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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Duke Nukem: Time to Kill cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Duke Nukem: Time to Kill cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Duke Nukem: Time to Kill right now. We have more information about "Duke Nukem: Time to Kill" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

Enter all codes while game is paused 

Invincibility:		L2,R1,L1,R2,Up,Down,Up,Down,Select,Select
All weapons:		L1,L2,Up,L1,L2,Down,R1,Right,R2,Left
Infinite ammo:		(Left,Right,Left,Right,Select)x2
Powered up weapons:	Right,Right,Left,Right,Right,
Double damage:		(L2,R2)x5
Invisibility:		(L1,R1)x5
Level select:		Down(x9),Up
All items:		R1(x5),L2(x5)
All keys:		Up,Right,Up,Left,Down,Up,Right,Left,Right,Down
Big head Duke:		R1(x9),Up
Small head Duke:	R1(x9),Down
Big head opponents:	R1(x9),Left
Small head opponents:	R1(x9),Right 
Submitted By: Big Al

To find the blue crystal in the level "Obey or Die" you must go to 
the junkyard and find the green dumpster (looks just like the one in 
the first level) and walk up to it and hold the action button and 
forward.  This will push the dumpster out of the way and reveal an 
opening.  Fall down and you will come up one the blue crystal.  
Submitted By: Corey Voth

These are all the secrets I have found in 2p mode
collosium- to get the jetpack go over to the first wall after you go
through the doorway- climb it and go through the wall to collect the
buffolo rifle and jetpack.

castle-to get a rpg go to the corspes hanging on the wall and press x to
climb into a hidden wall

mesa- go to the room with only ane dynamite, turn right when you get
there. gewt close to the wall and press x.
Submitted By:  Saad Hameed

Hold l and r then press square  for a super kick
Submitted By: madhateer

body: I have over 35 Gameshark cheats for Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.
They were difficult to find, but here they are.
Infinite Health: 800d71ca4e20           
Infinite Armor: 800d73cc4e20
Infinite Throwing knives: 800d74600001
Infinite Throwing Axes: 800d74640001
Crossbow: 800d74680001
Infinite Arrows: 800d746a03e7
Infinite Pistol Ammo: 800d746e03e7
Combat Shotgun: 800d74700001
Infinite Shotgun Shells: 800d747203e7
Buffalo Rifle: 800d74740001
Infinite Rifle Ammo: 800d747603e7
Gatling Gun: 800d74780001
Infinite Gatling Gun Ammo: 800d747a03e7
RPG: 800d747c0001
Infinite RPG Ammo: 800d747eo3e7
Flame Thrower: 800d74800001
Infinite Flame Fuel: 800d748203e7
Energy Weapon:800d74840001
Infininte Energy Ammo: 800d748603e7
Freezer: 800d74880001
Infinite Freezer Ammo: 800d748a03e7
Infinite pipe bombs: 800d748c0001
Infinite Holy Hand Grenades: 800d74900001
Infinite Dynamite: 800d74940001
Jet Pack: 800d74f00000
Infinite Jet Pack Energy: 800d74f26000
Bio Mask: 800d74f40001
Infinite Bio Mask Energy: 800d74f66000
Goggles: 800d74f80001
Infinite Goggle Energy: 80074fa6000
Infinite MedKits: 800d75000001
This Next set is for super weapons, which are improved versions of the 
current weapons. I Highly Recommend these.
Super Eagle: 800d746c0009
Super Shotgun: 800d74700009
Laser Gatling Gun: 800d74780009
Incediary RPG: 800d747c0009
Hi-Temp Flame Thrower: 800d74800009
Super Zapper (Energy Weapon): 800d74840009

Submitted By: Steve DaCosta

Plug in a second controller and press start.....
there is your menu to alter the game.....

Submitted By: Cu robin

2 player - Colleseum

Go down from the Main arena to The baths, Climb the first Dividing Wall and 
walk staraight through the wall to get a Jet Pack and Buffolo Rifle then 
return to the main arena and use the jet Pack to fly to the balcony above 
the entrance to the baths to get an RPG or Freezer but watch out for the TNT 

Simon Cleal

cheat menu: 
Press the R button 7 times and press left.  

Rogue Trip Video :
When the GT interactive logo appears simultaneously press R1,R2,L1,and L2

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jos Gabriel Vlez Oro

Gattling Gun:
On the first level find the green dumpster
and press the fire button to push it aside
then turn right and you should get the 
gatlin gun.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryu

during the game hold all top 4 buttons at the same time and press X
still holding the top 4 buttons. this gives you a nuclear warhead 
and C4 explosives.

shoot them at anyone and it blows them into pieces and blood goes 
on your screen

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Mark Benham

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