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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Need for Speed 2 cheats and tips. This is a Car Racing PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Need for Speed 2 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Need for Speed 2 right now. We have more information about "Need for Speed 2" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

SECRET CARS - At the main menu, select Options, then Password. 
Enter the desired car’s password. You can now drive
one of 23 secret cars! Return to the main menu and select Race. 
It doesn’t matter what normal car you already have

NOTE: If you want to use a secret car password in 2-player mode, 
simply replace the password’s ME with U for the second
player (example: ARMYU). 

SEMIME - Semi truck without the trailer 
SNOWME - Armored truck 
LIMOME - White limousine 
QUATME - Audi Quattro 
ARMYME - Mercedes Unimog army truck 
BEETME - Car with sunroof 
BNZME - Mercedes-Benz 
BUGME - Volkswagen bug 
CITME - Citrogen 
JEPME - Commanche pick-up truck 
LCME - Landcruiser 
MAZME - Mazda Miata 
QUATME - Audi Quattro 
SEMIME - Semi truck cab 
SNOWME - Same as ARMYME, different trailer 
VANME - Combi minivan 
VOVME - Volvo stationwagon 
YJME - Jeep with spare tire 
CRATME - Wooden crate 
LIMOME - White limousine 
OUTHME - Small brown outhouse 
TRAMME - Monolithic Studios tram 
TREXME - T-Rex from Monolithic Studios 
WAGOME - Old covered wagon 
Submitted By: Dave Grund 
LOGME - Let's the player drive a log 
BUSME - Let's the player drive a bus

Submitted By: Rodd Karp


The password LILZIP will put a FORD INDIGO into the 
normal car selection
place.  Now when you scroll through the cars, you'll 
see a new car with it.

Submitted By: Steve Eagle

STDAME - stand A 
STDBME - stand B 
STDCME - stand C 
In the 2-player split-screen mode, if player one wants to 
drive the limousine and player two wants to drive the tram, enter in
the password menu BUSME first then LOGU (or LOGUS). 
Also you can now enter POWRUP for more fun. 
Note that BUSME does the same thing as BUSMEU and BUSU 
does the same thing as BUSUME. 
Submitted By: Charles Lee


Start a game head to head mode, pick your car, and then 
your opponent's car. Then Press and hold Up-Left on the controll
pad, L1, Circle, and Square. Hold these during the loading 
screen. When the race starts, instead of a horn (usually activated
by pressing the up button), you have a machine gun 
Submitted By: THE SAINT


at main menu start race then hold down L1-L2-R1-R2-X-T-S-C 
untill the race starts you will now be able to have 9 camera
angles in sted of 4 


LDKMTD=level 1 finished others I have found do not work 
yet but if you think you can perfect them(or make them
work),here they are.... GROWPG=? HTYSBG=? 

If you hold down the change view button and then release 
you will recieve a new screen with a map. enter "powrup" and
you get a pioneer engine which gives you better 
acceleration on arcade, and better acceleration and a higher speed on
simulation (maclarean F1 275 w/ gear ratio on tall) 
SUBMITTED BY: randy fulton, AARON #1, adam skaff, TwiggyMcN, Charles Lee

SHOTME - Bonus Track in a Movie Studio 


Enter these in the option screen 
Ldkmtd = opens up track "Proving grounds" 
growpg = opens up track"Outback" 
Htysbd = opens up track "N. Counrty" 
Submitted By: Randy Fulton

To play as the Ford Indigo enter: LILZIP at the password screen 

Submitted by: AGENT 007 J.K.Z
(even more camera angles)when you have selected everything 
for your race,and then click on race,when it is loading hold 
every button exept select and start.if all goes rigkt you 
shall have, i think its nine camera not positive 
it is nine, but you will have alot more angles.
Submmitted By:Ryan Jones
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