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FIFA 97 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation FIFA 97 cheats and tips. This is a Sports Soccer PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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dribbling - 
when running up the wing with the ball and an opposing player
close to you: run as normal, stop for half a second, then carry on. the
player should then try and tackle you where you were standing when you
stopped! (unverified - don't know if it works when playing internationals,
players have stayed with me so far).

shooting - 
I worked this one out myself: shoot on the run using the square
button and hold down left or right direction button. the ball will then
veer off to the right or left when it bounces, totally foxing the keeper!
only works if you shoot from about 25 yards out - too far out and the shot isn't hard enough, too close in and the keeper can read it. works best if you get it right on your first shot of the game - 1.0! works for both nationals, internationals and custom matches.

shooting - 
get between the defenders and the keeper, as the keeper advances
shoot using circle and hold left or right direction down - time it right and you will beat the keeper every time.

easy goal: 
works best in indoor matches: shoot from miles out but pack the
area with your forwards, either they will then finish for you or the keeper will be distracted and the ball will sail in!

scoring from opposing side's goal kick: 
if you stand in front of the keeper the ball should rebound off you straight into the net. haven't been able to
do this yet in internationals (keeper goes round or through you) but might depend on which camera view you are playing in (easier to stand dead in front of the keeper in some views). also, i have been able to score by doing a sliding tackle on the keeper just as he is releasing the ball - have to time it right or else you foul the keeper (funny in "fouls off" mode, but you get sent off for it otherwise).

During a game, go to the instant replay, start it and hold R1 while using
the direction buttons to zoom in on the action.


Select Singapore and while playing press the following

FUNNY HEADS  As above except press UUDDLRLRSC

Play as the same character

e.g. : you play as AJAX, at the substitution menu choose Kluivert and =
change him to the other player at the bench, press ok then play, wait =
for the substitution, pause the game again then go to the team =
management again, choose Kluivert to change Overmars or other player. =
after that, press ok, go to substitution menu again, now you'll see that =
Kluivert still in the bench, choose him to change the other player ( e.g =
: after you done it with overmars, do it with other player ) do the =
trick over and over, you'll play as AJAX with eleven Kluivert =

( Submitted by : Dimas Galih W - Jakarta )
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