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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Rogue Trip cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Rogue Trip cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Rogue Trip right now. We have more information about "Rogue Trip" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

 Everytime you beat the game with one of the normal cars
(normal means other than a secret car)you get a cheat code...yay
I beat it with all the cars and it surprisingly only took a few 
r1,t,r1,t,L1,s -   increased armor - ozone
s,x,o,t,r1,r2, -   infinate turbo - pyro
x,o,L2,x,s,L1 -    funtopia - meat wagon
L1,L2,o,L1,r1,s -  2Xpickups -  angel
o,r2,r1,s,L1,r2 -  boss1 - intruder
o,s,r2,x,t,r2 -    infinate jump - gator bait
r1,s,x,s,L2,o -    aliansaucer - sidewinder
x,s,o,L1,L2,s -    the gulch - virmin
L1,t,r2,t,t,r1 -   helicopter - biohazard
r1,r2,L1,L1,x,o -  nightshade -rocknrule
t,L1,r1,x,L2,L2 -  goliath -bitchin wheels

Submitted by;  Sog

Boss battle 1
go to password screen and enter the password 
circle, r2, r1, square, l1, r2

Boss battle 2
go to the password screen and enter the password 
circle, circle, l2, l1, triangle, triangle

Boss battle- big daddy
go to password screen and enter the password 
square, triangle, circle, circle, r2, r2 

submitted by: josh habermehl

Here are the secret places I have found thus far:
    1. At  the Area 51 stage there is a building called No. 69. On top of it
is a light that leads to a secret moon stage with many power-ups.
    2. At the Neon Nitemare stage there is a huge guitar that you can ride
up on to get to a few power-ups by jumping up on the left side.
    3. Another secret at the Neon Nitemare stage is that you can get extra
cash at a huge slot machine. Although it costs a little money to give it a
try you get a ton of money if you hit the jackpot which is very easy to do.
To use the huge slot machine, you just fire your machine gun at it.
    4. At the XLAX stage, by the huge circular building at the right and
left side of it are a few things that are possible to jump upon and once you
do so you can easily get on top of the building where a ton of power-ups are
and a good hideaway from the enemies below.

From, Brian McCallister

The following codes are gameshark codes. These were made and tested 
on a 2.3 version gameshark.

 infinite armorP1 801d80b4 014a
 infinite specialsP1 301d824f 0063

 infinite stingersP1 301d8250 0063

 infinite blastersP1 301d8251 0063

 infinite stalkersP1 301d8252 0063

 infinite scorchesP1 301d8253 0063

 infinite meteorsP1 301d8254 0063

 infinite ejectsP1 301d8255 0063

 infinite RLB'SP1 301d8256 0063

 infinite prowlersP1 301d8257 0063

  infinite cashP1 801d8784 0063

          PLAYER 2 CODES

 infinite armorP2 801d896c 00b4

 infinite specialsP2 301d8b07 0063

 infinite stingersP2 301d8b08 0063

 infinite blastersP2 301d8b09 0063

 infinite stalkersP2 301d8b0a 0063

 infinite scorchesP2 301d8b14 0063

 infinite meteorsP2 301d8b0c 0063

 infinite ejestsP2 301d8bod 0063

 infinite RLB'SP2 301d8boe 0063

 infinite prowlersP2 301d8bof 0063
 infinite cashP2 801d903c ffff






Submitted By: james 

Go To password and hit triangle square R2 x triangle R2
has to be challenge only and has to be at NUKE YORK

Submitted By: Josh Harris

On Rice a Roni blow up the wall next to the health 
station to go outside where there is some power-ups.
Submitted By:: Adam Sypolt

you need to enable the alien saucer (R1, square, x, 
square, L2 and circle) 
and then fly over Pizars Palace and shoot the castle 
towers on top of the building and they will fly off and explode.
Submitted By:: alex

One object you can destroy is smoke stacks by weinie  world aquarium.
To destroy the smoke stacks shoot them with blasters,(it takes 
a few shots) 
You can also blow up a whale in the whale pool at weinie world.  
To do this upgrade and RLB then throw the RLB into the pool 
then you'll have whale fin soup.  
There is also a golf club that can be blown up.  
Shoot it with blasters and you can also blow up trees.  
You can go out into the ocean waves, surf on a wave to get 
some stingers and cash.

Submitted By:: alex

First you select the Bus. Then use up all of your weapons,
armor, and money. Press X 47 Times. Now you will have 
unlimited Everything. Happy playing!

Get a scorch, now use it up. Get as many powerups for it. Press X 
47 times. Then you will have scorch which will blow a car to pieces in one hit!
Do the same for all other weapons.

Submitted By:: jouyk 
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