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NHL 2000 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation NHL 2000 cheats and tips. This is a Sports Hockey PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the NHL 2000 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with NHL 2000 right now. We have more information about "NHL 2000" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

Announcer says names for created players 
If you use a name that is firly common, for example, Andy, then 
the announcers in the game will say "Andy, picks up the puck..." 
or "Andy Scores!" when you make a play or score a goal. They 
actually use your name. 

Computer has no goalie 
While playing against the computer anytime during the game pause 
and switch your controller to the other teams in the "controllers"
option. When you are in control of the other team put pull the 
goalie. Unpause the game and pause it again. switch your controller 
back to your original team. Unpause the game and the computers 
goalie will leave the net. 

Free player for your team 
Turn on wavers. This will allow you to drop players from any one 
team and add them to any other team. 

Get # 99 in custom 
If you put Wayne Gretzky's name in create a player the #99 will 

Penalty shot glitch 
If the other team gets to take a penalty shot, hit the line 
change button right away. Choose a line. When the player goes 
onto the ice to take his penalty shot, you'll have five guys on 
the ice to take him out. 

Super goalie (overall: 97) 
Enter “Patrick Roy” as a player name at the Create-A-Player 
screen. Answer “yes” to use his ratings. Then set attributes 
as follows.

Attribute           Rating
Speed               99
Poke check          99
Puck cover          99
5 hole              99
Defensive awareness 99
Offensive awareness 99
Speed               99
Recovery            99
Agility             99
Glove left          99
Glove right         99
Stick right         65
Stick left          99
Aggressiveness      99
Endurance           99
Intensity           40

Super players 
For super players just go to player management then create player 
and enter in a name of a player that is rated 99. ie. Joe Sakic. 
It will then ask if you want to use his ratings say yes. to work 
you have to go to his ratings first and put them how you like them. 
Then you can go back and change his name. You have to be careful 
because if you change something important like his playing type 
it will reset his points. Also you can put in the name of one of 
the guys in the credits and you will get their ratings but most 
are not very good. 

Taunt the Opposing Team 
After scoring a goal or having a fight press and/or hold the 
TRIANGLE button and you will hear laughing, jeering, or comments 
from the crowd. 

Unlimited Timeouts 
When you play a game and the whistle blows hit Start and go 
to stratigies and click on timeout. After that don't hit Up or Down. 
Hit Triangle, go back in it again and don't hit Up or Down, just 
hit X. Keep on doing it until your line is full. You can do this 
while you're playing too. 

Submitted but NOT tested By: Alex

If you find yourself many goals down with little chance in the
game try this little cheat I found.  Press start and go to the
controller select menu.  Change teams so you are now playing
for the opposition.  Pull their goalie and press start once more so
the keeper make his wayt off the ice.  Hit start and change back
to your original team.  You now have an empty net for the rest
of the game!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Alistair Hogg

Super Player:
Create a player but use the name of a player with 
99 skill factor ( like the player Joe Sakic) . It will say 
there is already a database on this player 
and would you like to use his stats choose "yes" then go on 
to create player but don't change any of his attributes (sniper etc)
create him. Then go to edit player and change the players name to whatever you 
choose and his number etc but don't change any of his
attributes. You will now have like a player with skill factor of 94 or so. I have tested 
this cheat about 10 times

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Evster

First during a season create a player 
and give him the highest possible rating.
Trade him to a team for another player 
then if they accept the trade go back
to the player management menu and delete
the player you have just traded. The other
team will get no-one and you will. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: A-man

AWAYGOALgives away team a goalHOMEGOALgives home team a goalZAMBObrings
the zamboni out on the ice during the gameSPOTSshows the pregame
spotlightsPENALTYbrings a penalty to the team without the puckINJURYcauses
an injuryVICTORYfireworksFLASHcamera flashes from crowdCHECKauto-check
upon contact with opposing playerGRABauto-stick-hold upon contact with
opposing playerMANTISgives players elongated arms, legs, and
necksNHLKIDSmakes players smallerQUICKFTRfaster playersBIG FIGHTentire
team fightsBLOODYnasty fights

NHL 2000
When you win a fight, press Triangle and your player will say something
like "Better Luck Next time" to the opposition. It isn't really a cheat
but it just improves an already wicked game. Sent in by The NHL King

On the create roosters screen go to create and type name in as peter
forsborg it will say in game use from database say use database guy and
you weill have a look-a-like peter forsborg. Sent in by Broony

Time Out
You can get all the time outs you want by selecting time out and not
moving the d-pad. Keep hitting the X button to keep getting time outs,
then hit the triangle button to get out. You can keep going back for more
aslong as you don't hit the d-pad in the screen were the time out is
located. Sent in by Jason P


To taunt the other team after scoring a goal press-triangle
Tip - an easy way to score a goal is by having a teamate go to the front
of the net Then you go to the opposite side and pass to him and immadiatly
shoot a one timer shot --don't get discouraged it may take a while to

Submitted but NOT tested By: zack

Easy Score:

When you have a breakaway or something like it, Or if you get time when
your in front of the goal move left to right or vis versa and the goalie
whe dive to the left or right then go to the left or right and shoot!
  *( This only works if you are the the home team you can only do it in
  the 1st or 3rd period,  and if you are the away team you can only do it
  in the 2nd period)*

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Seth
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