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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Mega Man Legends cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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When you first enter into the town,
you will notice a 'waste can' on the floor.
try to kick it into the barkey shop,
and you will earn 1000 pts
(It is not easy, need a LOT of pratise)
Re-enter the town and the waste can re-appear.
(You can do as many time as you like)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dixon Teo

Ulimited Zen Stragey 2 :

Go to the Jetlag Bakery in the apple market Near One of the entrances
There is a Trash can and a soda can.Kick the can to the bakery and get 100

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan Novitch

During a game, hold L1 or R1 and jump to roll to either side. 
Megaman will become invincible for a short time.
Unlimited money 
Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for completing grade A . 
Repeat to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Submitted and Tested by: Metal Micky

How to get to where tronne bonne is;

after roll talks to u about the city being under attack 
and u defeat the 3 servebots go to the city hall and u 
will see tronne bonne walking back and forth:)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Catsy

Free soft Drinks:

if you kick the vending machine a free soft drink will come out if you do
this to much the vending machine blows up

Submitted and FULLY tested By: squall82301

Unlimited money strategy the smart way:

Go in to the Cardon Ruins with your Vacuum Arm and blow up the 
machines that send out the Dragonfly mechanisms. Suck up the Zenny
the machines left. You will usually get about 10,000 to 15,000 Zenny
each time you do this. Recommended that you have your vacuum arm fully

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ThePurpleStench

GET 200,000 ZENNY:

In the hot pursuit subquest don't go to city hall go to apple market and
choose to steal the bag

Submitted but NOT tested By: the pika


(7) Beginning
 Things To Get: 
 Power Raiser
 Blue Shard

After the familiar Capcom FMV you are introduced to the games backdrop
story. Does the guy reading this sound just a little ummm... Anyways after
a good explanation of the backdrop a cut scene appears and *gasp* Mega Man
talks! No more Saturday mourning cartoon voice for you! Mega Mans voice
reminds me of Ranma Saotome, but thats just me. After watching the Raiders
of the Lost Arc cut scene you begin the game. Get use to your controls
here because up ahead are some reaver bots (bad guys). Notice the map in
the upper left corner, that will help you out later in the game for sure.
Now continue forward, listen to Roll (You can speed up the talking by
pressing triangle) and look out for the onion bots that come out of the
wall to the right. Keep your distance and blow'em away one at a time. You
can take a right or continue on to kill two more bots and get some more
Zenny (the currency also used in Breath of Fire). Go right like Roll says
and go through the door. If you don't then you may end up in a trap, easy
trap, but still a trap. Now some bots will jump out from the pillars. Use
the R2 command and take them out. Continue on until some bots pass you up.
Take a right at the first open door and shoot the big box. Get the zenny
and continue. Pass the force field and use R2 around the corner. Blast
away at the spider bot and go into the next room. Dispose of the two
generators and open the two orange chest beyond the force field. Equip the
helpful Power Raiser and go back to the first force field. Now prepare for
a boss bot. 

Boss: Spike Bot

The trick here is to keep the Bot from moving and turning. Try to keep him
in place. Take him head on, shoot him 3 to 4 times, move to the right as
his arm comes down. Once the explosions are over with, move back into
position, fire, move to the right and repeat till he is dead. Not to hard

(8) KattleLox Island
 Things To Get: 
 Broken Cleaner

After the cut scene of the smokin boss (which is STILL active) and after
the Back to the Future part 2 cut scene, Mega and friends (Roll seems to
be getting her clothing tips from Claire Redfield of Resident Evil 2 and
Barrel reminds me of an odd version of Dr. Light) crash land on KattleLox
island, where the majority of the game takes place. Since Mega and friends
don't seem to be insured, you are going to have to fix the ship yourself.
After some talking, walk over to the pint sized monkey. Yikes. This guy
needs a drum or somethin. Save and talk. Continue past the brown sign
ahead and the watch the police car drive by. Talk to Barrel (Gramps) and
watch him leave. Continue past the sign again, talk if you want to whoever
and enter Apple Market.
 Check the garbage pails and plasma boxes for some Zenny and the broken
cleaner. One simple way to get Zenny here is to kik the yellow can by the
first garbage pail, into the back of (not on top of) the Jetlag Bakery
counter, you will get a bonus 1000 Zenny! One neat thing you should be
aware of is the secret color change. If you want to change Mega's armor
color to dark navy or even black you gotta play it bad. Kicking vending
machines over and over, kicking animals, kicking the can in Apple Market
into the bakery for 1,000 Zenny, not repairing damaged buildings in the
City Hall battle, let the bombs explode in the "Diffuse The Bombs"
subquest, and by shooting the police car and keeping the "trunk of cash"
in the "Hot Pursuit" sub-quest. When you finally change color (it should
not take too long) it is pretty impressive.  
 Talk, listen to some music and do what you feel like doing. Once you are
ready to proceed go into the Parts Center (Junk store) and talk with the
lady. Say yes and go outside again. Talk and save with Data (The monkey)
if you would like and go into the small hut by the broken wall. 

(9) 1st Corridor
 Things To Get: 

Take a left and use R2 to take out the bots on the ledge. Continue down
the ramp and kill ALL the snake bots. They should be easy if you equipped
the power raiser. Now talk to the man and he will run off. You can leave
now, but if you want to get the Rapid Fire, continue through the door.
Watch out for the exploding bots and also destroy the beacon to deactivate
the leg bots. The easiest way is just to run in and out. Don't bother with
the other door at the entrance, it is a waste of time and power. Leave. 

(10) Tron
  Things To Get: 
  Mine Parts Kit
  Splash Mine
  Broken Motor

 Go out and save if you want to. Go back to the Junk Shop and talk to the
lady. She gives you Mine Parts kit and asks for your name. Say whatever
you like. That guy on the right sure does look like Ramza from Final
Fantasy Tactics, but thats beside the point. Go outside and talk to Roll.
She fixes the kit to make a special weapon. Learn how to use it and leave.
Watch the cut scene of the unsure police officer. Go back into Apple
market and Tip toe over to Jim and the gang using the D-pad and O button.
You can now go into the N (North) door. Watch the strange cut scene of
Tron and the Lego men. Now you are in downtown KattleLox. Go into the
library and listen to that great music. Check the garbage pails for the
broken motor. You can also go down into a sewer that leads to the 1st
corridor. Watch out for all oncoming traffic. In this game, looking both
ways pays off. Go into the next N door. Now this place has class. Talk to
Tron and go anywhere if you would like. Then go to City Hall (you can't
miss it). Talk with an officer to go inside. Once Barrel blast you ears
off with a "HEY! MEGAMAN!", listen to Amelia, the mayor (who sounds like
Ada from Resident Evil 2) and after the talk go out and watch Tron run
from a little mean dog. Poor Tron. Go to downtown and talk to Tron on the
pole. Then talk to the constipated doggie. After the interesting cut scene
go outside watch the liftoff, then talk to Roll. Then things start to get

(11) Invasion of the Lego Men
  Things To Get:
  Bonne Key
  Digger Lisense B

After the cut scene of Roll running inside to Apple Market, follow her.
Save here, because this next part is tough to say the least. Now go into
the Junk shop and buy at least a Range Booster and some defense equipment.
Go north and watch the cut scene (lots of those things seem to come up in
this game). Those Mechs look like something out of Project A-ko if ya ask
me. Here you will encounter your first mission start. 

Boss: Tri Bots

Like it says the Bots have special abilities. Red is has firepower (it
shoots double what the others can), Yellow has a high hit point endurance
and Blue is just too fast! What it does n
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