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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Dragonball Legends cheats and tips. This is a Fighting PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Dragonball Legends cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Dragonball Legends right now. We have more information about "Dragonball Legends" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

Develop Fierce Battles in Two Modes! 

(Z Campaign Mode) 
Reproduce the battles from the original work!! 
Control the Z warriors and meet the enemies as they appear in accordance
with the story line of the original manga! Will you be triumphant in EVERY

 (Vs. Battle Mode) 
Compete with your friends to become the strongest! 
Wage war, choosing freely from the characters who fought in the Z
campaigns. You can fight in one of three modes: 1P vs. Com; 1P vs. 2P; Com
vs. Com! 

How to Begin the Game 

1. Insert the CD 
Put the disk into the body of your PlayStation and turn the power on. When
the title screen appears, following the opening, change to the MODE SELECT
screen by pressing the Start button. 2. Choose Game Mode With the up/down
keys on the directional pad, choose the mode you want to play. When you
press the  button, the game will begin. 

3. When you continue in the Z Campaign Mode 
In the Z Campaign Mode, you can continue playing from an episode which has
been cleared and saved. Refer to pg. 15 for instructions on how to save. 

In the Mode Select screen, when you choose オプション (OPTIONS), it is
possible to setup a variety of functions such as the difficulty level of
the game and the usage of every controller button. Choose the heading with
the up/down keys and make your decisions with the  button. 

Use of the Controller 

L1・L2 Button 
Switches the active character 
Among the actively fighting allied characters, choose whomever you want to
control. Every time you press the button, the active character changes in
order.  R1・R2 Button Chooses the targeted enemy With the directional pad,
choose an enemy to be your target. Turn to pg. 10 for more details. 

Direction Pad 
 Pursue Enemy 
When you hold down the up key, your character moves and faces your
targeted enemy. 
 Flee Enemy 
When you want to escape the enemy, continue pressing the down button and
your character will go in the opposite direction.  
Amass Energy 
For as long as you hold this button the active character's energy will
continue to be restored. Whenever you attack an enemy, you consume energy.
When your energy reaches zero, your character will be unable to move. 

Select Button 
Switches to the Overview Screen 
This switches into the Overview Screen where you can substitute attacking
characters. Refer to pg. 9 concerning the instructions for this function. 

Pushing this button attacks the enemies with kicks and punches. You can
attack with a succession of hits or however many you can get from only one
push of the button. But, if you aren't near the enemy, your attacks will
not hit. 

Start Button 
When pressed once, this stops the progress of the game. When you press the
button a second time, game play resumes.  
Pressing this button defends against the enemy's punches, kicks, and light
bursts. However, it is not possible to defend against enemy's Chain hits /
Hissatsu Waza (certain death attacks) in this way. 

Fires Koudan (light bullets) 
Pressing this button fires koudan which, although they consume energy, can
attack the enemy from far off. When a fire ball has been fired, it goes
and flies automatically in the direction of the enemy. 

All About Battles 

1. Screen Views 

The Battle Screen 

Active Player (left side)
Allied Characters (right side) Targeted Enemy
the Others 

Power Balance Gauge 

The player controls the active character. The green gauge displays the
character's physical strength, while the yellow gauge shows the remaining
amount of the character's energy. 

Power Balance Gauge 
This gauge shows who has the superior power. The allies are represented in
blue and the enemies in red. When you attack your color increases and
accordingly, when you are attacked, it decreases. 

The Overview Screen 
Allied Characters 
All of the characters available to participate in the current battle are
shown. The characters who are currently fighting are denoted by [CHAIN],
while the characters marked by [OVER] are in Standby Mode. 

Message Character 
The characters on standby, like geniuses or gods, watch over the battle
and offer help and advice. 

2. Let's Start a Battle 

Learn about the circumstances for the battle from the Story Demo. 
In Z Campaign Mode, before the start of each episode, the story up to the
present time is shown on the Demo Screen. 

Choose characters to launch attacks on the Overview Screen. 
With the left/right keys on the directional pad, choose a character and
change to Attack or Standby mode by pressing the  button. When you've made
your selections, start the battle by pressing the Select button. 

3. Basics of Operation 

The allied characters automatically move to face the enemies, while the
player moves the active character. Continuously pressing up on the
directional pad makes the character move and face the targeted enemy. 

When you draw near, launch an attack by pressing either the  button or the
 button. As far as the koudan from the  button are concerned, hitting the
enemy makes him move away a short distance, but when you attack with the 
button, the one who approaches the enemy can only be prepared to get

When attacked by an opponent, press on the  button. Continuing to hold
down the  button causes your character to take up a defensive position and
the damage he sustains is lessened. [Chain hits / Hissatsu Waza are
impossible to defend yourself against!] 

Create Attacks by Inputting Commands!! 
When you attack from the opponent's side, it is possible to approach him
and, with a combination of the attack button and the directional pad,
produce a command attack of great power. Below are the 5 kinds of

 + Launch Attack 
This drives and repels the opponent straight into the sky. When this
happens in the air, the attack sends the enemy further up in the air. 

 + Knock Down Attack 
This drops and hits an enemy, who is in the air, to the ground. When used
on an enemy who is already on the ground, you follow and pound him further
into the surface. 

  +  "Blow-Away" Attack 
This is a strong attack that blows your opponent a long way away. Because
the enemy goes flying horizontally, you can pursue him and continue
attacking. The commands above are used if your allies are safely on the
right hand side of the screen. If they are to the left, the command
becomes   +  button. 

     +  Revolution Rush (ascending) 
While you send forth a continuous stream of koudan, you revolve around
your opponent. Immediately you will rise into the sky together with the

     +  Revolution Rush (descending) 
This attack occurs in the opposite direction of the rising rush. Still,
with regards to the rush, you can make it occur by inputting the commands
during an attack with the  button. 

(Secret) Attack Techniques 

Push with a Rush Attack! 
When you continuously shoot with the attack button, there will come a time
when the enemy is unguarded. When your attack hits, before it is over,
start make a further attack with either the Revolution Rush attack
introduced on pg. 11 or the    +  button Rush attack. 

Don't Take a Rest While the Enemy is Chaining Attacks! 
Immediately after your Command attack has been produced, press the
directional pad in the direction of the enemy and your character will turn
and move toward the enemy at top speed. When you've gotten near the enemy
do one of the Command attacks on pg. 11. It is possible to continue
attacking without giving the enemy a chance to counterattack. Also don't
create any useless distance between yourself and the enemy. If you make
good use of this, you can proceed with the battle advantageously. 

When You are Attacked by the Enemy 

Get Help from your Allies! 
In the battle screen, if you have allied characters, when you've been
attacked by an opponent, continuously press down on the  button to get
help to come. 

Emergency Evasions 
When you've taken a hit from an enemy's Command move or "Blow-Away"
Attack, you can escape by radiating energy, with the following commands: 

  +  button - Ascend vertically 
  +  button - Evade right 
  +  button - Evade left 
  +  button - Retreat through ascending 

When your opponents come and attack with specific Command attacks, before
you are hit you can input the corresponding commands and the attack will
be countered. 

 +  button - Launch Attack 
 +  button - Knock Down Attack 
 +  button - "Blow-Away" Attack 

If a Character Gets into a Jam, Switch him to Stand-by! 
When you take a hit from an opponent's Chain Hit / Hissatsu Waza, your
physical strength decreases. In the Overview screen, just substitute him
for a healthy character. 

4. About Chain Hits / Hissatsu Waza 

Forceful, Perfect Scoring Great Attacks Explode! 
When you overthrow the Power balance, it becomes possible to view a
certain attack, called a Chain Hit / Hissatsu Waza (Certain Death Attack).
A special attack move is prepared by each character respectively. 

Point - The Secret to Viewing Chain Hits / Hissatsu Waza is Substituting
Characters! When you're about to overthrow the Power Balance, change
characters! When you do this, it's possible to see a variety of attacks. 

5. Turn Towards the Next Battle 

Episode Clear 
When you defeat your opponent(s), as assigned per episode, the episode
then becomes "cleared". Should you lose, then the episode, obviously, does
not become "cleared". 

Evaluation Screen 
This is the screen where your "Z Rank" is indicated. With regards to the Z
Rank, if you proceed with the battle according to the original work, then
your rank will be accordingly high. 

Saves your Cleared Data for every episode. You can save up to three times
and, no, you cannot save in the middle of a battle. 

Episode One Practice Walkthrough (More secrets techniques introduced!)
This introduces what things you ought to do during a game using Episode
One as an example. 

All Eight Episodes! 
The story from the 18 vols. of the tankouban is divided largely into 8
chapters which are developed as Episodes. Formidable enemies, such as
Vegita, Freeza, and Cell, appear one after the other in succession. 

・Episode 1・ 
Alien Warriors Invade!! The Z Warriors vs. the Warlike Saiyajin!! 

1. Story 
The circumstances of the episode (i.e. the Story) are explained through
narration and video. When it finishes playing the Episode Title appears. 

2. Overview Screen 
You can choose the three characters you want to complete in battle. Press
the select button if everything looks good as it 
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