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Playstation cheat codes


Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Resident Evil 3 cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Resident Evil 3 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Resident Evil 3 right now. We have more information about "Resident Evil 3" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


Only in Hard Mode!!!
each time you kill Nemesis he'll drop a
silver case. With every victory the contents
changes :
 1. Eagle Parts A 
 2. Eagle Parts B (Gun)
 3. First Aid Box
 4. M37 Parts A
 5. M37 Parts B (Gun)
 6. First Aid Box
 7. Assault Riffle (100%)*
*From the second time you complete the game
onwards you'll get unlimited ammo instead of
the Assault Rifle. Combine the unlimited ammo
with a weapon of your choice.
 Also if you combine it with the Minethrower
you'll get the Minethrower+ (Stronger).

Submitted but NOT tested By: Colin Leon Bailey


if you beat the game in less then 6 hours you will get a secret 
key and if you are really good you can get a extra game where
you are the umbrella agents.  To get them you must beat the game
in less time and saves.  I have beating the game so I already know.
Also in the extra game that is where you can get unlimited weapons.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: James


If you beat the whole game you can get a mini-game called "THE MERENARIES.

Depending on how you beat the game you can get the key to the 
boutique where you can get clothes like 
Jill's uniform from RE1 a white buisness suit,Regina's "Dino Crisis" garb, a lester suit, and another short skirt outfit.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Johnny


To get infinite ammo for all the weapons
just finish the game within 2 hours then start the game again 
and press L2+Triangle. Ta da you got what you wanted.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kiddo


When a zombie is walking up to you hold R1 and you will 
duck it's attack.........hopefully

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Daniel Smith


These are not cheats but they r helpful
to know to get freeze rounds mix c and c gunpowder
together. To get acid rounds mix b and c
and to get fire rounds mix c and b the acid rounds are right and 
so are the freeze rounds im not sure about the fire rounds

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris


password to open the door for high voltage room
you also will find the granet launcher in here
password to open the door for low voltage room
you will find the fuse in that room

password for opening the door in storage room
just type in the computer in front of the tv. This place is after you take out the fire using the fire hose

Submitted and FULLY tested By: kornbeef zulks


To get the rocket lancher at the end 
of the game go to where you use the 
water sample to open the security door.
To the far right there is a machine 
which says something about u.v light.
use the facility key.
now go to the steam room and use the
key card to go down the lift. there is 
a cupboard at the end. use the 
facility key to get the rocket launcher
and there you go but use it wisly as 
you only have 4 rounds. I've only done 
this on hard mode because I'm hard but 
it might work on easy mode for all you
wimps out there who are too scared of 
hard mode
easy mode 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Lee


 if you chose easy mode start out giving him magnum, freeze
or shotgun blasts then start giving hima streamfrom your assult
riffle. if you don't have the assult riffle repeat the procces
with the weapons you have.
 if you chose hard mode you need to master the skill of dodging
and start out hitting him with really powerful attacks until he
falls then hit him with half of bullets you hit him with then use
weaker and i do not mean handgun bullets.(warning do not shoot 
him close range with a stogun or he will throw his rocket launcher
down and use his deadly hands)    

Submitted and FULLY tested By: David Beland


When encountering Nemisis for the FIRST time,you should run away.That way
when you recieve future encounters you will have enough power to drop him.

When you drop him(in hard)you will recieve an item.
1.Eagle Parts A
2.Eagle parts B(put 'em together to form the Eagle 6.0)
3.First aid pack x3
4.M37 parts A
5.M37 parts B(put 'em together to form the Western Custom M37)
6.First aid pack x3
7.M4A1 Assaut Rifle*

*You only get it when you are playing the game for the 1st time.From now
on you get Inf. Ammo(only 1 weapon) 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Spitter


in the kitchen use the fire hook on the door on the floor
next to the sink.  Carlos will come in and so will the nemisis.
you can either hide in the kitchen or go in the basement. pick
hide in the kitchen.  you'll throw a lamp at the nemisis and there
will be an explosion.  the nemisis is knocked out now so 
you can check him for weapons.  then go into the basement before the
nemisis gets you. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Gruff


The thing is Nemesis is very smart but can be easily fooled. Here is a tip
that may help you kill Nemesis. Remember though he dosen't like to be
fooled and he gets PISSED OFF VERY EASILY so watch out.

1.	You're about three steps away from Nemesis and you pass him out on his
RIGHT side.

2.	Watch out for his punch and then aim up and shoot his head for a 1 
second duration and watch out for is attacks.

3.	Repeat CAREFULLY!!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: ddkie


 at the last encounter with nemisis don't activate the rail canon and kill
 him with only your 9mm hand gun. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: troy snowbel


ok someone might have already metoind this but when you are fighting
nemisis if you notice he is a lefty so attack him on his right side.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: J.T


when you have a shotgun you can wait till a bunch of zombies pile to
come and get you you can shoot at them at least twice and they will
die at the same time(3 zombies) and it will save your ammo and give
you more time 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: jose

GameShark Codes

Infinite Ink Ribbons In Chest

Infinite Health for Jill

Condition Fine
Have 10 Slots
Have All Maps
Have All Files

Hyper Mode
Secret Mode
Total Time (Get Grade S)
Have All Pics in Epilogue
These codes require version 2.4 or greater of the GameShark.

All Weapons In Chest
Infinite Ammo All Weapons
Access Item Box Anytime (Press L1+Square)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brett Andrews

Infinite Health Cheat 
800CCC90 00C8 
Walk Through Walls Cheat 
800339FE 1000 
8004B2A2 1000 
Almost All Doors Open Cheat 
Submitted by Theory 
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better for this cheat code to work. 
50000502 0000 
800D20CC FFFF 
Condition Fine Cheat 
300CCC97 0004 
Have 10 Slots Cheat 
800D225E 000A 
Have All Maps Cheat 
300D2127 00FE 
300D212B 00FE 
Have All Files Cheat 
800D212C FFFF 
800D212E FFFF 
Ebola Mode 
80109D78 2400 
800D2134 630F 
Hyper Mode 
800D454C 0002 
Secret Mode 
800D1F32 FFE0 
One Hit Death Code 
D0044E18 0006 
80044E18 0001 
Press L1+Square To Access Chest Cheat 
D00CC830 0084 
800D1F2C 0200 
D00CC830 0084 
800E01C4 0002 
Total Time Get Grade S Cheat 
800D1F28 0000 
800D1F2A 0000 
Press L1+L2+R1+R2 For Quick Ending Cheat 
D00CC830 000F 
800CC858 C000 
D00CC830 000F 
800CC85A 0001 
Press R1+R2+X For Rapid Fire Cheat 
D00CC830 004A 
800CCC8C 1E02 
Press L1+Triangle To Save Anywhere Cheat 
D00CC830 0014 
800D1D18 13CC 
D00CC830 0014 
800D1D1A 8005 
Enhanced/Extra Ammo Cheat 
Note: This cheat will allow you to mix Enhanced Ammo without having to first build up skill. 
800D2260 01F4 
800D2262 01F4 
800D2266 01F4 
800D2268 01F4 
800D226A 01F4 
800D226C 01F4 
Have All Pics In Epilogue Cheat 
800D1F3E 0008 
Infinite Item Use All Slots Cheat 
8006D0CA 2400 
Infinite Ink Ribbons In Chest Cheat 
800D21A0 6381 
800D21A2 0001 
All Weapons In Chest Cheat 
800D215C 0001 
800D2160 0002 
800D2164 0003 
800D2168 0004 
800D216C 0005 
800D2170 0006 
800D2174 000A 
800D2178 000B 
800D217C 000C 
800D2180 000D 
800D2184 000E 
800D2188 000F 
800D218C 0010 
800D2190 0011 
800D2194 0012 
800D2198 0013 
800D219C 0014 
Infinite Ammo All Weapons Cheat 
800D215E 0003 
800D2162 0003 
800D2166 0003 
800D216A 0003 
800D216E 0003 
800D2172 0003 
800D2176 0003 
800D217A 0003 
800D217E 0003 
800D2182 0003 
800D2186 0003 
800D218A 0003 
800D218E 0003 
800D2192 0003 
800D2196 0003 
800D219A 0003 
800D219E 0003 
Mercenaries Mode Cheats 
Infinite Time Cheat 
800D1F98 0078 
Get Reward 
800CC852 FFFF 
Maximum Reward Total 
800D25EC 967F 
800D25EE 0098 
Character Cheats 
Play As Regina From Dino Crisis 
800D1F86 0006 
Play As Jill 1st Outfit 
800D1F86 0000 
Play As Jill 2nd Outfit 
800D1F86 0001 
Play As Jill 3rd Outfit 
800D1F86 0002 
Play As Jill 4th Outfit 
800D1F86 0003 
Play As Jill 5th Outfit 
800D1F86 0004 
Play As Jill 6th Outfit 
800D1F86 0005 
Play As Carlos 
800D1F86 0008 
Play As Mikhail 
800D1F86 0009 
Play As Nicholai 
800D1F86 000A 
Play As Tofu 
800D1F86 000F 
Infinite Carry Item Cheats 
All Slots 
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better for this cheat code to work. 
50000A04 0000 
800D2136 0017 
Slot 1 
800D2136 0017 
Slot 2 
800D213A 0017 
Slot 3 
800D213E 0017 
Slot 4 
800D2142 0017 
Slot 5 
800D2146 0017 
Slot 6 
800D214A 0017 
Slot 7 
800D214E 0017 
Slot 8 
800D2152 0017 
Slot 9 
800D2156 0017 
Slot 10 
800D215A 0017 
Infinite Chest Item Cheats 
Infinite Items In Chest Cheat 
Note: You must have Gameshark version 2.2 or better to use this cheat code. 
50004004 0000 
800D215E 0017 
Slot 1 
800D215E 0017 
Slot 2 
800D2162 0017 
Slot 3 
800D2166 0017 
Slot 4 
800D216A 0017 
Slot 5 
800D216E 0017 
Slot 6 
800D2172 0017 
Slot 7 
800D2176 0017 
Slot 8 
800D217A 0017 
Slot 9 
800D217E 0017 
Slot 10 
800D2182 0017 
Slot 11 
800D2186 0017 
Slot 12 
800D218A 0017 
Slot 13 
800D218E 0017 
Slot 14 
800D2192 0017 
Slot 15 
800D2196 0017 
Slot 16 
800D219A 0017 
Slot 17 
800D219E 0017 
Slot 18 
800D21A2 0017 
Slot 19 
800D21A6 0017 
Slot 20 
800D21AA 0017 
Slot 21 
800D21AE 0017 
Slot 22 
800D21B2 0017 
Slot 23 
800D21B6 0017 
Slot 24 
800D21BA 0017 
Slot 25 
800D21BE 0017 
Slot 26 
800D21C2 0017 
Slot 27 
800D21C6 0017 
Slot 28 
800D21CA 0017 
Slot 29 
800D21CE 0017 
Slot 30 
800D21D2 0017 
Slot 31 
800D21D6 0017 
Slot 32 
800D21DA 0017 
Slot 33 
800D21DE 0017 
Slot 34 
800D21E2 0017 
Slot 35 
800D21E6 0017 
Slot 36 
800D21EA 0017 
Slot 37 
800D21EE 0017 
Slot 38 
800D21F2 0017 
Slot 39 
800D21F6 0017 
Slot 40 
800D21FA 0017 
Slot 41 
800D21FE 0017 
Slot 42 
800D2202 0017 
Slot 43 
800D2206 0017 
Slot 44 
800D220A 0017 
Slot 45 
800D220E 0017 
Slot 46 
800D2212 0017 
Slot 47 
800D2216 0017 
Slot 48 
800D221A 0017 
Slot 49 
800D221E 0017 
Slot 50 
800D2222 0017 
Slot 51 
800D2226 0017 
Slot 52 
800D222A 0017 
Slot 53 
800D222E 0017 
Slot 54 
800D2232 0017 
Slot 55 
800D2236 0017 
Slot 56 
800D223A 0017 
Slot 57 
800D223E 0017 
Slot 58 
800D2242 0017 
Slot 59 
800D2246 0017 
Slot 60 
800D224A 0017 
Slot 61 
800D224E 0017 
Slot 62 
800D2252 0017 
Slot 63 
800D2256 0017 
Slot 64 
800D225A 0017 
Submitted but NOT tested By: Justin


to have the cheat work,you must have gameshark version 3.0
or higher. enter this at the create a code screen:


Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ben W.

Game CODES and TIPS for JAP version

this is not a cheat but this is a great move
the name of that move is "croosover move"
to perform this just hold r1 and press l1 when the zombies
or other creature moves to you...

Submitted and FULLY tested By: nemesis kim

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