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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Ape Escape cheats and tips. This is a Platform PSone game and was made by for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Ape Escape cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Ape Escape right now. We have more information about "Ape Escape" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


When you fall off a cliff, 
press START and choose EXIT. 

Then you will go to the time station with the 
same amount of lives before you fell of
the cliff. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: John Dallas


push down the stop sign and you will see a hidden tunnel.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Holdup

In Specter's First stage in the level MONKEY MADNESS, 
Instead of using the Slingshot, Just ram the
Machine using your Super Hoop. 

You can get extra boxers on the Specter Boxing minigame 
by defeating them on Championship mode, although
you'll have to run through it multiple times to get ALL of them. 

To get to the secret board in Ape Escape, you must beat Specter 
at the Level Monkey Madness (the carnival),
wait to the ending finishes (including the credits), 
and then when the game gives you the option, go back to the
Time Station and save your game. Then, go to all the levels, 
and finish catching the Monkeys you missed. When
you catch every Monkey, the Peak-Point Matrox will open up, 
where you will get to fight Specter for the last
time, and finally catch him. Then, you'll see the true ending. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Steve Williams


1. how to get the magic punch
-after you finish 'SPECTER LAND'. Go back 
to the stages with monkeys you havent catched.

2.99 explosion bullets
-pause game,press R2,DOWN,L2,UP,

Submitted and FULLY tested By: kooldevil911


 u=up d=down l=left r=right o=circle s=square t=triangle x=x  
Pause the game and press u u u u u t t o x x x s d u r l 

Submitted but NOT tested By: ryan murray


instead of pressing jump once...... hit the R1 or R2 button twice fast and
do the double jump

Submitted and FULLY tested By: HoopsChick24


you take out your rc car and drive it behind the monkey and try to herd it
to you, while doing that press down on the left analog stick to get down
on your belly so it won't see you as easily when your standing. Have out
your net for When gets close then catch's actualy pretty simple once
you get it down.

Submitted but NOT tested By: David


On the first level of the second era don't just walk up to the monkey with
the gun , try creeping up on him by pressing down the left stick then jump
up on him.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tom

MONKEY MADNESS, Circus Level and wut's after:

U know those bouncy things? Yeah, the light blue top-shaped ones with a
yellow arrow pointin up on one side? It took me forever 2 figure this out,
but what u do is jump on the first and just move forward.  Don't jump
otherwise.  Have your little green flyin gadget out to, just in case you
like..r about 2 fall, and then you can fly to the nearest ledge.  Watch
out, there r killer balloons on solid ground after each group of bouncy
tops.  Get to the top, and there is this fat eeevil clown.  He sends out
baloons, and to save u trouble, just dance 360 wth ur sword.  Then when
all balloons pop, be quick and smack the ball the clown is rolling on.  Do
this a couple of times, and eventually he'll fall and his fat will cause
the whole ceiling to pop open.  Use your flyin gadget to land safely; save
sum cookies.  The clown will lie there, so hit him again, but jump hi out
of da way, cuz he'll get up and startrollin around.  Do this a couple of
times, and soon he'll die and the Prof. will tell u wut 2 do.  Now get out
of the Circus level, and go down past the fountain to your rite.  The
Go-cart level should b 'unelectricuted'.  Don't get excited, it's not da
fun.  Jake, who's still brainwashed, will b there in his nifty little
contraption, and it'll send out killer race cars.  Do ur 360 ballerina
dance with your sword-thingy, and kill all of them dat cum near.  Stand on
the opposite side of him.  The platform, which is red, should turn green
eventually, and this is the sign dat Jake will attempt to blow u up by
ramming his car in the wall.  Jump hi and dont' get hurt.  Then run aroudn
the car to the back QUICKLY and hit the green button that should be
temperarily on.  Keep doing this until his car blows up and he and Spike
do a little celebration dance.  It's really cute!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tifi


To catch monkeys easier,get at a high area where they don't see you.
Use the Sky Flyer to hover above them. When so,switch to Time Net and push
down n the left analog controller to make the nab easy. (Takes practice)


Place your RC Car near a monkey and when it goes near the car, take 
out your sling-shot and blast it so you have more tme to catch the 
monkey (Especially ones in white-gray pants).

Submitted but NOT tested By: Wally Feliz


To free natale u have to ride a rolercoaster. jump over objects in the
way and after a little while you will beable to jump out of the killer
cart. Soon Natale will give u a little directions (they don't help)
after that go throught the door and make your way 2 2 other doors side
by side wack the 1 door that doesn't open by it self with your stun
club. Go throught it a and kill the ghosts there by wacking the
bottles. Soon u will find your self in a room with a monkey in it ( u
don'y need to take it) drive the RC car on the swich that opens the
door and u stand on the other swich run throught the door and find
your way back to the doors side by side and go throught the other
door, jump to the other side and take the three monkeys in the next
room. WARNING: when the monkeys go inside the kofins ghosts will come
out. After you take these 3 monkeys u will free natale P.S don't get
mad when she gets freed

Submitted and FULLY tested By: EIVIND lEIRO


On the new game/load game screen hold R1 and L1, quickly press x on
either of the options (new game and load game). You will automaticly
go to the warproom, when in a level ( any level ) press start, and
hold R1, L1, R2, and L2 for a little while. After a few seconds
Specter will appear as a normal monkey running around. You can catch
him without any fuss or difficulty.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Serpent Man


If you are chasing a monkey around in a circle than don't chase him,
go the other way so you can get to him easier.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Marc Relford
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