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Lego Star Wars 2 PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

Lego Star Wars 2

Lego Star Wars 2 images
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more Lego Star Wars 2 game images below
more Lego Star Wars 2 game images below
more Lego Star Wars 2 game images below
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Review of Lego Star Wars 2

Back in April 2005 Traveller's Tales and Eidos released a game based on the second Star Wars trilogy. What made this unique to other movie-based titles was the fact that everything was rendered as if it were made of Lego, the ever-popular building block toy. The game was designed to be kid-friendly but had more than enough appeal that adults wanted to play it too, making it a hit to players of all ages. Now, a bit over a year later, LucasArts has put their own publishing name on the sequel based on the original (or as some call it, the good) trilogy. Let's see if lightning does indeed strike twice.

Lego Star Wars 2 Gameplay

Lego Star Wars II is an action/ adventure game that takes players through the entire trilogy from the start of Episode IV: A New Hope to the end scene of Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. It mixes a combination of on foot levels with opportunities to pilot vehicles such as the Millenium Falcon, AT-ST walkers and speederbikes on Endor along with some simple puzzle-solving.

The game offers two main modes of play, Story and Free Play. As expected Story Mode lets one or two players play through the Star wars Trilogy movies as the particular characters from the respective scenes. Once completed these can be returned to anytime in Free Play using any unlocked characters. This is crucial for finding all of the hidden items in each level. Player two can join in and leave anytime just by plugging in a controller and hitting the start button. The character being controlled is determined by whichever character player one has control of. Unfortunately there is no online play. Would be interesting to see an online death match between various Lego-ized characters.

You start the game in the Mos Eisley Cantina, which acts as a central hub for the levels, controlling Princess Leia with Wedge Antilles trailing along. There are a few spots of interest in the cantina- over at the bar you can purchase various extras using Lego Studs, which can be collected just about everywhere. A bit further along one will find a pair of bacta tanks where you can create custom characters and save them for use in Free Play. You will also see three lounges labelled IV, V, and VI- these are where you access the levels. At first you will only have the first level of episode IV available. Once you complete it more levels will be open to you.

More emphasis has been put on vehicles you can control such as Lukeís landspeeder or AT-ST walkers. Most have to be built from piles of Lego blocks found through the levels. In the original game this could only be done by those with Force powers- in this game, however, any non-droid character may do so. Building is done simply by walking up to the pile and holding down the O button. Some simple puzzles are solved this way too- small piles may turn out to be a step to get droids to a place they canít normally walk to for unlocking doors or even to build the control panel itself. Other items to be built are there just to be built and give Lego Studs. As you collect Studs you fill a meter on the top- get this to True Jedi for extra bonus.

There are other items to be found besides the studs. In each level there are 10 Lego pods. If you find them all you will have a vehicle parked outside the cantina added to your collection.

The difficulty level is pretty much gone as you have infinite lives. If your character happens to get ďkilledĒ he/she/it reappears a few seconds later with only some Studs missing as penalty. This may put off some looking for a challenge. Game saves are done automatically and indicated with a floating Darth Vader head. Load times are short so thereís not much waiting between levels.

Lego Star Wars 2 Controls

Controlling the characters is simple with single buttons for attack, special abilities, switching between characters and jumping. Jedi characters such as Obi-Wan use the Force on specific items- these are shown with a blue glow around them. The effect varies depending on the person/ thing it is used on. For objects it sometimes stacks them for reaching higher areas while on Stormtroopers, for example, it spins their helmet around backwards and makes them easier to attack. Characters with blasters can rappel to higher levels when standing on specific areas highlighted with a red target.

Sometimes you need to control a specific character to do certain things like unlock a door. To switch between characters in your group simply face them and hit the triangle button. When playing in Free Play you can change characters simply using the R1 and L1 buttons.

While the overall control is easy enough some vehicles and the camera can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Instead of being a free roam all you can do is look to the left or right, which can make for a bit of a time seeing what you are doing. If Lucas ever decides to do a third trilogy this is something that could do with some fixing in the subsequent game.

Lego Star Wars 2 Graphics

The graphics in this game are well done with only minor differences between this and versions out for other consoles. Everything is immediately recognizable to Star Wars fans and will give that nostalgic feeling to fans of the movie. The cut scenes in the game are nice with bits of humor thrown in (letís just say Luke doesnít drive his landspeeder nearly as well as one would think from the movie). There are a few small glitches in the graphics such as the occasional stutter but overall it wonít detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Lego Star Wars 2 Sound

One of the most recognizable aspects of Star wars is the music and sound, from the blasters to that orchestral score by John Williams. Everything is as it should be here with the music and sounds taken directly from the movies. The only thing missing is actual voice acting- during the cut scenes any talk is done in mumbling. This doesnít take away from the game, however, as the mix of the motions along with the correct-sounding mumble noise makes it clear what is happening.

OUR PLEDGE: We promise that we have fully played 'Lego Star Wars 2' before writing this review. The scores given above are our honest opinion and were not influenced in any way by the manufacturer or distributor of the game.

This review was written by Lyndon MacLeod © Absolute PlayStation

Lego Star Wars 2 game image
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