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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Alien Resurrection cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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Cheat Menu:
At the main menu press: CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, UP,R2.
A CHEAT MENU should now appear in the OPTIONS SCREEN.

Research Mode:
At the main menu press: SQUARE, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, LEFT, R1
A RESEARCH MODE should now appear in the OPTIONS SCREEN.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Michael Black


At the main menu  CIRCLE, LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, UP, R2   this works!!!  All
weapons , no chest burst ect.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Patrick McKell

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1. First 2 aliens - use pistol to save ammo (reload a lot and backpedal)!
2. Down ladder on right of top walkway switch to shotgun, turn left run to
alcove to get first detonator. Spin around to get next alien. 3. Blast box
on right to get lazer clip. Find alcove down hall with opening on wall by
floor. Get ready as two aliens appear from here (reload shot a lot and
don't panic)! 4. Go up ladder in corner of room to get second detonator.
5. Back down into hall and find vent shaft in wall by floor. Switch to
lazer. 6. Crawl down (hearing shots) to find room with alien scoffing. Get
him from vent with lazer. Now the scary bit! 7. Shoot boxes with pistol
and swicth back to lazer. Back up onto goodies slowly watching torn open
door. About 4 - 5 aliens run in quick. Some nifty lazer work will deal
with them, watch the one that climbs up the wall! 8. Get third detonator.
9. Go back to hallway, up ladder to walkway and turn left/right into
smaller hallway with two doors. (Get medipack on right inside entrance)
10. Go to end door. Use pistol to deal with alien. Switch bak to lazer.
Get final detonator form corner of room, spin around to get last 2 aliens.
11. Out back to sub hallway, up ladder in corner and set detonators and
throw switch to free lifeboat, tou should have about a minute to spare!
Good luck!ch to

Submitted but NOT tested By: Danny Barrow


when taking out the facehugger, aim at the base of the egg.
it will land there when it comes out of the egg and can be killed
easy with the pistol.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: jeff young


Body pat blow off (heads,arms,legs,mid air explsion)on Aliens and
posibly people:
Ok on this game the bestwepon to use for legs is the Pulse Rifle aim
for the hip or nee and the piatol for arms and head,head aim for the
neck,arms albow or sholder and blast away or ccripple it kill it and
keep blasting at it to make blood fly all over the place for fun 

Submitted but NOT tested By: vincent shulin

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Infinite Health 8010D620 1000 
Infinite Flashlight 8011BCFC 04b0
Infinite Pistol Ammo 8011BCC4 0064 
Infinite Shotgun Ammo 8011BCC6 0064 
Infinite Pulse Ammo 8011BCC8 0064 
Infinite Flame Ammo 8011BCCA 0064 
Infinite Grenade Ammo 8011BCCC 0064 
Infinite Laser Ammo 8011BCCE 0064 

Submitted and Tested by: Paxman

Please email us any new GAMESHARK CODES for this game using the form below

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