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FIFA 99 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation FIFA 99 cheats and tips. This is a Sports Soccer PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the FIFA 99 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with FIFA 99 right now. We have more information about "FIFA 99" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


You may have noticed Ronaldo is missing 
from the Brazil & Inter squad.(Fifa 
for some reason could not edit him)
But in his place is Calcio.Go to edit
and change Calcio to Ronaldo,Calcio 
will be down as 9 for inter.
(this will make Ronaldo also be in 
the Brazil squad)
Good luck

Submitted By:: Knaggsy


on fifa 99 to beat the goalkeeper jog at him and when he starts to come
out press up or down and sprint and the keeper will miss the ball and
you can then run the ball into the net.

Submitted By:: bad boy crew at hartcliffe school (daz & no balls)


This isn't really a cheat, but it can give you an advantage 
in a match.When playing the computer, pause and select the 
controller select menu. Using your controller, press either 
left or right (depending on heter you are playing at your 
home ground or not) so the controller icon is position
ed under the Computer's team name. Press select to return 
to the pause menu. You are now in total control of the 
playstation's team, and can really mess up the team management 
e.g use up all the substitutions, change formations etc. 
You can even return to the match and intentionally foul (L1) 
your team to give them free kicks and penalties, and 
even score own goals by passing the ball to the goalie and 
dribbling it into the back of the net! When you have done 
messing up the computer, change back to your team and win, win WIN!!

Submitted By:: Richard Hanstock

If you have a player injured or suspended in a league or cup,
go to the club transfers screen, transfer the player to another club,
then exit the screen.
Go back onto it and get your player back. He will now be free of

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Michael Ashdown

Select 4-2-4 formation and then use the positioning option to 
push your wingers forward and out wide.  Now every time you pass 
to them they will beat their defenders easily and will put you in 
an easy scoring position every time.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Rich Harkness

During the games hold r2 and circle when the other team have the ball 
and were ever the other player is the goally  will chase him

Submitted and FULLY tested By: B.A Billy Gun


Start Fifa 99.
Go to: team management.
Go to: transfers.
Put at the top: Netherlands
Put at the feet: England
Now sale all players from Ajax (to different clubs) except  van der Sar, Litmanen, 
Arveladse, Kinkladse and Sibon.
Then buy the players below (The all come out of English clubs except Ronaldo).

G. Neville
P. Neville

To get Ronaldo, you have to go to the Inter Milan team and buy Calcio.
Change in the player edit Calcio in Ronaldo and you have Ronaldo. 
(With O on your joypad you delete a letter.)
Go to team edit and change the clothes and name of the club to own choice. 
Go to Team management again and put the players in the basis as below. 

E. van der Sar
G. Neville
J. Stam
T. Adams
M. Owen
D. Beckham
J. Litmanen
R. Keane
D. Bergkamp
M. Overmars

Choose your own kicktakers and save everything. 

Now start a game. By choosing from a team you always get beams that show how good you are. 
These are totally full now!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ron vd Ouweland

easy way to prevent tackles:

(my favourite is L. Zamorano)this is a game tip. what you do as soon as
the game begins you pass the ball to the player on the top or bottom when
he gets the ball just make him run straight on the side whenever the
opponent comes up to you just before the opponent tackles you ,you press
the "jump a slide tackle" button then when youre near the goal you move
slightly to the goal when there is no opponent if there is you cross or do
a low pass to your teammate and kick it to the top corner of the

Submitted and FULLY tested By: nicky


When you kick a corner in Fifa 99 change the direction buy pushing the
through pass button until the view is on the player reciving the
corner/cross (the player should be surrounded buy the yellow square).
Place the player who will recieve the corner on the penalty spot. Use the
lob button to kick the corner in the air, while the ball is in the air
push the shoot button twice and the direction you want the shot to go. The
player should do a bycicle kick or a fancy mid air kick, these are always
good for instant replays.


Submitted and FULLY tested By: Century Forrest
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