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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Armored Core cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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Hidden parts:
There are 6 hidden ac parts. The first is a rocket launcher in the 
ELIMINATE STRIKERS mission.  At the start of the mission, turn 180 
degrees and jump over the baricade. The rocket launcher is behind 
the center vehicle.

   The second hidden part is a head unit with a full range of sensors. 
You will find it when you destroy the boxes at the depot during GUARD 

  The third hidden part is a pulse generator. You will find it when 
you DESTROY "PLUS" ESCAPEE. From the building where you 
start, look down and you will see a platform. Jump to this platform, 
turn 180 degrees. You will see four catwalks on the building you were on
the generator in on the THIRD catwalk.

  There is a dual missile launcher to be found during the RETAKE AIR 
CLEANER mission. At the beginning of the mission, walk straight into 
the big room with enemies, and destroy them. Look up and you will see 
2 tunnels blocked by grates. The dual missile launcher is behind one
of the grates.

  The fifth ac part is a powerful moonlight laserblade. It is found 
in the KILL "STRUGGLE" LEADER mission. Go down the main hall, 
stand in the path of the flaming rock. It will knock you through the 
floor and into a large room. Deep in this room you will find the lazerblade.

  The last ac part is a flamethrower in the DESTROY INTRUDERS mission. 
look at the area map and you will see two indentations in the wall. 
In one of these is a box, destroy the box to get the flamethrower.

  You may not be impressed with some of these parts;but, you can always 
sell them to buy parts you want.
Submitted By: Wayne Raschka

During the game die with fewer than 50,000 credit in your account and a 
movie will begin.  When it is over the game will re-start from the first 
stage, but you get to keep everything in your possession. You now receive 
a special bonus every time this trick is done.	The first time your Radar 
becomes a Grid. 	The next two times give no change but the fourth time 
allows you to fire your back weapon while you move.On the sixth time 
your energy will double allowing you unlimited flight with the right 

 To switch to first-person perspective press T + S + Start at the same 
time then un-pause the game.  To return to third-person view, just pause the game then un-pause it.
Codes submitted by:Walker Ranger 

Destroy fuel depot: go to the end of the second room to the top where all 
the barrels are. Go to the left all the way to the wall turn and beyond 
second barrel will be a laser rifle.
Submitted By: Daniel Storey


0000+801A2F48-0000+801A30B8-0000-TIN MECHS

0101+80031AE8-0101+80031AEA-0101-HAVE ALL OPTIONAL PARTS 

80031B24-0101+80031B26-0101-HAVE ALL LEFT ARM WEAPONS
Submitted By: Jordan 

Complete the game without failing a mission more than once.  
At the end of the game if your win percentage is more than 
98% you wont have to worry about wieght anymore
Submitted By: Ryan C.

More Secet Weapons:
The 1st "Exterminate Organisms" mission in the rear of the Queens Chamber.  Another weapon is at the Find Secret Base entrence, in the extreme lower right corner of the map. Another at the Guard Factory entrence mission in the same place. To fire a projectile from your sword after yo get the -50,
000 credits secret push O and as soon as your sword is almost done swiping, push X.
Submitted By:: Mad Dog


On the third Plus operation you get
a homing device for your laser sword,
so if an enemy is in the screen you will
turn to face it.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: rElOKaTe
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