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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Metal Gear Solid cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Metal Gear Solid cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Metal Gear Solid right now. We have more information about "Metal Gear Solid" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




Name             Frequency 
Campbell/Naomi   140.85 
Mel Ling         140.96 
Master           141.80 
Otacon           141.12 
Meryl            140.15 
Nastasha         141.52 
Deepthroat       140.48 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Joe Arkley

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/_\     : look feature, a full 360 degrees.

( )    : (by itself)--punch, kick (a soldier),
knock against an object         
activate a switch,          use/select an item
while L1 or R1         
is held.
|_|    : choke a soldier (press repeatedly to snap
his neck), throw a soldier. 
fire a weapon.  (if you hold this button before
releasing it, there is like a              
"lock-on" feature and SS will adjust his
aim to the targets movements.  With
the SOCOM, your pistol, you get the laser beam

X    : nullifies all actions, or kneels (press
again to get back up)
         to begin a low crawl.

L1   : selects items that are not weapons for left
hand.  moves view slightly  
left when uses binos or nods.

R1   : selects items that are weapons.  moves view
slightly left when using
	   binos or nods

L2	 : brings up items available for the left
hand (use d-pad to scroll).

R2	 :  brings up items available for the right
hand (use d-pad to scroll).

D-PAD  : move, lean up against a wall.

*This game does support the analog controller, and
the dual shock with some
awesome effects.*


To stop him reading your mind plug your contoller
ino plug 2

When fighting psycho mantis use your
thermal goggles to see him when he
dissapears. you can then blast him with
your FA-MAS.

Submitted By:: Prowler013

when fighting with psycho mantis (after knocking
out meryl)when the screen goes black and says 'hideo',
quickly take your controller out of port 1 and plug it into port 2
before the game resumes. now psycho mantis will not be able to read
your mind and you can easily beat him up or use you guns (fa-mas
recommended) to beat him in no time flat

Submitted By: ameen

Play the game with a memory card that has any other
Konami game saved on it. Then, Psycho
Mantis will mention the game titles when he tries
to read your mind.

When your about to fight Raven when he's not in the
tank go to the room next
to it with all the birds in it. If you kill all the
birds you don't have to
fight Raven! His gun will just be sitting there.

Submitted by: Roby

	Run to the upper lefthand corner of the
room. Set up the Claymore mines as shown below:

            |           <
            |   +---+   +--
            |   |   |   |
            |   +---+   +--
            |           <
            | ^ +---+ ^ +--
            |   |   |   |
Since you've fenced yourself, you can have some
sort of
warning whenever the perimeter is breached.  You
can now
fire your Nikitas at will.

When a mine goes off and Raven has entered your
"stronghold", simply run around the crate
to avoid him.
After he has left, replace those used mines.

Hey, don't forget to choose the mine detector so
you could
see where the mines are.  Also, watch his cone of
He might be watching you from the far end of the

When trying to beat Sniper Wolf the second time,
you can use your Nekita Missles to hit her behind the
Go to the hill on Snake's right, and fire the
missle then follow her laser beam until you hit her. 
It takes off a good deal of life off her and you
don't get shot.
It takes some practice to aim the missles right,
but once you got it down then it will be
no problem.

When you drop the pal card key at the end use your
info-red goggles to locate it in the water.

When fighting the first boss guy use your info-red
goggles to watch him run around.  Then just shoot him whenever you
see him in good range.

Submitted By:: Richard Short

Here is a easy way to kill sniper wolf select your
psg-1 (you will have to go back to the armory to get it) then hit
r1 or r2 for auto select get up and get up against one of the hiding
spaces on the wall in the postiotn as if u were going to knowck on it
with yor fistturn on thermal goggles ad wait till you see her
remember were she was go to the middle of the path way and hit r1 or r2 to
activaet your psg-1aim up AFTER she is in your sights take a
diazepam and without closing your invenoty screen go back to therm
gogglesaim and fire follow her DO NOT take 2 shots ever boss is
invincible for a few seconds after you hit them.  do the same on the
snow field exceot make sure you r hiding behind the hill on the far left
between a hill in front of you and buiding behind you.  and come back
to the right very far for a clear shot and here si one more hint
follow the laser beam sighting to find out were wolf is. 

Submitted by: Mark Fogelman

When fighting the tank the best way to kill it is
by throwing chaff
bombs and running round the tank this will confuse
the eletronics. By
actually killing it you have to point in the
direction of the tank and
throw grenades.

Throw chaff bombs around Rex at the start then
quickly shoot stinger
missiles at the dome shape thing on the right.
After finshing that you
should see a clip. Now don't bother using Chaff and
just dodge the lazer
and machine gun by running under Rex's legs quickly
turn around and
shoot at the cockpit with stinger missiles.



--Take out a camera by exploding C-4 under it.

--Knock on walls to attract a guards attention and
lure him to a certain area.
--Time the patrol pattern, and maneuver

--Low crawl on snow, it doesn't leave tracks.  Do
the same for water puddles,
and it makes no sound.

--To use the C-4, look for walls that look like
they've been patched up.  They
will look like giant sealed-over mouse holes.

--If you hear a double click come from under your
feet, you've just activated a
trap door.

--Surprisingly, the wolves are probably the
toughest to kill.  Shoot them and
don't stop.  I think they're on PCP.

--Concerning Meryl.

	:Stare at her using the look button.  Do so
for about 30 seconds.

	:Attack her and she'll slap you.

--Use the stinger to take out gun cameras, but aim
center of mass to kill the
most with one shot.

--Low crawl to pick up claymores.  Use them to take
out Raven (the second time).

--Snipe soldiers.  One shot, one kill.  The stinger
works as well.

--You can swat the ravens, and beat the living
daylights out of that one dog.

--The camera has a more powerful zoom than the

--The medicine cures Snake's sneeze.

--For an easy kill, kick or throw a guard over a
rail or into the molten steel.

--Save often.

--Don't use pyrotechnics against Psycho Mantis,
he'll explode them.

--Don't hastly run into a room, there may be
claymores or infra-red laser
barrier systems.

--The boxes:  Each of the boxes is different.  If
you look closely, you'll notice that there is a colored stripe 
of red, blue, or green on the bottom of each box.  
I assume that each box "belongs" in a certain area, and that
you'll get caught if you use the wrong box in the wrong

Submitted By: amoxicillin


Complete the entire game and you will receive the

A> A total time
B> Number of kills
C> Total of rations used
D> Number of saves used
E> A secret codename (mine was GRIZZLY) I cannot tell
you what this is for because it's a secret.

You also begin a new game on disc one with a new
power. Select STEALTH from your personal menu and you
become invisible.
This allows you to walk right up to guards without
being seen.
You can either strangle them or leave them alone to
follow your footprints... forever.

Submitted by; SPIT

After you have beaten the game and end with Meryl
and Otacon, on your save
menu you will get a third red colored save for
"Dock".  Go into the game and
you will have the bandana, stealth camoflauge,
camera, and Solid Snake will be
dressed in a tuxedo for the entire game.  Beat the
game in this mode, and play
again to find things are the same, except Solid
Snake isn't wearing the
tuxedo, and the Ninja is now red.  After you beat
the game in this mode, you
have unlocked the Extreme mode in the difficulty

Submitted By: Treichelt

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