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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Legends of Legaia cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Legends of Legaia cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Legends of Legaia right now. We have more information about "Legends of Legaia" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




Use the following steps to raise a character's magic level by 10%. When
you go to Vidna to see Pepe, after saving Jeremi, equip one of your
characters with Yuma's Ring. Do not remove it. When you go back to see
Zalan, he takes the ring, but the increase of magic that the ring gave you
becomes permanent. 

Research center password: The password to Dr. Usha's
research center is X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square. Extra FMV sequence:
Allow the game to remain at the title screen for approximately thirty

Getting the Meta, Ozma, Terra, and Juggernaut spells: To get the
character's Ra-Seru spell, go to the Genesis Tree in which the character
first got their Ra-Seru; but you must do it after Songi is defeated in the
Seru-kai or it will not work. Here is where each character must go...
Vahn: Sol Tower's Basement Genesis Tree (Since Rim Elm is destroyed) Noa:
Mt. Rikumoa Gala: East Voz Forest 

To get the Juggernaut Spell, go to
Ratayu after defeating Songi in the Seru-kai. Then, go to Van Saryu, get
the Evil Seru Key, and use it to get into the basement of Ratayu, (where
Van Saryu was fought). At the end of the corridor is a chest that contains
the Evil Talisman. Equip it to get the Juggernaut spell. The Talisman also
gives Encounter Rate Decrease. 

The Evil Ra-Seru Jedo spell: This spell
comes from the Dark Talisman that you can get along the way. After you
defeat Songi in the Seru-kai, go to the West Voz Forest. Go back to the
dead Genesis Tree. Near the stump there will be a chest containing the
Dark Stone. Take the stone to Zalan the Jewler of Jeremi. He will make it
into the Dark Talisman. Equip this on any of the characters (Noa is
recommended). It allows the character to cast the deadly Jedo spell. It
also increases Dark Power protection. This is effective against all
enemies. It works the best with field enemies and the monsters of the Bio

The Earth Egg and Earth Talisman: A rare Ra-Seru Egg is hidden in
Legaia. The Earth Egg can be found at the Muscle Dome in Sol. To get the
Earth Egg, you must earn 100,000 coins. When you have this amount, you can
exchange them for the Egg. It will not be listed in the Prize window until
you have enough coins. Once you get the Egg, take it to Zalan of Jeremi.
He will make it into the Earth Talisman. When you equip it on a character,
he or she will be able to cast the Palma Spell, which uses 200 MP. 

Boss HP: Caruban: 1000 HP Songi: 3000 HP Zeto: 4500 HP Bersker: 6000 HP Xain:
9000 HP Songi: 12,000 HP Van Saryu: 14,000 HP Dohati: 16,000 HP Gaza:
12,000 HP Gaza GP 20,000 HP Che Delilas: 12,000 HP Lu Delilas: 14,000 HP
Che Delilas: 16,000 HP Koru: 15,000 HP Zora: 21,000 HP Rouge: 24,000 HP
Jette: 28,000 HP Cort: 34,000 HP Ultimate Songi: 56,000 HP Cort: 75,000

Getting honey: There is a hidden opponent in the southwest tree in Rim
Elm. It is a Queen Bee and thee other bees. It is recommend that you are
at least level 15 before fighting them. Defeat them to find the honey,
which will increase all stats by 4. 

Getting a cake from honey: 
After getting the honey, take it to Nene (Vahn's sister) and she will make a
cake from it. Getting the Legendary Rod: After reviving the Genesis Trees
in Buma, head back to Dr. Usha's Research Center. You can find the
Legendary Rod beside the bed with the stuffed animal. 

Getting the Evil Medallion: 
Get all your Raseru spells. Raise your character to at least
level 52. After going through the Juggernaut Castle and getting all your
armor use a Door Of Light and go to Mt. Dhini. Climb all the way to the
top and be prepared as you will not be able to use magic during the
battle. Go to the wings. Try running in front of them and you will come
across a hidden Boss. After defeating him, you will get the Medallion.

Platinum card: After you save Drake Castle and talk to the king, go to the
upper left room from the throne is located. Search the wall to find the
platinum card, It allows you to buy special items at certain shops. Money
card: After saving Rim-Elm, check the drawer upstairs in the item shop.
The card will give you a 5% discount and can be used as a weapon. 

Easy money: Go to the Muscle Dome in Sol and enter in the tournament. Although
it does not matter which one, the higher ones will result in more coins.
After winning, you will receive a lot of game coins. Exchange them all on
Soru Bread (which cost 100 each) until having between 100 and 200
remaining. This will allow you can enter the tournament again at a cost of
100. Depending on how many coins won from the tournament, you should have
between 8 and 130 Soru Bread. Sell a single Soru Bread for 3000 at any
store. This increases your money by 24,000 to 139,000 every time. 

Easy experience: Go to Biron Monastery. Stay near the door to the place where
the woman in the kitchen gives you food. Remain outside and fight the
monsters until you are low on HP or MP. Go inside and eat to regain full
Hpand MP. Then, go back outside and repeat. Getting the tackle box: When
the mist covers Vidna (city with the windmills), go to the beach and get
the tackle box from where the two teens were located. 

Getting Horn: 
Get the Light Egg and go to Zalan (the jeweler in Jeremi). Zalan will turn it
into the Light Talisman. Equip it on Gala or Vahn. It will allow one of
them to cast a spell that will allow resurrection. Catch the biggest fish
and a lippian: Go to buma and get the legendary rod and heavy lure. Look
in the water for a moving spot, it will be the devourer. Then cast behind
the rock a few times to catch a lippian they have the most points.

Submitted By: Nicholas Rowell

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To defeat Lapis, make sure your pointcard has over 400000 points on it.
Equip Noa and Vahn with the warriors Icon, and mettle gem. After several
beatings from maricle arts, hyper arts, and point card points, Lapis
should fall down. Another way is to buy a liipian flute and summon it with
noah, but make sure you tap all of the keys very fast to make Lapis

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jamar Heath


save point card up to 25,000 points and have noa use it until its out
points and have gala heal while vahn uses his miracle art. when his sheild
breaks have noa heal while gala uses kemero or explosive fist and vahn
uses barra or vahn's craze until he dies.(everyone should be level 32 or

Submitted and FULLY tested By: vahn

When you finished the stage at Mt.Rikorua go back
to drake kingdom
and speak to the king after that go to the upper
left room and go to its
upper right side whereyou see the crack and press x
to get the platinum

Submitted By:: Frederick  Yanto


At Rim Elm go to the south most tree and press X.
Nene will run out and go look
out bees! You then gotta fight the queen bee and 3
other bees and their pretty
tough if your levels aren't high enough,
I'd be a level 13 or higher.

Submitted By:: Space Monkey


when you first arrive at Karisto Station,
you'll be able to pick up a tarvel kit from the honest
person's stand either for free or paying 3,000 gold at
the base of the tree near the stand, once
the mist is cleared from Karisto and the merchant who
owns the stand will have returned.If you were honest
and piad the fee,he'll give you the Vitality Ring for
your virtuousness.                                        

Submitted By:: GOJITA10


When you get to the sky garden in Jeremi
you will have to verse a Seru that is
biting the Genesis tree. That Seru is
called Berserker. He is really hard to
beat. The way to kill him in your first
or second time is to use Nighto,
Berserker will anhilate himself and you
will have beaten him.

Submitted By:: Peter


After you have cleared Mt. Dhini and have gotten to the
Soren camp, if you go back to Mt. Dhini, a hidden boss will
appear. The boss is extremly strong, and his first attack
will leave you with 0 mp for the rest of the battle. If you
beat him you will get an item that puts one of your
characters in the beserk status.

Submitted By:: Rumphus Peacock


If you go to the top of jeremi you have to fight
Berserker if you beat him you get fir book 2 for Vahn

Submitted By:: Rob


In Rim Elm Go to the second story of the item shop
and click on the dreeser in between the beds to get a point
card - it adds up what you buy and inflicts that amount of 
damage into the creature you use it on.

Submitted By:: Bobby Johnson


In the Sky Gardens, at Jeremi, before you fight the
big Seru monster
(Beserker) go around the Genises Tree and go to the
chest. You will
find a accesory that numlifies rot attack. This
will help you because
Beserker uses a rot attack.

Submitted BY: Adrian Koh

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