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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Fighting Force cheats and tips. This is a Fighting Action Shooter PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Fighting Force cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Fighting Force right now. We have more information about "Fighting Force" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

INVINCIBILITY AND LEVEL SELECT- At the main screen (1 Player,
2 Player, and Options) hold Left + S + L1 + R2 until "Cheat
Mode" appears at the bottom of your screen.  Quickly choose
Options and you can enable Invincibility or start on any level.

Codes submitted by: Dave L

Move list for Fighting Force

 x punch
 x,x double punch
 x,x,x Double punch,Double spin punch
 x Pick up weapon or object when standing over it
 x use weapon
 x Rip off a rail or pipe when next to it
 square kick
 square,square double Kick
 square kick boddies when they're on the floor
 O Jump
 O,x 360-Degree handstatnd swoop kick
 O,triangle Jump,spin,stomp(when bodie is down)
 square,circle Flip Kick
 triangle Back Fist
 triangle,triangle double back fist,punch
 R1 Then press d-pad to run in desired direction
R1+x Slide attack
R1 Then press d-pad in desired direction followed by square to 
360-degree Kick
 Moves When Holding The Bad guy:
 Triangle Grab boddies when next to them
 Circle Flip Back Kick
 x Knee Crush Smack
 square Knee in the face
 triangle Kick flip Back Kick

Hawk:punch x
     double punch x,x
     double punch,uppercut x,x,x
     Pick up weapon or object when standing over it x
     use weapon x
     Rip off a rail or pipe when next to it x
     kick square
     Double kick square,square
     Kick bodies when they're on the floor square
     jump o
     360-Degree spin kick o,x
     Kick while jumping o,square
     Jump and Stomp(when bodie is down)o,triangle
     Back Fist Triangle
     Double Back Fist,Punch Triangle Triangle
     Run R1 and d-pad
     Slide attack R1+x
     R1 Then pres d-pad in desired direction followed by Square To
preform a Flying kick
     Moves when Holding The Bad Guy
     Grab boddies when next to them Triangle
     Shoulder throw O
    punch x
    Punch Head-butt x,x
    Knee in the stomach square
    Head-Butt Triangle
    Triangle then foward and trianggle for a Grab Backflip

       Punck x
       Double Punch x,x
       Double Punch,Hammer Strike x,x,x
       Pick up weapon or Object when statnding over it x
       To use weapon x
       Rip of a rail or pipe when next to it x
       kick square
       Double kick square square
       Kick boddies when they're on the floor square square
       jump o 
       360-degree Shockwave o,x
       Body Slam (When Boddie is down) o,triangle
       Back fisst triangle
       Double Back fist,punch Triangle Triangle
       Run R1 and D-pad
       Snowball smash R1+x
       R1 then press d-pad in desired direction followed by square to
perform a Flying Body Charge
      Moves When Holding the Bad guy
      Grab Boddies when next to them Triangle
     Slam o
     Headlock smash x
     Super uppercut square
     Triangle then press x to throw him,or Square for a Knee snap

       Codes By:JMC

for a massive combo that can kill anybdy in Fighting Force simply grap a 
person with Hawk and push [], [], [], O, O, O, [], [], [], O, O, O and 
keep doing that pattern until the person dies.


To get the mega gun , go to the air base
go to the inside of the hanger, bash the 
a-10 (air plane) for a while, its gun will fall of pick it up
this huge weapon is the most devastating
weapon the you can get. 

Submitted By:: Dark Angel

Don't you hate those reviving Cryos? Here's a tip: At the first part of the 
Island Lab Level, you will find a dynamite and grenade when you blow up the 
boxes.. Save those for later. When you move on to the next room where the 
Cryos are, stay where the 2 boxes are so they won't see you and move to you. 
Grab either the grenade or dynamite and throw it at the first Cryo. Do the 
same thing to the second one! This is really helpful and really saves you 
time! This trick was FULLY TESTED!

Submitted by: Kibot12

Fighting Force Game Guide 
To Accessories

3.What you can find in this guide
4.What and where to find weapons


In this guide I will show you what you can find and where you can find it.
Some weapons in this guide are very useful ,and some are even secret
weapons. Also some weapons can blow up trucks,cars,ect ,but don't worry
I'll let you know about them ,hey that's what this guide is for.(^_^) Ok
well if you need anymore info that email me :


1.Please do not copy this guide,it took me awhile to get this info from
the game! 2.Notice the ='s and +'s .(they are there so they can keep
people from getting lost in this guide) 3.Make sure you read the ending
,because it is something that happens to my copy of the game Fighting
Force for some weird reason. 4.This is not a walkthrough so if you want a
walkthrough of the game Fighting Force that you are out of luck there is
no walkthrough for the game at this website ,but there is one for :
Fighting Force 2 which is here:

3. What you can find in this guide

In this guide you can find :
1 handguns
2 shotguns
3 cannon guns
4 rocket launchers
5 TNT bombs
6 soda cans
7 medic kits
8 only 1 gun that you can get from a jet ( a very big gun)
9 knifes
10 steel bars
11 grenades
12 glass bottles
13 objects that can be thrown
14 pieces of wood
15 tokens for subway
16 AX
17 anything else I might have missed.

What and where to find weapons

1.hand guns- These can be found in boxes,with people,or on the ground.
2.shot guns- These can be found in boxes,sometimes with people,by blowing
up cars, or on the ground. 3.cannon guns-To be honest ,the only place I
could find a cannon gun was on the moving navy boat level on the ground.
4.rocket launchers-These can be found by blowing up cars,in boxes,on the
ground,or with people 5.TNT bombs- (these are useful for bosses) These can
be found in boxes,or on the ground. 6.soda cans-(you can drink these for
health) These can only be found by blowing up a soda machine by punching
and kicking it. 7.medic kits-These can be found on the ground,or in boxes.
8.A special gun that is only on one level-Go to the Air Base level ,then
go up to the jet a punch it's gun on the front of it falls off.(this gun
can blow up cars like a cannon or rocket launcher which is cool!)
9.knifes-These can only be found with people. 10.steel bar-(this weapon is
almost everywhere!)You can get this weapon by :Braking it off the
wall,finding it on the ground,with people,and about anywhere else with a
thin bar that can be taken. 11.grenades- you can only find these in
boxes,and on the ground. bottles-These can be found by kicking a
table with one on it,with a person,or on the ground. 13.objects that can
be thrown-(what I mean here is :boxes,suitcases,other)-You can find these
with people,or on the ground. 14.Pieces of wood-These can be found on the
level with the fireman boss. 15.tokens for subway-You can only find these
by kicking the ATM on one of the walls(you can use these to throw at
people or to open on of the gates easier) 16.AX-You can only find this on
the fireman boss level ,and the elevator level.

For some reason when I start the game Fighting Force with hawk or smasher
and press allot of different buttons it like enters a code which messes up
the cameras so they will not fallow you as you move.This is very weird. If
you have any questions about this than email me at :
(also email me if the same thing happened to you)
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