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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Need for Speed 3 cheats and tips. This is a Car Racing PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Need for Speed 3 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Need for Speed 3 right now. We have more information about "Need for Speed 3" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


In country woods, after a series of 90 degree turns, there's a 
patch of trees on the right.  If you slow down enough, you can 
pick your way between the trees and come out the other side.  
This eliminates a long hairpin turn and saves a huge amount of time. 

Submitted by:  david mckie


To get the Jaguar beat the tournament on beginner.
To get the Mercedes beat the tournament on expert.
Other tracks will be released during the tournament.
To get the Empire city track beat the Knockout tournament on beginner.
To get the bounus car El~Nino beat the Knockoout on Expert.

Submitted By: J. M. Wolf


type you user name as ROCKET for 
El Nino' the best car

Submitted By: Phil


to activate the following cheats, enter the codes at the user name screen:
playtm-activates a bonus track called "The Room" a track in a child's room.
xcav8-activates a bonus track called "Caverns" really hard place.
xcntry-activates a bonus track called "Auto-Cross" a fun place to drive!!
mnbeam-activates a bonus track called "Space Race" has a cool track.
gldfsh-activates the final bonus track called "Scorpio-7" an under water 
track that is cool.
mcitz-activates Empire City which is another bonus track.
seeall-activates all camera views if you go to options and cameras and scroll through
once the cheat is entered.
spoilt-activates all cars, tracks,except for the "bonus tracks"
1jagx-activates the Jaguar XJR-15
amgmrc-activates the Mercedes CLK GTR
rocket-activates "EL Nino" super car. Maxed out in all specs.

Special thanks to scott  for finding the codes. you can email him at

Submitted By: Jon Erik Espina


playtm=     Activates "The Room" hidden track, race on a toy 
                 racecar  track in a child's room
 xcav8=     Activates "Caverns" hidden track, race in a cave with lots
                  of obstacles
xcntry=      Activates "AutoCross" hidden track, race in a canyon
mnbeam=   Activates "SpaceRace" hidden track, race on a space station
gldfsh=      Activates "Scorpio-7" hidden track, race in a underwater
mcityz=     Activates "Empire City" bonus track

                    BONUS CAR CHEATS (in-game) 

1jagx        Activates the Jaguar XJR-15
amgmrc    Activates the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
rocket       Activates the El Ni±o car

OTHER CHEATS (in-game) 

seeall       Activate all camera views (look in Options then Views)
spoilt        Activates all cars including the El Ni±o, and all tracks except
                 for the hidden ones

Very special thanks goes out to for the in-game cheats


Redrock Ridge (forward, non-mirrored):
About half way into a lap, you'll have to make a difficult left hairpin turn. 
There is an alternative left turn immediately before that hairpin turn.
Atlantica (forward, non-mirrored):
After driving past that "Electronic Arts" landmark (at roughly half way 
into a lap), take the left path, then right. You'll immediately see a 
shortcut entrance in the right wall. Upon exiting the shortcut, 
you'll need to turn right.
Rocky Pass (forward, non-mirrored):
Where you see the falling-rock road sign, right past that sign, there 
is a small and short cave tunnel off-road to you right. Driving through 
it instead of making that sharp right turn on the road will save you 
some time.
Country Woods (backward, non-mirrored):
There is one difficult left hairpin turn AFTER all those 90 degrees sharp turns
(at about half way into a lap). Instead of making that hairpin turn, do this: A
few seconds before approaching that hairpin turn, you can make a sharp left
turn (with the help of your handbrake) and drop to the lower level. While still
in the mid-air, continuously press that L1 reset button. You'll immediately
recover from that crash landing and "skip" that hairpin turn. This saves you at
least 3 seconds. One other trick on this track: there is one big and high jump
at the beginning of this backward track (your car hitting the roof of the
tunnel). Once landed, keep straight and accelerate all the way till you hit
hard at the wall. When you crash, immediately press the L1 reset button to
continue. This way you don't have slow down to make that 90 degree turn
and can easily gain 2+ seconds.
Aquatica (forward, non-mirrored):
After the initially left, right, right, right turns, now during the next long 
and gradual left turn, there is a shortcut entrance in the right wall. Upon 
exiting the shortcut, turn right.
Empire City (forward, non-mirrored):
a) There are light poles on your LEFT side when you just pass the start/finish
line. Immediately before the 4th light pole, you'll find a shortcut entrance.
After exiting the shortcut, go STRAIGHT. There is a wall in front of you but
a little bit to your left is another shortcut entrance. Upon exiting this
shortcut, turn right.
b) Immediately after the second SET of concrete pillars (when near the end of
a lap), you will easily see a "fake wall" on your right side. Drive through it
and you'll drop to the lower level. This saves you 2 to 3 seconds.

Thanks to Yung-chuan Lee for these shortcuts. 

Submitted By: Tim Koogle


I have all the cheats and here they are.  To get the following codes 
hold the buttons shown until the loading screen.


Cop Language

French,right+R2+L1.Hold buttons and press start until loading screen.  
Type in for username, SPOILT=all cars and all tracks including the El 
Nino car and the Empire city Track:SEEALL=allviews:Playtm=The room track
XCAV8=cavern track:XCNTRY=autocross track:MNBEAM=space race track:
GLDFSH=scorpio7 track.

Submitted By: Aaron Danek


after choosen a race when loading screen appears
Power horn:hold start,select,R1,L2
increase car weight:select,square,x
cop voices:accent up,R1,R2
german up,R2,L1
spanish down,R2,L1
italian left,R2,L1

Submitted By: Russell Dukes


After pushing START to finalize the race, and before the Loading 
screen, push and hold one of these button combinations to change 
your car's characteristics on the road:

   When you're near traffic, honk the horn to make the cars flip


Submitted By: David Grund Jr.

Game Shark Codes:           
Enable All Levels and Cars- 
Start on Lap 4 (Tournament)- 
for 2.0 Enable Diablo- 

Submitted By: Rodney


Type in the cheats below to drive non-player cars. Type go before each one
(go 01)
02-Toyota landcruiser
03-Cargo truck
04-BMW 5 series
05-71 Plymouth cuda
06-Ford pick-up with camper shell
07-Jeep cherokee
08-Ford fullsize van
09-64-65 Ford mustang
10-66Chevy pick-up
11-Range rover
12-School bus
13-Taxi-Caprice classic
14-Chevy cargo van
15-Volvo statuion wagon
17-Crown victoria cop car
18-Mitsubishi eclipse cop car
19-Pontiac grand AM cop car
20-Range rover cop car/Range rover vehicle
21-Cargo truck(SAME AS 03)

Submitted By: Jeff Foster


first activate the summit race track.  when the announcer says go 
drive.  as soon as you pass the first guard rail on the left, drive 
up into the trees.  you should hit the track boundries.  follow it as
close to it as possible.  you will then get to a point where your car hits
an invisible wall.  as soon as this happens let go of the gas and don't
touch any buttons.  your car will slide downward the fall through the
ground.  the game will somewhat lockup but not qiute.  it will do this for
about 30 seconds but not in game time.  when this stops your car will pop
out right in town.  now drive for the finish line.  when you reach it that
is one complete lap.  repeat for rest of race.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Saxon Cole


when you are turning a corner and have a cop next to you about to ram
you just slow down a little bit not to long then when the cop is
moving over to ram you speed up and take the other side and if you did
it right the cop should slow down so much that you will out run him.
(works best with the jaguar or el nino)

Submitted but NOT tested By: paul kuehn
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