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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Spyro the Dragon cheats and tips. This is a Kids Platform PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Spyro the Dragon cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Spyro the Dragon right now. We have more information about "Spyro the Dragon" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




Pause the game and go into the inventory menu.
Press Square, Square, Circle, Square,Left, Right,
Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right and Down.
All the levels names should then appear. 
Go to the ballonist to go to the world
you want to go.

Submitted By:: Matthew Harler


To get 99 lives pause the game go to inventory
then hit s,s,s,s,s,s,o,up,o,back,o,forward,o

Submitted by: Fish

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Finish the game, even after you've flamed Gnasty Gnork you need to 
collect absolutely everything as you go.  Any chests you see without 
keys can be opened by either firing a firework or a cannon at them or 
running into them with a supercharge.

When you get to the Gnasty's Loot section to catch the first plane you 
need to go to the highest point you can and glide from there.  This will 
give you a little bit more speed when it comes to chasing the plane.  
The plane will always go over wherever you are and come down in front of 
you, the trick is to fly around so when the plane goes over you and 
dives down it has to go under the pipes, at which point you go over the 
top of the pipes and flame him as he comes out of the other side.  It is 
definitely NOT easy.  
Same thing with the second plane, jump up and fly from the platform you 
originally see this plane on, this is the highest point and will give 
you enough speed to catch him, again, it's NOT easy.  
When you go up the next set of stairs you need to fly from there before 
you can get up the the final area by the Return Home Vortex.

Submitted by Nick D.


TREE get all of the coins is a pretty hard trick.
All you have to do is follow the thieves. 
What you do is this, follow the first thief, which is green and 
he shows where to go.  Then go and find the red thief and 
he will show you where the last dragon is.  
Make sure to stay as close to the thieves as possible.


Gnasty Gnorc - When you first enter the level, you need 
to get the keys.  You do this by catching the first thief and then 
using that key to open the door.  Then capture the next thief and 
use the key to open the area where Gnasty Gnorc is.
You should first go and get all of your treasure.  Once you do that, 
chase after Gnorc.  Once you get to the platform where he is at, use 
your flame to defeat him for the first time.  Go into the doorway and 
follow Gnorc.  Remember to go as fast as you can.  If you go too slow, 
then the platforms will go into the wall.  Once you defeat the platform 
part, flame Gnorc and you beat the game.  Try to have all of the dragons 
saved and the treasure gotten so that you don't have to go back and do that. 


1.If you want a perfect on METALHEAD, the boss in Beast Makers,  before
you arive at Metalhead himself, look down on the slime on the RIGHT side.  you
will see a very small platform. jump on it.  You will also see a hole in the
cage. go through that.  You will easly know whare to go from there.  

2. When you destoy the first pack of power sugers, 
you will see steps on the left side.  
Go up them.  you are now where some of the little monkey dudes were.  
There SHOULD be gems there depending on how many little monkey
dudes were thrown.

3.AFTER you defet Metalhead, go to where you see the little monkey dudes
waiting to get trown.  as you look straight ahead, you will see steps. Glide
over there, and jump up them.  You should end up behind the water fall.  MAKE

The only walkthrough that I have found for this section 
gives some pretty elaborate links that are fun but can be 
avoided. First of all, to get to the yellow thief you can 
go off of the wide green super-charge ramp and turn to the 
right at the end. If you do it just right you can land on 
the top of the far platform. If not, you can fly into the 
sparkles that take you back to the ramp. By gliding into 
the SC ramp you can gain more power. If you miss both, 
keep trying, it is possible. 

Second. You can get to the top level of the return home platform by:

1.    use the wide green SC ramp to SC, and jump
2.    release the forward and jump buttons to land on the 
platform in front of you while still super charging
3.    continue to SC off the left/far launching ramp 
they look like chopped of branches)
4.    jump to the adjacent SC ramp (you are still charging)
5.    allow youself to bounce a little on this ramp
6.    as you go off the edge, do the jump-glide thing, very 
quickly pull right and back at the same time. This throws you 
into momentary climb.
7.    When you hit the top of your climb, you will be high 
enough to reach the top of the platform. 


If you get to a platform, stump, whatever and you are just a 
little too low, try charging. Sometimes he will charge onto 
the platform and save you the trouble of trying again.

Submitted by: Mary


in the artisan world, after finding the secret board to a flight
stage, i found the easiest way to beat it! when you first start off,
look right, and flame the train on the lower track. as soon as you get
that, make a quick right, and aim down into a lower cave. there you
flame all the chests. getting all the chests in good time, left me
with 33 seconds, which is good. Fly back out of the cave, and head
right. Flaming the train on the lower track, and then going up and
getting the train on the higher track. Then turn left you will see the
last train coming up around the turn. Then head for the 1st arch, go
through that, and the one below it. After that, you'll see the Gnorcs
in airplanes, flame them as quickly as possible. Try to do this fast,
because you need the extra time to hit all those other arches. The
arches should be left until last, since they take the longest. After
practicing enough, it gets easier.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Starr

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