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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Armored Core 3 cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Armored Core 3 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Armored Core 3 right now. We have more information about "Armored Core 3" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




You can switch to a fixed camera angle by pressing
Circle + X + Start.


To change the background on all menus, first make a design
in the "Edit Emblem" screen when you are done hold L1 + R1 +
SELECT. Now your design is the background.


To switch to first-person view, press Triangle + Square + Start
at the same time then unpause the game. To return to third-person
view, just pause the game then unpause it.


at menu press x,o, triangle, square, o,x, triangle,o,x,o triangle, and
press start then select.
This will give you a nuclear weapon.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Aaron

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BAD-A** Nine-Ball:

this is short and sweet and it works. I killed Omega nine ball the first
time w/ this mod.  First equip the Ln-1001b's (legs) next get the core
that has 17 slots it's the second to last one in the shop.( the one right
before the one that looks like a chest)  then get the really fast arms, i
think they are called ln-25 or mabey 28 i dont know.  Equip the moonlight
sword so when they want to sword fight u can rip them up. use the either
the redeye of the one u get in the arena as a head u can use what ever
back weaps you want it doesnt matter. THIS IS A MUST:  YOU MUST HAVE THE
FINGER AS A HAND HELD GUN it's powerful enough i killed Omega nine ball in
less than 3 minunites.  

Now w/ this set up go to the mission : factory invasion, or what ever it's
called.  at the first nine ball run it may sound cowardly but why bother
fighting him when it doesnt help you in the least.  run down the hall he
souldnt follow you if he does then you screwed up. go down the hall till
you get to an elevator go down.  at the door make sure you have your
finger equiped, as soon as you do open it, watch the short cut scene then
fight them. w/ the finger the battle shouldn't last very long at all. 
after they are dead go to the door dont worry about the ammo you used it
is refilled as you ride the elevator down.  after you get there run
straight at him hosing him down the entier time w/ the finger this gun
hit's him w/ 5 shots at once (VERY POWERFUL)  dont worry about the fire
you may be taking,
 but straff anyway. when you get close enough hit him w/ the moonlight
 sword.  by now the battle should almost be over keep shooting him
if he gets out of range of the finger by flying switch to what ever missle
u have and target him.  fly around ater him  keep shooting and try to keep
him in the range of the finger (it's kinda short)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Rob


It can be found in the Mission DESTROY BERSERK MTs.
The head is located in a storeroom near the path to the
computer. you can destroy the crates or jump over the crates
to the left side of the door.

Submitted by Spit


On the assist MT's mission destroy all the enemies but one and then
 search around for a building that resembles the white house it stands out
 a lot shoot it and a there is a hole under it drop down and take the left
 path there will be a dead end shoot the wall and you will see the FCS.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dias_Flac_2001


Equip ski legs and the four barell shoulder mounted laser cannon and the
second strongest laser rifle. when you get to ultimate nine ball keep
backing up and shoot him with shoulder weapon repeatedly and he should
drop in no time

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Frank


Avoid these at all costs if you are a ....

                       Heavy, slow robots

avoid weapons that require you to lock on to your opponent for multiple
locks. this is almost always impossible and can get you killed.

avoid trying to use your laserblade, it can be life or death when you
expend all of your ammo, but is almost impossible to use on faster ACs

                       Light, agile robots

avoid weapons with a heavy recoil. these can blow you of of the edge of
the arena.

Avoid weapons that require you do halt movement. THIS IS ALMOST ALWAYS
SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!! your opponent can blow the hell out of you during this
time and because your defence is low, you will probably get slaughtered
before you can push the square button. TRUST ME!!!!!!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Uh


At the beginning of the stage "Cavern Invasion" you will destroy and enter
the first part of the cave if you look up, in the ceiling of the cave you
will see a hole. Utilize your booster to go through that hole where you
will find a tunnel. Tje tunnel leads in two different directions, one to
the Enemy AC, the other to the plasma cannon. Take the left tunnel you
will walk to a big room with plasma cannons on the ceiling. Destroy all
six first before entering the hidden room. At the far left back of the
cave you will find the back weapon on the ground.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: J'von 78

The EASIEST WAY to beat the Ultimate Nine-ball and complete the mission,:

First arm your core with 2 chain guns, WC-CN35.
Second, get the newest core found in the shop, the one that is the second
most expensive. Equip the core with only energy reduce, SP-Detq. This
ensures that your charge does not run out so fast when you boost. One of
the good things about this core is it's high defences, it is the core with
the highest energy def and shell def. Next it has the ability to speed up
your recharge time when you use our boosters.

Third, get the lightweight arms AN-25, they have high defence points.
Equip yourself with a solid gun weapon Lastly use QUAD Legs. What ever it
is they are essential to this battle! I reccommend the quads (four) that
you gget when you win the Four Legs EX-Arena THey have the highest defence
and are the fastest legs of the game!

Get yourself a good set of boosters with good boost power.

Okay, for the first nine-ball, simply switch to the chain gun and blast
away. YOu should keep your armour points above 5000 during this match.
Soon she fires another round of slug cannon and she dies next come the two
nine-balls. The key to beating them is concentrating he chain-gun onto one
of them first. Move up close to each so that they don't get the chance to
blast with their cannons. Dodge the close range swording by strafing.
Dodge again if the other flies back to shoot at you. If they use cannons,
run BETWEEN them so that they blast each other! What ever it is, don't
stop blasting away with your chaingun, just keep shooting, when one of
them dies, keep your wits up and keep attacking the other! ALWAYS Strafe
in a wide circle and shoot inwards to avoid his pulse gun.

LAstly, comes the dreaded ULTIMATE nine-ball. ( I lost 20 times over
4days! ) Okay, when all the animation is over, prepare to switch to your
chain guns again. When the battle starts, start reverse and keep shooting.
Even when he transforms! If he decides to fly off in jet mode and decides
to missile or bomb you with his laser cannon, dodge by strafing and keep
him in front of your lock-on window. Keep shooting, you'll rarely go out
of range or run out of bullets ( you have to chain guns which sum up to
1000   bullets) If you do it right, you'll keep seeing sparks flying off
his chest as your bullets heat him. Every time he tries to sword you,
strafe to the side with your head facing him and shoot him, that way, his
beam and blade will not cause too much damage. When lost, keep backing and
keep shooting. He diedsin 1 minute of consistent bullet attack!

GOOD luck, when you win you will be rewarded with a cool animation! Save
the game and go back to the arena to fight off those bozos.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Quest-X


to get these arms you must beat the third opponent in the master 
ex-arena these arms can fire multiple cannon shots at once

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ricky powell


head:hd-d-9066 costs 43200c /hd-helm costs 63200 core:xxa-so costs 122000
arms:an-k1 costs 49000 legs:ln-2kz-sp costs 118000 generator:gbg-10000
costs 43500 fcs:qx-21 costs 20300 boosters:b-pt000 costs 62500 back weapon
(right):rz-fw2 costs 82100 arm weapon (left):ls-99-moonlight costs 54000
arm weapon (right):wg-1-karasawa costs 75000 optional parts needed are
re. these are the units needed to have a successful time in the arena. if
you cannot afford these legs then get some cheaper but with a reasonable
speed but make sure they are the same weight or less other wise you will
go above the required weight if you can't afford any of this try to get a
ac with the same stats as the above would get you. this will allow you to
move fast and dodge lasers and rockets making the arena a lot easier.
(!warning this will not ensure victory for all the matches but most of
them!) the best arena to fight in
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