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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation ISS Pro Evolution cheats and tips. This is a Sports Soccer PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the ISS Pro Evolution cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with ISS Pro Evolution right now. We have more information about "ISS Pro Evolution" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




while training pause game, select sound settings and turn play by play
off. Resume game, press start select sound settings and turn play by play
on and you have commentry to brighten up an otherwise dull training

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Cillin Mac Donncha


to preform this cheat press triangle when opposing attacker. a great asset
to have instead of relying on the computer.

Submitted but NOT tested By: gary


Once youve won everything cups and league on hard you'll recieve a set
of classic and world all star teams

Submitted and FULLY tested By: seb

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This is not a cheat but it's a great tip for anyone who plays the master
League : mbama is the best striker in the game and you only need 22 points
To get him , which even the worst game players can achieve . Mbama can be
Found on the cameroon squad  , and trust me he is excellent . No more
Wayward shots ! 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Daire Walsh


This is for use in the Master League mode.  When buying new players
don't choose European or South American stars like Ronaldo or Zidane. Your
best bet for great players that cost half the points of Ronaldo are in the
African teams. For example, Hadji from Morroco - 26 points & one of the
best attacking midfielders in the game.  Babangida from Nigeria - 24
points & just as good as Michael Owen but half the price. Mboma from
Cameroon - 24 points and the best striker in the game. Masinga from South
Africa - 22 points and another great African striker.  The names of these
players are their proper names and not how they appear on the game.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Matt Brady


If you start playing the Master League you will see that your team has a
lack of speed. Therefore buy Cameroon substitute striker Semau. This is
his name as it appears in the game. With a 9 for speed he is just as fast
as Ronaldo or Owen, but he only costs 18 points and because you start with
20 points you can buy him already before playing a match at all. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Sebastiaan de Sterke


you must buy in your master team 2 fast players as side half
or as forward left or right. it is depending on your formation
then you must buy Swedens forward K. Anderson almost every normal
height ball is a goal because K. Anderson is on of the best players
in the air. He is 1.93 and his heading points are 8 and 8. And his
strenght makes him also very dangerous that is 9. Try it in a view games
you see it works.   

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris


to win the master league easily all you have to do is win your first game
then go to the nigerian squad and buy amokochi and put him in your squad
up front. then in your next game play 5 at the back 3 in midfield and 2 up
front. then when you get more points buy babandiga from nigeria and put
him up front. by now your speedy strikers should be scoreing plenty of
goals from through balls. then when more points come in buy jorni from
croatia for a central defender so you can have him chasing the fast
strikers. than keep winning and buy all other fast players like semau
(cameroon) mbama (camaroon) wiltordu (france) okuno (japan). also a good
buy is the cameroon keeper sang'O his defence is 9 and jump power is 9.
and if you have won the world league and world cup you can buy canigia
(world all stars) and some others with 9 technique and 9 dribbleing like
sanches or ganisha. this will ensure you a league win.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Adam


Once you have accesed the Classic teams, and you are in the Master League
you MUST buy Cannigia. He is the fastest thing on 2 legs and, has one heck
of a shot on him. No more "who is my right wing problems?" 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Grae Davidson


When you are buying players look no further than the Africans such as
Babingida (Amsterdam and Nigeria)They come at a great price and are
easuily as good as Ronnaldo and Owenn. The best keeper is Songoo
(Cameroon) defender Oddvan (Brazil) who is also very affordable Midfielder
semau (Camerroon) who is on the subs bench and the best strikers are
Babingida for shots and Beerhof for the old headers and also play Carlson
who is found on the bench play him as an Attacking half instead of Pavia
as he will burst through the middle and score the odd header where as
PAvia is too small to do this.Good Luck Now!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Niall Cleary


When in Master League mode these are the players I suggest you buy 
Songoo (Cameroon) Oddvan (Brazil 20 pts.) Caesar (Brazil) Thuram 
(France and Roma) Hadji (Morocco 24 pts.) Babingida (Amsterdam and
Nigeria 24pts.) Semau (Cameroon 18pts.) Beerhof(A.C. Milan and
Germany36 pts.) Mbama (Cameroon 22pts.)These are great players who
are at a very affordable price.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Darragh Cleary


When you start the game in master league play a game until you win or draw
then buy Babangida from Amsterdam. He will help you with speed in your
attack, and has a great shot. (although he has a 9 for speed he seems
quicker than owen). If you manage to master the game a little better I
would buy Batistuta up front. Even though he is a little bit slow his shot
is wicked (9 power, 9 accuracy) and is very good in the air in corners
etc. When playing a match, instead of using through passes all the time
try doing "one two" passes (L1 - X )between your midfield and strickers
and you'll soon see your midfielders goalscoring go up. Get Roberto Carlos
as soon as possible and play him Central defence or left back and select
him as your long range free kick taker. With him there you will find the
defence a lot more solid and now and again he will pop up on the edge of
the box and with his shot its got to be a goal or a dead goalkeeper. You
will find that if you buy the players that are cheap and fast it will get
you winning games, but if you play against your freinds team full of well
known stars that are good in different areas such as strength and
technique you will begin to feel the pressure. An example would be that
babangida is fast and has a good shot but ronaldo is the same but harder
to tackle, stronger runner etc. I would reccommend Beckham on free kicks
from close range.  When between 18 - 24 yrds pull back on the pad with
1/3rd power aiming at the opposite side to the keeper and its a goal every
My team, it may help you. 3-4-3  Chalivert, Stamm, Carlos, Hiero, Davids,
Beckham, Rivaldo, Zidane, Ronaldo, Owen, Batistuta.
                         Subs... Seaman, Keown, Fersinger, Desailly,
                         R.DeBoer, Veron, Babangida, Giggs, Milosevic,
                         Salas, Del Piero.

submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris


The best cheap strikers are Mboma of Cameroon and Babangida of Ajax.
However, this is the best all-round team for any budget: play 4-4-2A:
GK-Chilavert, Rightback-Thuram, Leftback-R.Carlos, centrebacks-Stam,
Desailly(Nesta, Cannavaro and Mihajlovic are good too), Defensive
Midfielder-Davids or Seedorf(both Stamina 9)Wingers- Beckham, Figo and
Giggs on the left(shooting pwr.,acc. and swerve all 8).The best strikers
are Ronaldo, Shevchenko(better than Owen, Mboma and Babangida. For the
attacking midfield position use Zidane for passing or Boban, Rivaldo is
probably better all round though.

Don't by Semau of Cameroon, he can't dribble or shoot. Kluivert is
crap too. Shearer is useless, Scholes is crap too.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Liam


If you have won the master league on hard level, try this for another
challenge....Instead of buying the best players try winning the Master
League by buying the players back who play for the club. My Arsenal squad
is Seaman, Dixon, Adams, Keown, Vierra, Parlour, Ljungberg, Berkamp,
Wiltord, Henry, Kanu, Pires, Luzhny, Grimondi, Lauren (Etame-Mayer (12) in
game), Wreh, Vivas, Maninger. Its also quite cheap to build only Bergkamp
is worth over 30 points

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Will Parsons



turn to the player near you and press L1+X

Press X + square and you will dummie a shot

Submitted but NOT tested By: Kyle walter


press L1 + square to chip keeper.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: geordie


when you hold L1 and press square,
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