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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Mortal Kombat 4 cheats and tips. This is a Fighting PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Mortal Kombat 4 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Mortal Kombat 4 right now. We have more information about "Mortal Kombat 4" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


First of all be Sub Zero the best character.
I have beatan the game many times on Ultimate Master II with Sub
and most of the others too but Sub Zero is the best.  Tips:  Keep off the
ground - stay in the air as much as you can.  Everytime you retreat from
Goro, ALWAYS flip away, and do an ice klone before u hit the ground - This
is effectivly a double flip and if he jumps down from the roof he gets
frozen. Always do 4hitcombos  (HP,HP,HK.B+HK) if he is frozen NEVER
uppercut.  Run after him and follow up all your hits so he has no chance
to strike back.  If he blocks a close combat move INSTANTLY retreat as
said above. Finally learn to use the slide dont overuse it : the best time
is a split second b4 he hits the ground.  This is the guide to flawless
victory against goro.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Parnell


To get the secret menu, enter the 2 player
mode and punch in the kombat code
302 213. Exit, go to vs. screen enabled
in the options menu and hold block and
run for 10sec.

Submitted By: michael hicks


1st:Beat the game using Shinnok 
2nd:Start a 2 player game move the cusor 
to the hidden box at the bottom selct it 
with the block button and hold 
3rd:Move the cosur to Shinnok and select 
it with the run button hold it down until 
the match starts and you will be goro

Submitted By: Ben Smith

This is an easy cheat for Beating the crap out of Goro all you 
Have to do is Do a jumping kick in the air not a frontward kick
its a jumping straight up and kicking when goro comes close 
do this you will shake him off his guard and he will stand back in his
regular position do this over and over again and if you mess up start back
doing the same jump kick . do not use the forward front flip kick he 
will kick the crap out of you .

Submitted By: Terry Lee Vazquez

Game Shark codes

Infinite run P1      800aabb8 ffff

Infinite run P2      800aabbc ffff

Instant win P2       800aab8c ffff

Infinite Health P1   800aaba8ffff

Infinite Health P2   800aabacffff

Infinite Time        800aa9a00064

Submitted By: Jesse Ehmann

In 2 player mode go to group and beat the other person 
with every character without them beating you. then you 
get a new character similiar to a skeleton.

Submitted By: JOE

To get Noob saibot, beat the game with Reiko, 
enter a 2 player vs. game choose whatever fighter 
you want (it doesn"t matter),  before it loads, 
put in the noob saibot code, 012-012, exit the fight, 
go back into any mode (1 player, 2 player, etc.), go down
to where it says "Hidden", press X, hold BLOCK, move UP, 
then LEFT (You should be on REIKO - even though he is not
highlighted). Now when you get to REIKO (Still holding BLOCK)
hold the RUN button and press X, hold in RUN and BLOCK until
the match starts - presto..!

To get the alternate costumes/weapons, go to any of the fight modes, 
highlight any fighter, hold in start and press X, the picture will 
turn to a ying yang then back to the fighters picture.  This is 
considered 2 turns.  Each fighter has 2 alternate costumes - the first is on 
2 turns, the second on 3 turns.
When you want to choose the fighter with his new costume, take your finger 
off the START button and press X. (to get three turns, you'll press while
holding START, X over the picture, then after it spins past the ying yang
and then the fighter, press their picture again - this time choose your fighter
on when the ying yang appears.

Submitted By: Len "Dawg" Tobon

Secret Characters

To get to play as Meat, the bloody skeleton, you much select group mode and
win all the way through it. Once done, you then get to choose a character at
the select screen. During gameplay, you will have a bloody skeleton with the
moves of the character you chose. You continue to play with him until you

Noob Saibot
Beat the game with Reiko. Then at Start a two player game. Do the Noob
Code (012-012). Exit the 2 player game. Now, select "hidden" with the Block
button. While holding Block, go up to Reiko and press the run button. Keep
holding BL and RN until the round starts! You are now Noob! 

Beat the game with Shinnok. Then at the select screen, select the "hidden"
option with the Block button. While holding Block, move up to Shinnok and
press the Run button. Keep holding BL and RN until the round starts, and you
will be Goro!

Easy View Bio's
Enter the Kombat Theater Mode and highlight the desired character and press
Run (L1 on default controls)! You can also view Goro's bio by highlighting
"back" and hitting Run (L1 on default controls) or highlighting the intro or
commercial and pressing Run (L1 on default controls).

Kombat Kodes

                      001 001 - Unlimited Run 
                      002 002 - Weapon Kombat 
                      010 010 - Disable Maximum Damage 
                      012 012 - Noob Saibot 
                      020 020 - Red Rain 
                      050 050 - Explosive Kombat 
                      060 060 - No Rain on Thunder Stage 
                      100 100 - Throwing Disabled 
                      111 111 - Free Weapon 
                      123 123 - No Power 
                      222 222 - Random Weapons 
                      321 321 - Big Head Mode 
                      333 333 - Randper Kombat 
                      444 444 - Armed And Dangerous 
                      555 555 - Many Weapons 
                      666 666 - Silent Kombat 

Stage Kodes

                      011 011 - Goro's Dungeon 
                      022 022 - Scorpion Stage 
                      033 033 - Blue Face Stage 
                      044 044 - Tomb Stage 
                      055 055 - Rain Stage 
                      066 066 - Snake Stage 
                      101 101 - Temple 
                      202 202 - Living Forest 
                      303 303 - Prison Stage 
                      313 313 - Snow Stage 

Alternate Character Colors

The alternate costumes can be attained by rotating the character's
icons which can be done now by simply holding Start and
ressing any of the action buttons! The number of rotations
determines the cosutme you will get! Some characters have 3
costumes, while some have 4. 

Submitted By: Cory Shanes

BASIC MOVES:                           Note: Stage Fatalities must be
Pick Up Weapon/Rock/Head: D+RUN              performed in the proper
3-D Movement: L2 (Default)                   stage and close to your
3-D Movement Downward: R2 (Default)          opponent.
Throw Weapon: Same as takeout move.    * = Finishing Move
Alternate Costumes:                            Distance Key:
Hold Start and press any button                  # = Close   % = Sweep
while the character is highlighted.              $ = Full Screen

SCORPION ----------------------------- | SUB-ZERO
 Weapon: Jagged Edged Sword (F, F, HK) |  Weapon: Freeze Staff (B, D, F,
 Spear: B, B, LP                       |  Ice Blast: B, D, F, LP
 Teleport: F, D, B, HP                 |  Clone: F, D, B, LP (Also in
 Fire Breathe: D, F, LP                |  Slide: B+LP+BLK+LK
 Air Throw: BLK (In Air)               |  * Fat. #1:(BLK+RUN)F, B,
F,D,HP (#)
 * Fat. #1: B, F, F, B, BLK (%)        |  * Fat. #2: B, B, D, B+HP (%)
 * Fat. #2: BLK(B, F, D, U+HP) (#)     |  * Prison Stage: BLK(D, U, U,
U, HK)
 * Goro's Lair Fatal: B, F, F, LK      |  * Goro's Lair Fatal: D, D, D,
 * Prison Stage Fatal: F, D, D, LK     | JOHNNY CAGE
REIKO -------------------------------- |  Weapon: Flat Sword (F, D, F,
 Weapon: Spiked Club (D, B, HP)        |  Shadow Kick: B, F, LK
 Teleport: D, U (BLK to throw)         |  Shadow Uppercut: B, D, B, HP
 Circular Teleport: D, B, F            |  Nut Punch: BLK+LK
 Shurikens: D, F, LP                   |  Low Fireball: B, D, B, LP
 Flip Kick: B, D, F, HK                |  High Fireball: B, D, F, HP
 * Fat. #1: F, D, F, LP+BLK+HK+LK (%)  |  * Fat. #1: F, B, D, D, HK (#)
 * Fat. #2: B, B, D, D, HK (%)         |  * Fat. #2: D, D, F, D, BLK (#)

 * Goro's Lair Fatal: F, F, D, LK      |  * Goro's Lair Fatal: B, F, F,
 * Prison Stage Fatal: D, D, B, LP     |  * Prison Stage Fatal: D, D, F,
                                       | SONYA
LIU KANG ----------------------------- |  Weapon: Spinning Blades (F, F,
 Weapon: Jagged Sword (B, F, LK)       |  Rings: B, D, F, LP
 High Fireball: F, F, HP (Also in Air) |  Leg Throw: D+LP+BLK
 Low Fireball: F, F, LP                |  Square Wave Punch: F, B, HP
 Flying Kick: F, F, HK (Also in Air)   |  Air Throw: BLK (In Air)
 Bicycle Kick: Hold LK; Release        |  Cartwheel: B, D, F, LK
 * Fat. #1: F, F, F, D, BLK+LK+HK (%)  |  * Fat. #1: BLK(D, D, D, U,
RUN) (%)
 * Fat. #2: BLK(F, D, D, U, HP) (#)    |  * Fat. #2: BLK(U, D, D, U, HK)
 * Goro's Lair Fatal: F, F, B, HK      |  * Goro's Lair Fatal: F, D, F,
 * Prison Stage Fatal: F, F, B, LP     |  * Prison Stage Fatal: D, D, B,
FUJIN -------------------------------- | KAI --------------------------
 Weapon: Crossbow (B, B, LP)           |  Weapon: Bladed Staff (F, D, B,
 Spin Throw: F, D, LP (Hold LP to Spin)|  Hand Stand: BLK+LK
 Levitation: F, D, F, HP               |     - Leg Throw: LK
  - Slam: B, F, D, LK                  |     - Hand Spin: Hold LP
 Dive Kick: D+LK (In Air)              |  Rising Fireball: F, F, HP
 Flying Knee: B, D, F, HK              |  Falling Fireball: B, B, LP
 * Fat. #1: RUN+BLK 4 Times (%)        |   Super Roundhouse: D, F, LK
 * Fat. #2: BLK(D, F, F, U) BLK (%)    |  * Fat. #1: BLK(U, F, U, B, HK)
 * Goro's Lair Fatal: B, F, B, HP      |  * Fat. #2: BLK(U, U, U, D) BLK
 * Prison Stage Fatal: D, D, D, HK     |  * Prison Stage Fatal: F, F, D,
                                       |  * Goro's Lair Fatal: B, F, D,
REPTILE ------------------------------ | RAIDEN
 Weapon: Axe (B, B, HK)                |  Weapon: Mallet (F, B, HP)
 Acid Spit: B, D, F, HP                |  Lightning Bolt: F, D, B, LP
 Invisibility: BLK+HK                  |  Teleport: D, U
 Dash Punch: B, F, LP                  |  Torpedo Dive: F, F, LK
 Super Krawl: B, F, LK                 |  * Fat. #1: BLK(F, B, U, U, HK)
 * Fat. #1: Hold HP+HK+LP+LK, U (#)    |  * Fat. #2: BLK(D, U, U, U, HP)
 * Fat. #2: BLK(U, D, D, D, HP) (%)    |  * Goro's Lair Fatal: F, F, D,
 * Goro's Lair Fatal: D, D, F, HK      |  * Prison Stage
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