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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Special Ops - Stealth Patrol cheats and tips. This is a Shooter PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Special Ops - Stealth Patrol cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Special Ops - Stealth Patrol right now. We have more information about "Special Ops - Stealth Patrol" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




Input your name at the begining of the mission group as "ROCKSTAR"
and "Invulnerability On/Off" will be available in the Pause Menu.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Shawn Guay


Start a new game.  At the input name section, input "ROCKSTAR" as your
name.  Then start the game. When out on the battle field, pause the game. 
There should be a new option labeld "INVULNERABILITY OFF"  Hilight it and
press "X"  It should now say "INVULNURABILITY ON" Congratulations you're

Submitted and FULLY tested By: CRAZY SNAKE

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Do not use the infinite time cheat code while in Mission 2, at the end of
Phase 1 you must wait 5 minutes for your extraction helicopter, as well as
some other extractions are timed, when the Infinite Time Code is used,
time stands still and the extraction helicopter never shows up. You are
forced to quite, or wander around for ever. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Joe Dix


If you go to quick start, you'll be given a machine gun for ranger 1, and
a shotgun for ranger 2.  The shotguns are virtually useless, when trying
to shoot from a distance.

Choose one player game (or two) and allow yourself the option to select
your own guns (best bet is to get M203 - grenade launcher and and machine

Submitted but NOT tested By: Dina Terrell


To drop an item so your buddy can pick it up press L2 and down on
the directional pad.  This can be really handy for med kits!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: D. Griffith


I found it helpful when roaming through the forest to climb the hills or
small mounds and pick off enemies near and far from there. It is harder
for them to hit you when you are higher off the ground, and you can hit
them easier also.  Something else too. After an enemy has spotted you, he
will usually come after you. If you draw his fire, then hide behind
something solid, he will come out and while he's running you can roll out
of your spot and shoot him. He can't shoot on the run, and you will get
him first every time. And another thing, always crouch run, always !! It
decreases your chances of getting killed drastically.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan Christian


when you play with a friends try to have a sniper as one of your guys that
way you can cover your "friend" and Take out the bad guys.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bryce V.


During the first phase of the first mission.  Use the truck at the start
as cover following it up the road in the crouch position.  Shut teh truck
one time to stop it

Submitted but NOT tested By: big 50


on mision 1 kill the first guy to come to you then blow up the truck
and kill the guy to your left and instead of following the trail right or
left go foward press select and look at the map, then go until there's
like a little 4ft moutain and climb it and then go right now your like on
a levee keep going till you here some static now your at the
out there som men.if you go down the levee you will see a truck go to itt
and there's a flank jacket. tested and works

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Caleb Ardoin 10


Be a sniper, then press L1 to see through your scope.  It is much 
easier to shoot you enemy.  You can turn 360 degrees.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Digger

CQB Specialist and Equipment Notes:

There's no use for the CQB Specialist (shotgun carrier) in any mission.
 Best bet is to use him as a secondary rifleman. 

Submitted but NOT tested By: Shawn Guay


on the first mission, if you sit around and use your scope, you waste
time.  You should get two machine gunners and run through.  it works!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bill


The last mission in the game takes you into the heady Vietnam conflict. I
highly recommend you use the invincibility code available on the 'net.
There are boobytraps, tripwires and mines galor, and large concentrations
of Viet Cong. The mines are the only visible traps. The polygon lines look
like they might be tripwires,but you can ignore them, simply because
they're a product of sloppy coding. The traps themselves are invisible.
You won't complete the mission group without using the cheat...

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Shawn Guay


you should be very aware of the enemies . Try to have always a sniper with
you . every 5 to 10 steps look around to pick of some enemies it really
helps alot .

Submitted but NOT tested By: Hakimo


walk down the path until you get to the open turn to your left there
should be a man laying down on the cliff shoot him and go up the hill
that's were the objective is then go down the cliff and go toward the
busted up truck and go around the truck to the other side and go up
the other hill and their is your other objective and it should say eta
5 min. wait there for the time to run out and then you got 2 min. get
on the helicopter and the mission is done have a wonderful day

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kidrock


After destroying the first cache follow down the roads pressing select
every 5-10 steps. When you get to a dried up river bed with a bridge
over it cross it going UNDER the bridge there is ammo & health here.
Go to the giant patch of light brown dirt and keep going forward just
slightly moving to the left as you go. There will be 2 caches here.
Head back to the squares with roads around them and wait for the

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Troa16


On mission 2 u can see the enemy farther away. So the best thing to do
is have a sniper with you. U can even c them before they c u. It works

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ernie From Ely

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Infinite Time:

D00254CO 0039
80065EBC DDF8

Submitted and FULLY tested By: LANCE

Infinite Health (All Missions):

D00254C0 0039
800254C6 2400

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Joe Dix


D002676C 0000
8002676E 2400


DOO32F08 0000                                     
80032F0A 2400

Submitted and FULLY tested By: JUSTIN SAND

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