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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Legacy of Kain 2 - Soul Reaver cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Legacy of Kain 2 - Soul Reaver cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Legacy of Kain 2 - Soul Reaver right now. We have more information about "Legacy of Kain 2 - Soul Reaver" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


Pause the game, hold L1 or R1, and enter the following codes:

Upgrade health		Right, X, Left, Triangle, Up, Down
Maximum health		Right, Circle, Down, Up, Down, Up
Refill magic		Right, Right, Left, Triangle, Right, Down
Maximum magic		Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Left
Pass through barriers	Down, Circle, Circle, Left, Right, Triangle, Up
Hurt Raziel		Left, Circle, Up, Up, Down
Get Soul Reaver		Down, Triangle, L2, Right, Right, Down, 
			Down, Left, Triangle, Down, Right 
Wall climbing		Triangle, Down, L2, Right, Up, Down
Get Force		Left, Right, Circle, Left, Right, Left
Get Constrict		Down, Up, Right, Right, Circle, Up, Up, Down
Get Fire Reaver		Down, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, Circle, Right, Down
Make Fire Reaver	Triangle, Right, Down, Circle, Up

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kevin Park

Refill health		Down, Circle, Up, Left, Up, Left

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Anthony T

All Abilities           Up, Up, Down, Right. Right, Left, Circle, Right, Left, Down

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dawn Tully


To save energy, rather than FIGHTING monsters, pick up a stick, or pipe, 
press your AUTO AIM button and throw it at your enemy. This should impale
them and let you suck out their soul without needing to go too close to them.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Simon Tamperon

If you dont want to lose your weapon while passing through a gate,
Before you shift to the SPECTRAL mode, auto aim your weapon and throw
it through the gate. When on the other side, shift back and pick it up

Submitted and FULLY tested By: WILL MACKEY


There are several areas within the game that feature this kind of puzzle.
You need to turn a handle that opens a door for a few seconds, then run
through it before it closes. During the early part of the game you can
actually make it through these doors by timing your run perfectly, but
later this becomes impossible.

Rather than spoil this puzzle for you, I will give you a massive hint...

"Time stands still in the Spirit World" 

If you understand the above, then these doors will become very simple
to get through.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jamie Slag


Pass Through Gates
 Raziel's first acquired mechanic is the ability to pass through gates, in the
spectral plane. Raziel can now phase through otherwise impassable barriers like
fences, gates and grates, by going into spectral and pushing against them. 
After a moment, Raziel will "dematerialize" a bit and phase through to the other

Scale Walls
 Next, Raziel acquires the ability to scale otherwise impassable walls.  Now,
when he jumps into a scale-able wall surface, he grabs on with his claws - the
player can traverse a scaleable wall section using the D-pad (climbing up,
downward, or left/right along the wall).  When Raziel reaches a ledge at the top
of a scaleable wall, he automatically climbs up; to drop off the wall, the
player just has to press the jump (X) button.

 Because his hands are otherwise engaged, Raziel can't engage in combat while
scaling a wall - he has to avoid enemies, or dispatch them before climbing the
wall.  Only certain wall types are scaleable - generally, rough, organic,
crumbly or mortared stone walls are unclimbable (Raziel can't get good enough
purchase with his claws).  Only smooth walls are scaleable.

Telekinetic Force projectile
 About 1/3 of the way into the game, Raziel acquires a new projectile ability -
when otherwise unequipped (i.e., not carrying another item, and the Soul Reaver
is not active), Raziel can gather a ball of telekinetic energy by holding the N
button.  The "force" projectile can be auto- or manually-aimed, like any other
projectile.  When the N button is released, the sphere of energy shoots out - on
impact, enemies (and other pushable objects) are shoved backward.  Fragile or
breakable elements (e.g., windows, wooden barriers) are shattered by the impact
of the force projectile.

 The projectile itself does no damage, but enemies can be forced into damaging
or fatal environmental elements (e.g., slammed into a wall, pushed off an edge
into water, pushed into fire, spikes, etc.).

 In the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the game, Raziel is unable to swim.  Immersion in
water (while in the material plane) immediately causes him to shift into
spectral.  While in spectral, he can walk on lakebeds, canal floors, etc., but
he can't reach higher areas.  Once he earns the ability to swim, the world opens
way up - previously unreachable tunnels and platforms are now attainable.

 When in the water, Raziel's mechanics  change - the D-pad orients him, and the
X-button propels him through the water (or across the surface).  Repeated taps
of the X-button yield stronger strokes; holding the X-button allows Raziel to
swim at a constant speed.  Holding L1 allows Raziel to "coil" backward in the
water; pressing X while coiled propels Raziel forward - this mechanic lets
Raziel propel himself more quickly through the water, jump up out of the water,
and can be used as a charge attack.  Raziel can also pull up and out of the
water by swimming near ledges that are near the water's surface.

 While in water, Raziel's combat moves are limited, so he has to behave more
evasively/defensively than he would on land. 

 About 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through the game, Raziel acquires the ability to
constrict enemies and objects (with different effects).  This ability works both
in material and in spectral, though objects can't be constricted in spectral,
only enemies.  After making one complete revolution (by running) around a
constrictable object or enemy, Raziel begins to trail a constricting band of
energy.  When Raziel has made a second successful revolution around the target
object/enemy, the band squeezes down, constricting the victim (or target

 Constricted enemies are immediately reduced to a stunned/damaged state
(low-level humans are killed).  Constrictable objects can be turned using the
constrict ability - e.g., a gear can be turned; a sundial rotated; a lens turned
to point a specific direction.  Constrictable objects can be rotated clockwise
or counter-clockwise, depending on the direction Raziel runs when he constricts

Shift At Will
 About 2/3 of the way through the game, Raziel earns the ability to shift
between spectral and material at will - he no longer needs to find a planar
portal to shift into material.  (He still needs to be at full health, however).

 With the ability to shift at will, the game opens way up for the player -
Raziel can now access the Sound Forge, the Sound Glyph Altar, and the Force
Glyph Altar, as well as now being able to get inside the mysterious Undercity
lair of the vampire worshippers.  Other secrets and bonus areas are also now

 About  of the way through, Raziel gets the ability to project his soul energy
out (as a projectile), and possess another creature.  The possess "projectile"
can only be manually aimed - by holding the O-button while in look-around mode,
targeting a creature, and releasing the button.  (The O-button only does the
soul-suck when in non-look-around mode).
 Once in the host creature's body, Raziel can perform rudimentary operations -
he can move around the area, attack other creatures, and do other simple
actions, like pushing blocks/objects, or hitting switches.  While occupying the
host creature's body, Raziel's physical body goes into a protected stasis state
(with an energy shield around it).
 Raziel can occupy the host's body indefinitely, but can only stray so far from
his own body.  If he wanders too far away, his soul energy will start to pull
out of the host creature's body - if the player continues to wander away, the
tenuous link is broken, and Raziel's soul returns to his body.  The creature
recovers and comes back to its senses.  The player can also return to Raziel's
body any time, by hitting the O button.

Amplified Force Projectile
 About 7/8 of the way through the game, Raziel acquires an amplification of his
existing Telekinetic Force projectile.  The projectile now pushes enemies
further, and the impact reduces them to a stunned/damaged state.  More
substantial objects can be pushed or broken with the amplified projectile.


The Soul Reaver
 The Soul Reaver is the only weapon in the game (other than the "found" weapons
like spears and torches).  Rather than having Raziel collect a varied arsenal of
weapon types, the Soul Reaver itself evolves over the course of the game,
acquiring different (and more powerful) attributes.

 Raziel acquires the Soul Reaver about 1/3 of the way through the game, at the
Pillars.  Raziel's first confrontation with Kain occurs at The Pillars - Kain
wields the Soul Reaver blade, as he did at the end of the first game.  In the
course of their battle, the blade is destroyed in the material plane,
transforming it into a wraith blade.  In this form, the blade is useless to Kain
(since he is a material being) - Raziel, being a creature of the spirit plane,
adopts the Soul Reaver in its spectral form.  From the moment Raziel grasps it,
the Soul Reaver becomes his symbiotic weapon and constant companion - Raziel now
will always carry the Soul Reaver while in the spectral plane.

 When in the material plane, Raziel remains in his "unequipped" state - except
when he's at full health.  When Raziel's energy is full, the Soul Reaver becomes
manifest in the material plane, as a writhing energy blade.  As long as Raziel
stays at full health, the blade remains (and it sustains Raziel's energy, which
would normally be draining constantly due to the strain of maintaining physical
form).  As long as Raziel doesn't get damaged (by enemy attacks), the blade
remains active.

 The Soul Reaver can be used both as a blade and a projectile weapon.  Pressing
the o-button performs slashing blade attacks; holding N initiates an energy
charge that can be released as a projectile.

 Over the course of the game, Raziel can find various elemental forges hidden
throughout Nosgoth.  By baptizing the Soul Reaver in an elemental forge, the
blade becomes forged with that element - once forged, the blade can be re-imbued
with that element, if found in the environment.  For example:  if Raziel has
visited the Sunlight Forg
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