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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Danger Girl cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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To activate this cheat, input the following sequence of
buttons on the main menu: L1 - R2 - L2 - R1 - C - S - T - T - (L1 + L2 +
R1 + R2) C = circle S = square T = triangle. Once input correctly, you
will be able to select the level you want to play. 
Left / right on the d-pad with the New Game option selected will 
change the selected level number. Press start to play the currently selected level. 

This also unlocks the cheat menu and quest objects in the levels. Normally, you'd
have to complete the game to access the level select and the cheat menu.

To unlock the individual cheats, complete a level and recover the quest
object in that level. Quest objects are some, not all, of the levels. For
example, if you complete level 4 (Caution: Curves Ahead - Sydney's oil rig
level) and collect the quest item (look for it near the second hostage
situation) you will find that the invincibility cheat has been activated
in the cheat menu. 
Hope this helps! Enjoy!
Submitted By: Dan O'Leary

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Get past lazers on 1st level:

a little bit before the truck with gasoline use your night vision glasses
to see though a chain linked gate, shoot the controll box to open the gate
you should see lasers in front of you, you can't jump over it or roll
under it or else you either die or loose most of your life. instead shoot
the little box where the lazer comes out and it will shut off: ...a
guard is around the right corner so be carful.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: david 


use the remote that the guard drops when when he dies in the front of
 the big house in the room with the giant curtain the curtain will 
open but don't worry there are no guards behind the curtain.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: danger david diaz (wassup carlo)

Easy Sweep; lvl 2:

Once done with level one you immediately go into level 2, take out the
first two guys, than jump down from the ledge and sneak along the wall
duck and roll under the window to the room the guy is in don't stand up
put the ai on and shoot the fire extinguitior it blows the guy up and you
take no damage from him.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Danger John


after the in-game cutscene, which features two guards above you and a gun
turret in front of you, take out the guards with the sniper rifle, or
whatever means you like, and run to the left. you will find a room with
health, ammo, and c4. climb to the platform where the guards were, run to
the edge, and look down. if you arm the c4, and throw it toward the gun
turret, it will land in front of it. arm your sniper rifle, and shoot the
c4. it should blow up the turret, if it lands close enough. this works on
all three turrets in the level, but the other two are more difficult ( you
have to climb up on the boxes closest to the turrets in order to throw the
c4 close enough. ).The guns won't lock on you if you're on top of the
boxes. good luck.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Basicguy


there should be a power box in level one if u shoot it the lights will
go out,then put on your night visoin and shoot the bad guys (this is
just a funny tip have fun w/it)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: joe


Jungle 1-next to the rotating bed,the room next to it.
jungle 2-shoot the vent at the beginning go through it and jump up to
a secret area. oil rig 2-second hostage situation to your right. swiss
1-at the end were you go up the elevator,run around,you will see a
platform to jump onto. swiss 2-were you find the pick axe. museum
1-under the little bridge. machine 1-at the part were the bottomless
pit is. machine 2-were you plant the second demolition

Submitted but NOT tested By: delta


Rumble in the Jungle
 In the level one, use the control of the mansion, in the giant
curtain in the left a secret place is opened. The first cheat
is activated.

Finders Keepers
 In the level two, after you defeat the three guys at the begin
of the level, go inside take the large med. pack and get the AK
ammo that guy drops, Head out and go to the right and the door 
will open automatically, shoot in the duct of ventilation. The
second cheat is activated.

Rigged to Blow
 In the level three, after you stop the first bomb, use the elevator
and faced the bomb, during the elevator down, jump and press action so
that you can get the quest item. The slow motion cheat is activated.

Caution Curves Ahead
 Look for it near the second hostage situation you will find that the
invincibility cheat has been activated in the cheat menu.

Danger Discovery
 Before of the end of the level, when the door after Upload Hammer
Data, check for the other side of the elevator, when you are up, you
need to jump and press the action button or you're fall down the cheat
has been activated.

 In the begining of the level you are in front of a boxes climb up and
try to enter with a jump in the place fences at the right, you can
find the granade launcher and the quest item, the cheat has been

 When you're in front of a "Buda" (a fat men of the chinese mythology)
below the brige in the water are the cheat has been activated.

Submitted By: Cloud

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Infinite Health	80061B40 2400
Infinite Pistol Ammo	800EF518 03E7
Infinite Pistol Clips	800EF51A 03E7
Infinite AK47 Ammo	800EF578 03E7
Infinite AK47 Clips	800EF57A 03E7
Infinite Sub Machinegun Ammo	800EF5D8 03E7
Infinite Sub Machinegun Clips	800EF5D8 03E7

Supplied and tested by: Brad Bug


1 Infinite Health 80061B40 1388 
2 Infinite Ammo-Desert Eagle 800EF518 03F6 
3 Infinite Ammo-AK47 800EF578 03FB 
4 Infinite Ammo-SubMachine Gun 800EF5D8 0400 
5 Infinite Ammo-Heavy Pistol 800EF548 03ED 
6 Infinite Ammo-Shotgun 800EF608 03ED 


Submitted and FULLY tested By: FREAKY

Please email us any new GAMESHARK CODES for this game using the form below

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