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HARDCORE 4X4 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Hardcore 4x4 cheats and tips. This is a Car Racing PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Hardcore 4x4 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Hardcore 4x4 right now. We have more information about "Hardcore 4x4" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

Gremlin (the game producers) have kindly allowed us to bring you the official game guide, 
complete with all of the games secrets and cheats!


Like most car dealerships, Hardcore 4x4 offers a range of both different vehicles and colors, as follows:-

The Bushmaster - Green

This is a good truck for beginners with the best all round abilities.

Dust Devil - Red

Another truck for novices, fairly fast with good traction.

Ice Breaker - Blue

The Ice Breaker has superb traction ideal for the pack ice track.

Side Winder - Orange

This is the truck with the best suspension, allowing it to cope with the pot holes in the Sun Baked Gulch.

Brimstone - Yellow

This truck has great suspension, but isn't quite as fast as some of the others, ideal for twists and 
turns in the Devils kitchen.

Rock Hopper - Purple

This trucks excellent traction allows it to cope with the mountains of the high camber pass.


At the left hand side of your screen, you will see three back to front sixes, they are turbos which 
give you sudden bursts of speed. When you fire these be sure to do
so when you get to a clear stretch of road or they can be more of a hindrance than a help.

To activate this double click on the accelerator button.

If you run out of these turbo boosts, (you only have 3 per race) the following cheat can be accessed 
during game play by pressing pause. When you get to this
screen type in CRAZYCAR - when you start the game again you will hear "attack the track". This will 
ensure that all of your turbos are replaced.


During the race resist the temptation to ram the vehicle in front of you. More often than not you end up 
facing in the opposite direction. If you do you can kiss the
winners trophy goodbye.


In order to aid your game as a beginner, it is much easier if the automatic option is used. However, 
experts will find that they can squeeze that extra bit of speed out
of their truck in manual.


Turning corners on this game can be a harrowing experience, but do not worry help is a hand. Hold 
the directional keys and slow tap them, this will aid the
movement of the car and help to ensure that your truck will not roll over.

For more dramatic cornering you can used the handbrake at high speed for impressive 80 and 
360 degree turns.


Completely useless but very satisfying. Using the R2 button will aid in the relief of road rage.


If you are playing against the computer, smash the CPU trucks as hard as you can from behind, 
this will give you an advantage as these trucks will loose control.


Cheats are entered as the first name in the Time Trial name entry screen.

1) Choose any Race Class

Type in MAINLINE in the screen as above and this will allow you to choose any class and will let 
you play either as pro or extreme.

2) Raining Frogs!!

Type RAINFROG, and this unusual cheat will appear, instead of raining or snowing it will rain frogs.

3) Secret Asteroids

Type in DUTCHMAN to gain access to a special version of asteroids. Type the name in the time 
trial screen, then goto the game option screen and select credits.
This will then allow you to play asteroids. The controls are X for fire and then press 0 to thrust, 
and if you were wondering the asteroids are actually pictures of the
programmers -Mrnmmm.... nice!



This is a fairly easy course to start with if you are a beginner to Hardcore 4x4, word of warning 
the road is a bit bumpy in places. The corners are not that sharp, but
this doesn't mean that the track is easy. The first part is an uphill climb with narrow bridges to cross. 
The second part of the course is all downhill, keep clear of the
sides and you can really build up your speed.


The track in itself looks like the grand can you, and provides any driver with a challenge with its 
sharp bends and corners. There are some helpful directional signs on
the course, but watch out for the bumps. The narrow lanes on this course makes it a lot easier to 
spin out and end up facing the wrong way.


The first stage of this course is fairly flat with long sweeping corners allowing you to pootle along 
at a fair old pace. However the second half is very bumpy with
sharp corners and loose sand. Together with some high verges and narrow tracks it makes this track not for the faint hearted.


This course is the only one in Hardcore that has any tarmac driving involved, not that it lasts long. 
Use this short time you have on-road to build up your speed, also
consider this a good opportunity for a turbo boost. Off road this track had hidden rocks, sharp 
corners and unexpected bumps in the road. Take a practice race to
find the best route through these obstacles and you'll be fine.


Beware of deceptive corners and turns give this track an unusual feel. The narrow lanes mean that 
it is important to hit the front early on. Try using a speed boost
form the start. The rock chippings that cover the surface of this track, tests the traction of all trucks.


In short this track is treacherous. As you follow the course there are a number of sharp corners, 
high verges and narrow tracks that test your driving skills. Around
the track there are a number of small hills which will test the reaction of all trucks. If this wasn't bad 
enough, you will be driving on solid ice for most of the race. Use
the handbrake for more controlled turns, but be careful not to oversteer.
Submitted By: Gremlin Software

Set the race mode to Time Trial, and select the key to start the race. At this screen, select Edit Names.
Enter the name Mainline. You will see a face in the
upper-right corner of the screen with a bandage on his head. Go back to the start menu, 
and select the truck. Scroll to the right until you see a black truck, called
Mother. This is a truck will full speed, full traction, and full suspension. It's also 
indestructivle. This code stays in memory until you change your name or turn off the
Set the race mode to Time Trial, and select the key to start the race. At this screen, 
select Edit Names. Enter the name Rainfrog. You will see a face in the
upper-right corner of the screen looking left. Go back to the start menu, and select 
the weather condition. Change it to "Daytime Severe". Begin a race, and you will
notice that it's raining frogs! This code stays in memory until you change your name 
or turn off the machine. 
Set the race mode to Time Trial, and select the key to start the race. At this screen, 
select Edit Names. Enter the name Dutchman. You will see a face in the
upper-right corner of the screen looking right at you. Go all the way back to the title 
screen. Select Options, and then select Credits. Now you can play a game of
Roids, a variation of Asteroids. Instead of shooting asteroids, you shoot the 
programmers' faces. You can play this game as many times as you like, and the code
stays in memory until you change your name or turn off the machine.
Submitted By: David Grund Jr


Watch your trucks suspension before turns. look at how low it goes if it
goes really low be careful it can screw up handling.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: James Cummings
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