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Playstation cheat codes


Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Grand Theft Auto cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Grand Theft Auto cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Grand Theft Auto right now. We have more information about "Grand Theft Auto" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

Press Square, Triangle, Circle, X(2), Circle, 
Triangle, Square at the main menu. 

Enable controller two:
Press X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, 
Circle, X, Square at the main menu. 

Cheat modes:
Enter the following player names to enable 
the corresponding cheat features. 

Enter BSTARD as a player name for all weapons, 
unlimited ammunition, level selection, ninety-nine 
lives, armor, get out of jail, coordinate display, 
maximum wanted level, and the 5x bonus. 

Enter THESHIT as a player name for all weapons, 
unlimited ammunition, level selection, ninety-nine 
lives, armor, get out of jail, and the 5x bonus. 

Enter MADEMAN as a player name for all weapons, 
unlimited ammunition, level selection, armor, 
and get out of jail. 

Enter GROOVY as a player name for all weapons, 
unlimited ammunition, armor, and get out of jail. 

Maximum wanted level:
Enter EATTHIS as a player name to set the wanted level to four. 

Display coordinates:
Enter BLOWME as a player name. 

No police:
Enter CHUFF as a player name. 

All cities:
Enter TURF as a player name. 

All cities (1 and 2):
Enter CAPRICE as a player name. 

City skip:
Enter WEYHEY as a player name to instantly collect 9999990 points. 

Liberty City (1 and 2):
Enter FECK as a player name. 

Liberty City (1 and 2) and San Andreas City levels:
Enter TVTAN as a player name. 

All cities (1 and 2), except Vice City (1 only):
Enter URGE as a player name. 

Change a guys name to Don Don and it will enable special cars

Submitted By:: Aaron Bradley

go to san andreas and choose "mandarin meyham"and then go to a drive way 
there it will stand a strange looking car called monster bug, go inside and 
you will get a kill frenzy.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Max


Infinite Lives

Get Out Of Jail Free Key

High Score

Extra Bonus Points

Infinite Pistol Ammo

Infinite Machinegun/ Rocket Ammo

Infinite Flamethrower Ammo

Enter youre name as `killthedj` , and you`ll become 
a parrot. It does the same as `bstard` , but 
there will be no police.

Submitted By: Andreas Johansen

Go to San Andreas and choose "Mandarin Meyham"
and then go to central Richman and in a driveway,
there will be an unusaual looking car called
the monster bug.Go inside and you will get a kill Frenzy!

Submitted By: Mike

HANGTHEDJ it will give you no police lots 
of money all weapons infinity ammo
and get out of jail free card.

Submitted By: david owen 

To have a gun on auto fire hold down
O & Press start then when in pause
press X to exit & your gun should be on
auto stop auto fire press O.
This should work 
Good Luck

Submitted By:: Knaggsy & Peachy

MADEMAN - All cities and weapons
EXCREMENT - 5X Multiplier
PECKINPAH - Get out of jail free card
FECK - Liberty city
TVTAN - San Andreas
By Lewis Kirkpatrick.

Enter the code for coordinates: blowme,as a player name.
2e level:98,48=tank(you get inside with a squad car)
3e level:182,03=penetrator(ride straight ahead with that car,at 
the and of the street you get a bonus.

Submitted By:: koen 't hart

Get into a Tanker,Bus or Coach and bump into a car
as many times as you can until it 
blows up!
If the explosion hit the side of the
vehicle -  your toast!                                               

Submitted and FULLY tested By: luke Armstrong

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