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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Final Fantasy 7 cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Final Fantasy 7 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Final Fantasy 7 right now. We have more information about "Final Fantasy 7" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




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First, you must have Clouds Apacolypse Sword, and
Cids Scimitar. You must also have The Highwind
in you possesion. Equip both of the weapons, and
each of the weapons, put every ALL MATERIA onto the
weapons. Fly the Highwind down to the small
continent where Mideel is or was. Fight the monsters
there. Or you could go up to the norther Crater,
and when you have to select the paths, choose left
and up. you will fight enemies called 'Magic Pots'
and Master Tonberry's. Steal elixers from the
Master Tonberry's, and when you fight the Magic
Pots, they are invinciple until you give them
an elixer. When you kill a single Magic Pot, you
will get 1000 AP! 2000AP for 2 magic pots, and so
on. So after you master about 20 ALL MATERIA, you
sell them for 14 million gil each, or, you could
equip them to other attack magic for some pretty
effect on the enemy.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jeremy Gray

To use this cheat you must have three things, one is you need to have a
weapon with at least two linked materia slots, secondly you need a
counter-attack materia, and thirdly a master summon materia.  First you put counter
in one of two linked slots, and second put master summon
in the other, go into a battle, and watch when the person with the materia
on gets hit, he/she will counter with all the summons in the game!

Submitted but NOT tested By: jordan

This is the ultimate mataria combonation first
 you must have knights of the round the blue
 counter mime and hp absorb then hook up the
 counter and the mime together in one conected
 slot and kinghts of the round and hp absorb in
 another conected slot this way then cast kinghts
 of the round once and every time you get hit
youll do knights of the round and get you hp back
 (you only need enough mp to do knights of the
 round once)! note:works best if only the person
with this materia combo is on is alive   

Submitted but NOT tested By: Eddie Taylor


     :KOTR mastered paired with HP Asorb
     :Mime equiped onto every allie
     :PHOENIX paired with Final Attack
How to defeat:
Run around on the World map until you enter battle,
now use the allie that has PHOENIX equiped on kill
your two other allies.Now fly the Highwind over the
red pole sticking out of the sand surounding the Gold
Saucer.Now you should be fighting RUBY,as theres one
allie alive he wont do the whirlsand.After those two
tusk come out of the ground use PHOENIX,
when all your allies are revied use KOTR
on RUBY{each time you use KOTR all of your
HP gets restored fully as you have HP
Asorb!}keep on miming KOTR until RUBY dies!
I did this without Cloud dying once and
killed RUBY on my first try!


MOUNTAIN AND RIVER CHOCOBO: First get a female and
male *great* Chocobo from the MIDELL AREA.Then get a
female and male *good* Chocobo from the GOLD SAUCER
AREA.Mate the (female good) and (male great) Chocobos giving
them a carob nut. Get Carob Nut from stealing from red dragons
around BONE VILLAGE or from 500 gp at gold saucer.Then
mate the (male good) and (female great) Chocobos giving
them another carob nut.You will have two new Chocobos.
Agreen and blue one.

BLACK CHOCOBO:First thing to do is wait for your new
Chocobos to mature.about(10-15 min.)Release the 4 yellow
Chocobos. Mate the blue and green Chocobo you have
using a Carob nut.You will have a black Chocobo that
can cross rivers and mountains.

western coast of the continet and catch a *wonderful*
Chocobo, oppisite gender of your black one.Feed the
wonderful Chocobo Tantan greens until it says "no improvment"
Race the wonderful Chocobo and Black Chocobo until they
get in the S class.Steal a Zeio Nut from the goblins in the
forest on the far North Eastern island (in the North Eastern
corner of the map) that is uninhabited.Mate the wonderful,
S class Chocobo and the Black, S class Chocobo giving them
a Zeio Nut.You will have a infamous gold Chocobo.

Submitted by- Psycho

This is a code for Final Fantasy VII that I found.  After getting
W-Item (In Midigar Raid Disc #2 at the end of a long tunnel that head
south) equip it on someone, then in battle select W-Item and pick an item
you wish to duplicate, then use it on someone. Finally pick that same item
(or another one) and press O then X to cancel.
        You'll see that the first item you used goes up by one each time
you press O and then X.  Unfortunately this only works with items you can
use in battle.  So go out and get 99 Megalixers or whatever.

Finaly I discover the best way to make
money.First buy two silkis greens from
the chocobo sage,then go to fight the
easiest enemy you can,(you need w-item)
make the item duplicate trick until you
have 99 silkis greens.Go to sell someone
the silkis greens and you will have:
247500gil!!!! make this many times and
you will be more rich than Bill Gates!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Arturo Martinez L.

While in the Chocobos Race hold L1+L2+R1+R2 to go faster and win -


When you are racing Chocobos, if you hold down R1,R2 and square
throughout the race you will keep your stamina high and go fast.

Submitted By: Jill and Scott

to breed a mountain chocobo or the green one, simply breed
a good chocobo and a great chocobo and give them the carob nut.

First off you should only use this code if you have mastered the game
and are going back through the game to see what you missed because it
will ruin the game experience.
When one of your characters hit points comes close to equalling 7777,
use healing spells, or try equipping or unequipping materia orbs to
get the number right. If you go over you can let a monster attack you
to get the number back down.
When you get the number to 7777, enter a battle. The character will
automatically fight and cause 7777 points of damage with every hit,
and you won't be able to select any other commands.
The character will lose all but 1 hit point at the end of the battle,
so you'll have to heal them immeadiatly afterwards. This trick is
called "THE ALL 7 FEVER TRICK" and will work with any character.

SUBMITTED BY: Ken Hannaman (truplaya)

The Lucky 7's trick (7777 HP)  does not work on the Ruby weapon- he
is impervious to damage until he sticks his claws into the ground.  It
work on the Emerald  Weapon, and takes off 500,000 HP.  (7DGKING)

While in a slot (Either Cait sith level 2 limit or the Golden Saucer
you can rapidly press the square button to slow down the slot. 
This make the choices much easier.

Submitted By: Jeffrey Bennett

Emerald Weapon is fairly easy to beat compared to Ruby weapon. 
To beat Emerald weapon, you just need a two level or better Knights
of the round, three mimes, W-summon, mystile armor equipped, two
mastered HP pluses for everyone and two mastered Magic pluses for
everyone, and setting up all lucky  7's before you do battle is
good too. 

The all lucky 7's did not hit for the whole battle, but will for
about the first 3 minutes.  Final attack from the battle arena
or chocobo racing is good paired with revive or phoenix. Always
Customize your items so you'll have elixirs and megalixirs ready
or x-potions and turboethers if you don't like wasting elixirs. 

After the all lucky 7's, you should have already chosen the
Knights/Round twice and mimicked it twice.  With those magic pluses
equipped, hopefully your magic rating is close to 255.  You can see
this under status from your main menu. 

Now.... for Ruby weapon....
You should have the master summon, magic, and command from the man at
Kalm after trading in the earth harp won from emerald weapon. 
Hopefully, you were able to utilize the 50,000 AP from defeating
emerald weapon.  You need knights of the Round mastered paired with
final attack mastered.  You need another final attack mastered paired
with revive which has Life2.  You'll need two Magic pluses for Cloud,
one HP plus hopefully.   Master Summon is also needed. 

Shield can be useful in making Ruby weapon miss you.  HP/MP materia
is a must have so you can cast the Knights of the Round 8 times
for 9999 each hit.When fighting Ruby weapon wait till it leaves Cloud
left to fight.  As soon as its claws are buried, hit it with knights of
the round. 

I think if you choose to cast it before the claws are officially buried
and targeted, you can hit both the claws at once. 

Submitted By: BEEGE

cast reflect on your party, then cast an enemy-all'ed bolt,
ice, fire on your party. The magic will hit all the monsters
3 times.

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