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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Front Mission 3 cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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the second time you are in japan, go to the australian lawspite 
website, choose garbage pit, and select the inferno dialer.
type 555-xkr-224 and a stranger will give you the secret parts
(note:this is the best wanzer in the game, nearly as good as the final
boss, so make sure you get it.)  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Mole


You may have read in the instruction manual that the 
level of a weapon only goes up to a level "F". Actually,
the weapons can go up to a level "S"- one level higher 
than a level "F" with 3 stars. I know- it will take a
while, but wouldn't you like your weapons to do their
maximum power?! 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: JMG-The Game Master!


make an enemy wanzer surrender, then after you have it you will
have an extra wanzer for yourself! unfortunately, it can only use
hard blow so use it only if you have too.

Submitted but NOT tested By: DeadEye85


Trained gunner, even casual burster will gain great advantages when
positioned at a higher ground, not just against the barbaric boxers, but
against their kind also. I once fought a battle where all the comrades
were placed at rooftop, and suffer minimal damages while my 'realnumber'
enemies were just muttering around at the ground level [bad dash leg].


I know that the gunner are often frustrating, but if you train them
enough, one riffle shot can blow away enemy's limb, rendering your enemy
harmless, before they can efen touch you. This type can also survive a low
movement legs, provided that you always keep them as artillery in the back
row. [but watch out for those berserker with fists/clubs/spikes and
running feet !!]

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ferrocyde90


all the playable characters have a proficiency in a certain aspect of
combat.  ryogo's is maghine guns and marcus enjoys hand to hand
combat.  by harnessing a characters preferred weapon, they will
increase in skill as well as learn new special attacks faster and use
the one's they have more often.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: BoB McAlbert

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Just some GB-Codes...:

1 PAL2NTSC  800D B060 0000 
2 Y-Fix   800B A5C4 0000 
3 Money never decreases 8005 9E50 0000
8005 9E52 0000 
4 Max money 8011 EAA8 21B8
8011 EAAA 0DC8 
5 Unlock upgrades in shop-menu    3012 4CDE 0074 
6 Unlock simulator options        3012 4E52 0060 
7 Unlock menus in network command 3012 4E53 0000 
8 Unlock setup at network menu    3012 4B5C 006C 
9 Unlock all domains
 5000 0302 0000
8012 4E54 FFFF 
10 Have all e-mail addresses  3012 4E6D 00C0
8012 4E6E FFFF
3012 4E70 0003 
11 No restrictions on e-mails
3012 4DD5 0040
5000 0902 0000
8012 4C86 5555 
12 Stage cleared immediately
(Press L1 & L2 & R1 & R2)
D00E 6036 F0FF
3012 4A22 0001 

Battle Score Codes 

13 Always 100 enemies destroyed (+15%) D012 4A22 0001
3012 4ADA 0064 
14 1 enemy to destroy  D012 4A22 0001
3012 4AC8 0001 
15 Only 1 attack needed   D012 4AEE 0002
 3012 4AEE 0001 
16 Damage always zero  D012 4A22 0001
  3012 4AF4 0000 
17 Weapon level always 1  D012 4A22 0001
3012 4AF8 0001 
18 Always 1 turn   D012 4AB6 0001
3012 4AB6 0000 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Philip Janke

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