Title: Mega Man X5   Developer: Capcom   Type: Kids Platform Action
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Mega Man X5
"Mega Man is back, this time in a good old 2D side-scrolling action game. The little blue guy has been around for years originally appearing on the NES console and this time he has 16 hours to save the Earth from destruction."
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The story behind Mega Man X5 is quite dramatic.

In the year of 20XX, the Eurasia Colony finds itself under attack. The outcome sends the colony spinning out of orbit and it is about to flatten Earth. The only hope is to find the “Enigma”, which is a left over cannon from the Reploid Wars.

This is a job for “Mega Man” ! Can he save the world in time?

The setup is pretty simple and probably pleasantly familiar to some: You can choose to play as Mega Man, also known as ‘X’, or his pal Zero. Each character has it’s own style, strengths, weapons, and characteristics; Mega Man shoots and Zero swings a sword. One of Zero’s downfalls is he needs to get up close and personal with the enemy since he is using a sword to defend himself. Mega Man uses armor as an added defense and Zero uses special attacks. The strategy is to use the right character at the right time. In any event, they both have some cool moves like hanging on ropes, wall kicking, crouching, jumping and dashing. The maneuvers are pretty easy to master with a little practice.

After completing the first mission, the player is allowed to choose from eight different levels, each featuring a Boss character in possession of one of the Enigma\\'s necessary parts. At the end of each level, you will face a ‘Boss’, which needs to be defeated to move onward. The bosses have their own fighting style, but all have a weakness that you need to figure out.

To add a little tension to the proceedings the outcome of the game depends on how long it takes you to complete your missions. This means that you can’t hang around in any location for too long, forcing a few risks.

The characters are nicely animated and have a very cartoony appearance. Megaman and Zero have some classic looking features as well. They are also quite colorful and so is the scenery. Not bad for a side-scrolling 2D type game but I did notice a tad of slowdown at times.

I guess if you played the previous Megaman game titles, the sound would be just as you would expect. The background music is a decent rock beat, which grew on me as I played. The overall sound theme keeps up with gameplay.

· Play as Mega Man X or Zero as they race to save the world from destruction

· Time-based gameplay! The Earth has only hours left! Your every move counts!

· Battle vicious X-Bosses and create powerful weapons with their stolen energies

• 1 Disk(s)
• CD Media
• 1 Block required on Memory card per save (min)
• Up to 1 Players (without Multi-tap)
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Buttons
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Vibration facility

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Loretta Mattie  "By popular demand Capcom has developed yet another Megaman title. The controls are easy, the graphics are decent, and there is plenty of action. The success of the game depends on how well you use your weapons and getting to know the enemies weaknesses. I also thought the music rocked. If your one of those loyal 2D die-hard fans you will surely think Megaman X5 is a Megablast!

To be totally truthful, I am not a fan of these old-school type games. There is no Analog control. Maybe I\\'m getting soft, but my fingertips were very sore after playing for a short while. I also did not enjoy pressing a button four or five times to read one sentence. It is very tedious in my book.

This game can be completed pretty quickly so the last-ability is short unless your a young or inexperienced gamer."
Graphics  14/20
Playability  39/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  12/20
This is a good solid title that should still appeal to those who like this type of game.
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