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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Parasite Eve cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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To Get 20 Bullets Go to the NYPD Weapons department and open the
chest near Torres and you will get a bullet Clip.
Go out into the Map and go back to the NYPD Weapons department and open the
chest again for another Bullet Clip!

To Get Infinite Medicine Go to the NYPD Weapons department and open the
chest on the NorthEast Side (TV's side) and you will get a medicine. Go out
into the Map and go back to the NYPD Weapons department and open the chest
again for another Bullet Clip!

Submitted By: Chip Sillesa


To get the ex game beat the normal game on hard.

Submitted By: Jeff Carrozzi


If you give Wayne 300 pieces of junk he will make you a very powerful gun.

Submitted By: Mark Fitzgerald


to get the super tool kit you must first earn the ex game, then
go into the chrysler building and collect 14 or so rare t. cards 
and give them to wayne and then ask to see see them, then he will 
give you a super tool kit, which is like having an 
infinite amount of super tools.

Submitted By: mike cirone


after the first battle with eve follow her to the hole in the 
floor and wait for the police sirens to go off then when it 
asks if you want to follow after don't then go  talk to the 
cop farthest to the right and talk to him over and over 
untill you get all his ammunition about 50 bullets 



There is a way to get a lot of rare trading cards in regular mode 
instead of ex mode. There is a fallen down cabinet on the first 
room of the hospital and look behind it. You can only get the 
cards once in the room at one time, so make sure you have a 
lot of space in your inventory, so you 
can fit all of them. I think there is about 10-14, so try 
going in without any inventory except your gun and armor, 
and see what happens.

Brian Faynor


Low on HP and Medicine after the first fight against Eve? Just waite until
your backup arrives (you'll have to follow Eve to the hole, but don't
enter it just yet. Go outside and talk to the paramedic and he'll pach up
your wounds which will restore any lost HP. You can do the same at the
NYPD department on Day3. Just go to the top floor and the nurse there will
pach up your wounds.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Zainab Siddiqui


in the hospital look behind the tiped over shelf to find unlimited trading

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan


During any battle take your armor off and put an old one off then switch
them your pe will go up twice as fast as normal .... p.s. best used when
fighting dinosaur or eve.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brent


Walk up to the Actress on the left side.Walk behind her
and up to the stairs.You can keep doing it as long as 
dosen't see you.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Serena Naoko


After beating the Spider on top of the Hospital, the warehouse and
Chinatown are now available for you to go to. If you want to conitue
the game foward, then go to chinatown, but an optional boss is in the
warehouse. If you choose the warehouse, you will go around and fight
strong enemies until you get to the boss. He is a crab with strong
moves and 3 targets to destroy. If you manage to destroy this optional
boss, you will get the rocket launcher. (Save this for the Ultimate
Being on the ship)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kyle
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