rikku shows up on the shore after your fight.
  • not when do you get full control of them for the rest of the game. what i meant is what order do you get to control the actions of each character, and where, but it doesn't matter how long you get to control them. even using them for one battle counts.
  • u control rikku neer the begining wen u go under water to turn the power on in that place wher u fight the big octupus u can control kimmarhi after uv defeated the 2 garudas on the path to the port wen u fight the pudding the bird and the dog thing u can control lulu and wakka b4 u get to the statue where wakka tells u his brother dint pray the day that he died hope this straiting things up and i think u shud ask another question seeing as this has confused a few people :D
  • okay Tidus_2002, you got them all except for Auron- near the beginning when Sin attacks Tidus' Zanarkand. i'll give you the floor.

    And i'll also give you these articles of punctuation

    feel free to scatter a few in each of your posts. It will make it easier for everyone to understand you.
  • Alrite i'll give u a hard 1 if i can. name 1 thing that raises ur relationship with Yojimbo if u pick the third option when bying him??? :D :ph34r:
  • Third option?? Is it by defeating the most powerful of enemies??
  • It's actually to defeat the most powerful enemies but if Tidus agrees then i would say that you, Massaki, were close enough. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • again read the question more carefully i want 1 thing what will raise ur relatonship value with him not what the third option ses :D
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