Title: The Lion King - Simbas Adventure   Developer: Disney   Type: Platform Kids
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The Lion King - Simbas Adventure
"Welcome to a 3D platform adventure game driven by the popular Lion King movie and its sequel. Play as Simba, learn the rules of the jungle and conquer your enemies. Help Simba learn the true meaning of "The Circle of Life". "
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The quest begins at Pride Rock, just as the first movie did. You take on the roll of the Lion called Simba. Timon, Nala, and Uncle Scar are there to teach you some basic moves. Once you feel comfortable with the controls it\\'\\'s off to the Graveyard where the game really begins. Here you must avoid hot lava and dodge stone-throwing Hyenas who will charge when given the chance. Simba can fight back with his pouncing or roll attach maneuver, or by roaring at more cowardly enemies. While you are still a cub, this roar couldn\\'\\'t scare a jungle bug, but it\\'\\'s kind of cute. By level four he matures into a fully grown lion and the roar is much deeper and more intimidating. Nala has grown too, unfortunately, she is a little busy chasing Pumba around trying to eat him, although there may still be romance… but let\\'\\'s not spoil the plot for you.

The first real battle is with demented Uncle Scar. Simba can outwit Uncle Scar pretty easily, just stay away from the falling rocks and pounce when you get close enough. Once that is accomplished, prepare to overcome other challenges like… saving your daughter from angry Rhino\\'\\'s, dealing with some angry felions, and fighting with Zira.

Well, if that didn\\'\\'t keep you fat and happy, there are a few more treats when you complete the game in the form of bonus puzzles.

There are three different difficulty levels to choose from; easy, medium, and hard. The setting you choose will effect the number of paw shaped coins you need to collect on each level in order to proceed.

The graphics are pleasing to the eye. The animations and backgrounds are colorful and sharp. The Disney movie clips are a definite plus especially if you have not had the chance to see the flicks. All your favorite characters are included; Pumba, Timon, Nala, Rafiki, Scar and pain in the butt Zazu. The only thing I could knock about the game is perhaps the level backgrounds were a bit narrow, there is not much ground to explore. You pretty much travel a straight path.

The sound effects were excellent. I enjoyed the original soundtrack and characters voices. The Hyenas, of course, were my favorite. They had some good one liners like; \\'I am gonna make me a cub sandwich\\' or \\'save the juicy parts for me\\'. You could also hear cool realistic effects of burning lava, animal sound effects and the stomping in the stampede scenes.

· Live the life of Simba in 3D

· Disney-Quality Cinematics

· Ten Adventure-filled levels

· Bonus Mini-games to play

• 1 Disk(s)
• CD Media
• 1 Block required on Memory card per save (min)
• Up to 1 Players (without Multi-tap)
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Buttons
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Analog Sticks
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Vibration facility

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Loretta Mattie  "Simba\\'\\'s Mighty Adventure ROARS! The kid in me really enjoyed playing this game.

Gameplay has quite a bit to offer, the levels are somewhat challenging and adventurous, there is some cool mini-games and bonus puzzles too. I like the fact that the gameplay flows in line with the original storyline of the Lion King.

Simba\\'\\'s capabilities and challenges grow with him; from a fearless cub to the king of the beasts. All ages should find this a truly entertaining game to play."
Graphics  16/20
Playability  41/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  16/20
This is a fantastic game that we think you will enjoy playing for quite some time.
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