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DINO CRISIS 2 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Dino Crisis 2 cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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The key to gathering tons of extinct points is to not get damaged while in an area.  
A very good strategy which I found works EXTREMELY well is to enter a new area, but to 
stick right by the entrance and let the dino's come to you.  Kill the first onslaught 
then walk forward (gun ready) until the viewpoint changes then immediately back up towards 
theentrance again.  You will find yourself being attacked by another onslaught of dino's, 
strangely enough seeming exactly like the first batch.  Rid of this bunch, then repeat 
until no more jump out at you. 
Turn around and exit the area...notice your big bonus for not being damaged, plus by 
sticking close to the entrance and killing a bunch of the enemy in quick succession, 
you probably will get a nice combo score added to that.  Now re-enter and repeat.  
You will find that most areas have a limited number of dino's in them, and by using 
this method of fighting them, you can fight them all from the safety of the entrance 
(a quick exit if needed) may seem they just keep coming but trust me, I have found
only 2 rooms in the game where the dino's don't seem to end, and they seem to be all small 
class enemys which you can just run past after capitalizing on the free and never ending 
extinct points.  Believe me, I had the bigger weapons very early on in the game and was 
able to purchase the big ammunition add-ons several times for each gun...I never saved my

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Keith Duperreault


As soon as possible buy the rocket launcher. Now run into an area and launch lots of 
homing rockets into the air. This method will take out even those flying terras' easily.
There are two specific areas in which this definitely boosts up your points to ridiculous
amounts. First when those long necked beasties come out of the water. Any missiles
that miss their intended target tend to stick around and home onto the next beast that 
rises from the water. Try this also on the level where both characters must run past the 
giant rexs firing flares into the air. Put away the flares and load up the rocket launcher,
then entice out lots of the rexs in the very first section. Each racks up 1000 points and
about 10+ rexs can be dragged out of this first area. Its easier with Regina but if you can
clear this area without damage using this method up to 100,000 points can be awarded. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Spit 


Beat the game once on any level and collect all Dino cards

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bobby

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Watch your back because you never know when something might show up and if
you kill at least 5 things in a room without getting killed you get
survival points.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Billy Laffoon


Use your missile pod when entering the 3rd energy facility (but make sure
it is upgraded) and you can rack up major points (that is if you are

Submitted and FULLY tested By: terry raske


When lizard approaches use your chainmine to flip them on their backs.
Once this is perfomed use the solid cannon to kill them in one shot. also
the only other weapon that does enough damage to be worthy is the
anti-tank rifle.  That means if you only have a shotgun you're screwed

Submitted but NOT tested By: cheric4


In the missile silo area, where all the raptors are attacking you, kill
all the raptors and you should get a nice 25-30 combo. After you've done
this leave through the door you came from and save if you want, but make
sure you have the missile pod bought with a decent amount of ammo. When
you come back through the room, there are two blue raptors waiting for
you. They are incredibly strong and have a lot of health. Kill them
without getting harmed and you will be rewarded pretty well. Note: you
have to do this before the encounter with the gigantosaurus.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Neil Teague


a couple of them are located when ur looking for a keycard in the 
waterfall,but instead of going to the waterfall you go towards the 
first door with the electronic lock,unlock that and prepare to 
encounter it i highly recommend using regina's missile pod make sure its
upgraded because it takes at least 30 missile rounds (thats a lot compared
to a allosaurus) and the other couple i've met is at the entrance of
edward city and since your dylan use his anti- tank rifle to knock'em down
and pull out the solid cannon and shoot away because if you use the
antitank rifle it probably needs around 30 rounds but if u use the solid
cannon around 10 shots will do.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Han Vu


run around to the side of it the best that you can and use the best weapon
that you have like Regina's high power machine gun or Dylan's air tank
rifle and kill it with 3 or 4 shots.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brendan


when you face the giant dinosaur at the end you can shoot him with all
youve got but you cannot kill him. You can use this to your advantage by
purchasing the missile pod and alot medical kits. use the missile pod on
the dinosaur but make sure you have at least 70 shots. You just keep
firing on him until you run out and you will notice that you have picked
up a few points. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: BRYAN PETERSON


Purchase the flame wall gun. when fighting dinos, back into a wall or
corner and use the flame wall to keep dinos away from you while you use
your can to kill the dinos.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Paul Kleiman


if you make through an area and you should try to recharge all weapons and
buy as many items you can to make sure you can survive an attack. when your
health gets in the yellow you should use an item to help your health back
to green. be prepared for anything that can happen at any minute. always
try to buy new tools and items like armor or inner body armor that will
stop bleeding for good. you have to be aware of whats going on.  becareful
what fights you pick or you might find out the conquences like i did.
always look for shiny objects around any area and be careful of the t-rex.
that dinosaur is extremly dangerous.

Submitted By: Derek Menken


To kill the T-Rex, you have to have at least 300 rounds from the flame
thrower. When you see the T-Rex, fire off as much as you can. You WILL be
able to kill him this way.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ricky Zyvoloski


If you want the game to be a good long game I highly recommend you
at least make 70000 points before heading on the story, but
if u want to beat it under 3 hours and get an A ranking thne u can
just go ahead and make 20000 for the flame thrower because Regina 
really sucks at making points!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Han Vu


It is very simple to meet up with the pair of blue raptors early on in the
game. You need to find a place where there are at least 20 raptors. Once
you manage to combo kill 20 of these lizards, move out to the next area.
If you did not find any blue raptors, return back to the room and they
would definitely be there!

2 Blue Raptors - 14,000 EP bonus!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Gnenosong


To get the platinum card you need to beat the game with all the 
dino files. Some people actually forgot to tell you where all of
them are!  So here's the list of where they are:

velociraptor-jungle/saveshop (watertower)
T-rex-military facility,first room in the corner
Allosaurus-entrance of the jungle on the corpse
compy-largest save shop in the cage in research facility
mosasaurus-saveshop, near boat key on the side of the desk
pteranodon-near truck, third energy facility
plesiosaurus-near corpse at underwater third energy reactor
inostrancevia-near corpse at edward city entrance
triceratops-last save shop of edward city after allosaurus nest
oviraptor-corpse near jeep at edward city after the helicopter fmv
gigantosaurus-near computer terminal where u get the third energy
disk except its beside to the left

After u beat the game u should recieve a platinum card thus enabling
you to have unlimited ammo and such and thank me for even leaving you with
the whereabouts of the dino files!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Han Vu


when u begin the game u will notice that (on the big map) a passage of the
jungle is blocked by crates and such.  later in the game when u return to
the boat the crates will be gone.  in this passage is a 
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